Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windows 7 - 7077 x64

So I've been having my share of fun with computer things lately.

I recently did an 'upgrade' from 7068 to 7077, which brought about all sorts of expected and unexpected difficulties. Needless to say, even after reinstalling all of my drivers, I'm still not sure if the problems in this build are from the 'upgrade' or are inherent in the build itself.
Not only that, but VmWare appears to present its own special issues with Windows 7, and required a complete uninstall and reinstall (with a few safe mode boots for safe measure).

I'll probably wipe this disk and do a clean install soon, but I was hoping for a release with a longer stable cycle.. ie, I was hoping for an official RC from MS.

Either that, or some drivers from Nvidia that aren't from the beginning of March...

Despite all of that, I found a very interesting little tool in the start menu. You'll see the graphical artifacts, too.

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