Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windows 7 - 7077 x64

So I've been having my share of fun with computer things lately.

I recently did an 'upgrade' from 7068 to 7077, which brought about all sorts of expected and unexpected difficulties. Needless to say, even after reinstalling all of my drivers, I'm still not sure if the problems in this build are from the 'upgrade' or are inherent in the build itself.
Not only that, but VmWare appears to present its own special issues with Windows 7, and required a complete uninstall and reinstall (with a few safe mode boots for safe measure).

I'll probably wipe this disk and do a clean install soon, but I was hoping for a release with a longer stable cycle.. ie, I was hoping for an official RC from MS.

Either that, or some drivers from Nvidia that aren't from the beginning of March...

Despite all of that, I found a very interesting little tool in the start menu. You'll see the graphical artifacts, too.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I don't believe in institutionalized morality.

It's not that I don't believe in right or wrong; just that with infinite shades of gray, it's impossible to discern the black from the white.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Art, real life, reflection

I'm the type of person that likes to deify whoever I am interested in.
Maybe that's how everyone is, but I like to think the person I like is perfect in every way, and has no flaws. This doesn't correlate with anything a rational person would think, but love is very irrational.

This is why, when the hard truth hits, love can fall apart.
Having gone through several serious relationships, and ending up disliking or hating my previous crush has left me at a loss for traditional thoughts of love.

I don't know how common this sort of revelation is. But when they reach it, most people probably either accept the shortcomings of the opposite sex, or resolve to abandon the emotional connections and just enjoy the physical pleasure.
I didn't choose either of those, though. It's like going to the bank and finding out your paycheck for the past month bounced; I'm pissed.

Who the hell set us up for all these expectations? Was it Disney? Was it our parents and the beautiful facade they perpetuated? The annoying masks and the tense family reunions?
Or is it something more base? A instinctual trust to brake the first impression barrier?

This post was inspired by True Tears.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things I like about Windows 7

-The file transfer box, showing transfer speed, etc
-Automatic background changes (John's Background switcher does it better, though)
-Relatively stylish taskbar
-The bad thing is that in order to get that stylish taskbar that I find appealing, I had to use a theme (which includes sounds) that I don't like.
-Nicer calculator
-Paint was improved
-Per-app audio control (was in Vista, but...)
-Aero preview is surprisingly helpful

more to come as I get used to my new i7 Windows 7 box.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Recent things I've learned

Don't download HD-TV shit.
Almost all of them aren't HD at all, but merely upscaled DVDs.

If you want real HD, make sure it has Bluray or HDDVD in the title.


There's really no major difference between most processors of the same model.

For example:

The Intel E8400, E8500, and E8600 are all the same chip, just clocked differently.
The only difference is the multiplier, which is of course locked on the non-extreme CPUs. This artificial limitation allows them to segregate the market into different niches, and charge from ~183$ to ~$266 for the same chip.

Similarly, the E7400 and E7500 are the same chip, just with less cache. Their base clock is downclocked for 1066 FSB, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the same potential clock as the 8xxx series.

The lesson here is that if you don't understand what you're buying, it is very easy to be ripped off. If somebody found an easy way to open the multipliers on non-extreme chips, enthusiast overclockers would easily be able to save hundreds of dollars and clock it even higher.

This pisses me off, mainly because Intel is shipping products that are purposely reduced from their potential, so there is demand for the same chip factory-clocked higher. Talk about screwing with consumers. Oh, and this isn't just Intel. AMD and Nvidia do it too, with their CPUs and GPUs.
Other than shader cores, it's pretty easy to overclock a GPU to the same specs as a higher-priced model, assuming they're using the same model GPU. I recently made my 8800 GTS into an 8800GTX, which would have saved me hundreds of dollars if I had done it when they were relevant cards.

Knowledge is power.



This will be my rather anonymous blog to share my thoughts on whatever strikes my fancy.
Most likely, I will comment on:
Visual novels
Generic life lessons/amateur philosophy

I have been inspired by some other anime blogs I've seen, which got surprisingly deep.

I'm not really a weeaboo, but I suppose I fit the NEET/Otaku mold. I am currently a student, majoring in Biology. I will probably shift into a Computer Science/Biochemistry double major, so that I can get into the Computational Biology field.

I am a probably more of a computer junkie than a weeaboo, so I might interject some tech stuff into this. At this point, this blog does not contain anything to link to my main internet 'identity,' nor do I intend to introduce this to my friends. If there are any visitors, they will probably be from google.