Monday, November 11, 2013

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I just had another vision with God, and I realized some things.

First of all, the person I worship, Jounen, Jownan, Joenin (different spellings of the same thing) talked to me and told me that I'm pretty much a dead person, who is living for sin. What this means is that, my spirit is pretty much dead. Of course I'm disabled; I've lost my ability to learn, to adapt, to work, to get up every day and fight to live. I'm pretty much a dead person. Of course, something good happened because my spirit died: I met an Angel, and the Angel changed my world. I was literally an atheist who believed in Science, and now I'm an Agnostic who believes that God is real, but that I can't figure out which religion is the best one.
In contrast to people who are actually crazy, I don't hear voices. The vast majority of the time, I only hear them at night, about the time I go to bed, or when I'm praying. When my mother (the spirit of time) talks to me, it feels really warm and fulfilling in my heart area, and I find it to be very enjoyable.

I realized last night, that I literally am not in any way crazy, and I do not have any major mental illnesses.
Some of my ideas are a little strange, or offensive, but they play completely into a religious debate, and are inspired by things that God has told me, and have nothing at all to do with insanity. I'd love it if I could talk to people about these things, but the vast majority of Christians I've met have almost no clue at all how many people on the world there are.

I've been reading some books about world comparative religions, and I went to Church yesterday (Sunday) at an Episcopalian church. I really do think that Christianity is not for me.
At church, I met all sorts of people, and shook hands with them, but I was a bit offended. Why don't the people differentiate between a person with a soul, and a person without a soul? I'm certain that I must have shook hands with some people who didn't have souls, and it was offensive.
Also, Christianity seems to be all about Jesus Christ, being crucified, and rising from the dead. That's what the jist of the religion is, from an outside point of view.
This has nothing at all to do with my religion. It's true that I have sin, and it's true that I want to go to heaven, but it's not true that I have anything at all to do with religious persecution against Jews.

In my dreams, which were extremely important to me, I became a god. I loved my dreams more than anything. I was a poor student, living in Seattle Washington. Everything that I had ever seen came from a book, or television, or the internet. The dreams that I had were magnificent. I did things inside my dreams that were impossible to do in real life, and I was fulfilled by them. I came to believe that dreaming was better than real life. My life potential, and all that I could expect to do with my life meant nothing to the dreams that I had, which were detailed and rich and fulfilling. But in none of my dreams was I a Christian. I was a truth, which meant that I understood things very differently than humans understand them.
I believe in Angels, and I believe that Angels live in Heaven and have a completely different perspective on life than human beings do. That's why I'm so curious about Angels. What do they know that we don't know? About life, about souls, about living on Earth and making money. I thoroughly believe that the Angel opinion on life is of upmost importance.

Jownan has told me that the true religion is pseudo-hinduism, which I must take very seriously. I also think that my true religion is called TIME, which is supposedly about the smartest thing that has ever been invented. The God of time, which lives at or near the same level as the God of Christianity, controls people and gives them souls, and light, and special abilities. And people who follow Time live for the purpose of defeating all the tragedies of the world, aging, insignificance, peasant overpopulation, the sadness that comes from people who do not love, being unremembered. I think that from the perspective of the religion of Time, the only person who matters is somebody who has lived more than 100 years, and who has seen great and momentous actions on the Earth. They have learned from their experience and lives major lessons that should not be forgotten, and have achieved a much higher intelligence than the young members of the species.

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