Friday, March 20, 2009



This will be my rather anonymous blog to share my thoughts on whatever strikes my fancy.
Most likely, I will comment on:
Visual novels
Generic life lessons/amateur philosophy

I have been inspired by some other anime blogs I've seen, which got surprisingly deep.

I'm not really a weeaboo, but I suppose I fit the NEET/Otaku mold. I am currently a student, majoring in Biology. I will probably shift into a Computer Science/Biochemistry double major, so that I can get into the Computational Biology field.

I am a probably more of a computer junkie than a weeaboo, so I might interject some tech stuff into this. At this point, this blog does not contain anything to link to my main internet 'identity,' nor do I intend to introduce this to my friends. If there are any visitors, they will probably be from google.


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