Sunday, April 5, 2009

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I'm the type of person that likes to deify whoever I am interested in.
Maybe that's how everyone is, but I like to think the person I like is perfect in every way, and has no flaws. This doesn't correlate with anything a rational person would think, but love is very irrational.

This is why, when the hard truth hits, love can fall apart.
Having gone through several serious relationships, and ending up disliking or hating my previous crush has left me at a loss for traditional thoughts of love.

I don't know how common this sort of revelation is. But when they reach it, most people probably either accept the shortcomings of the opposite sex, or resolve to abandon the emotional connections and just enjoy the physical pleasure.
I didn't choose either of those, though. It's like going to the bank and finding out your paycheck for the past month bounced; I'm pissed.

Who the hell set us up for all these expectations? Was it Disney? Was it our parents and the beautiful facade they perpetuated? The annoying masks and the tense family reunions?
Or is it something more base? A instinctual trust to brake the first impression barrier?

This post was inspired by True Tears.

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