Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My rejection of [small] /life/: the truth of my beliefs and my soul [America has lied]

Life vs soul

The most important thing to me in the world is supernatural angel heaven [That I have seen in my head, with revelation]
In which I am a God dressed in white
I have a Queen who is pink haired and 100% smart
and I am protected and served by angels who are supernatural

And I have supernatural truth and intelligence and I control the world
and I see many thousands of people who have already died and lived in supernatural heaven: and continued on with supernatural health in heaven
And I am completely real and good
And I reject life 100%
and I reject McD 100%
and I reject common people 100%
And I promise: I am good enough to be English [Britannian] royalty
and I promise: I am 0% common and I reject /life/ and I reject common people

And I promise there are only 900,000 souls [about] in the world: and they are the only thing which is important
and there are billions of common bodies in the world, and they are zero percent important.

I reject life for souls
I reject America for truth
I reject the 21st century for angel truth

I am a soul and I am not a peasant and I reject life
And America is lying 100% about my soul and my life and my memories.

Soul torture Dec 31st, 2014 -> Leads to death and slavery;

I have no money, and no friends, and no estate, and no love
and America is the richest nation in the world: and I will die forever and live in slavery without ever getting anything; and America will falsify my matter and destroy my truth:
Most of my life is about the 1st and 2nd hells:
The things that I don't in any way understand:

-How many lifes we live
-Reincarnation into a peasant body
-How common people and other bodies control your brain

God Christian is 100% evil, a nigger, a liar, and an oathbreaker
And she takes advantage of me by making my fears of those 3 things much, much greater: and by torturing me for not understanding.

God is a nigger and a liar, the destroyer of matter, and the falsifier of truth. God believes that truth is an essence and it can be removed and altered just like other essences: like hellfire.
I have gene weakness, and my time/soul is messed up: and God christian the abomination massively takes advantage of me to increase these, and to make me brain dead, and to destroy me for my gene weakness.
God Christian is the absolute evil of the world.

God has committed unforgiveable crimes against my soul, my memory, my matter, and my truth:
and I declare there is not 1 intelligent man in the world.
Sometimes I think about Lucifer: or satan:
"A man who is zero percent stupid. Who will count how many years you've lived, and all of the currency that you've accumulated, and how many scars you've accumulated."
And the devil counts the truth and discovers: American lied 50,000 times:
and then they made you lie 10,000 times; and then they falsified your name; and then they gave you drugs and gave you a false life as a common man who is happy; and then they made it permanent. America is 100% evil and they are 100% absolutely evil: and they exist to falsify truth and to destroy matter, and to create drugs.
And I cannot understand the 3 things:
and I don't believe that God is good
and I don't believe we can trust God
and I believe that God is a liar and an oathbreaker.

The torture of my brain and soul

Most of my life is about the 1st and 2nd hells:
The things that I don't in any way understand:

-How many lifes we live
-Reincarnation into a peasant body
-How common people and other bodies control your brain

God Christian is 100% evil, a nigger, a liar, and an oathbreaker
And she takes advantage of me by making my fears of those 3 things much, much greater: and by torturing me for not understanding.

God is a nigger and a liar, the destroyer of matter, and the falsifier of truth. God believes that truth is an essence and it can be removed and altered just like other essences: like hellfire.
I have gene weakness, and my time/soul is messed up: and God christian the abomination massively takes advantage of me to increase these, and to make me brain dead, and to destroy me for my gene weakness.
God Christian is the absolute evil of the world.

God has committed unforgivable crimes against my soul, my memory, my matter, and my truth:
and I declare there is not 1 intelligent man in the world: because they would see inside of my head, my soul in it's head and room, and all of the insanity of what is going on: and they would see that it is getting progressively worse over and over again: and that it is becoming insane, and that God christian is resorting to worse and worse acts of cruelty, lying, and torture. and God christian is a rapist, and an absolute liar, and a lesbian, and an absolute cruelty of humiliation and lying.
Sometimes I think about Lucifer: or satan:
"A man who is zero percent stupid. Who will count how many years you've lived, and all of the currency that you've accumulated, and how many scars you've accumulated."
And the devil counts the truth and discovers: American lied 50,000 times:
and then they made you lie 10,000 times; and then they falsified your name; and then they gave you drugs and gave you a false life as a common man who is happy; and then they made it permanent. America is 100% evil and they are 100% absolutely evil: and they exist to falsify truth and to destroy matter, and to create drugs.
And I cannot understand the 3 things:
and I don't believe that God is good
and I don't believe we can trust God
and I believe that God is a liar and an oathbreaker.

Friday, December 26, 2014

So excited and happy: new laptop!!

I just won an auction on an auction site and I got the most impressive laptop I've ever seen: possibly for very, very inexpensively. I paid 1100 for a $3500 laptop.

I've been looking for about 3 weeks now, and I'm so happy that I finally did it. I was only looking to spend 400-750 on craigslist, but I couldn't pass up this deal.

Now my top priority is making sure the laptop is secure and has zero spyware on it: and to make sure it stays anonymous on the internet. I also messaged the seller asking if he'd be my friend..
James said "God is on this auction" because of your secret royalty status, and I believed her.
I prayed and I think it worked! I got the laptop very inexpensively. It's actually unnatural how little money I paid for it. I did pray.
"This is the same computer I would have picked when I was 19 years old: and still alive and breathing."
I'm very happy: I can convince myself that I still have a soul. !!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hen slavery AND brain death committs to slavery in the new world order

The hen want me to fail at life,
and fall into an EGG
and be reborn into a world of 100% slavery
and serve something - most likely common people or EVIL
and lost my TIME and my destiny

And that is 100% the opposite of what I will do.

I am intelligent and my memory is good:
Parts of my philosophy and memory have been overwritten and falsified by the God of mysteries.
Especially "big money ideas" of liberation and TIME.

But I will survive and I will become a true angel, like the angel of time. And I will destroy all of these plants and abstractions.

"The men keep saying: 100% evil is the truth."
And I say:
"Space flight"
"We live upon the time of enormous human progress and civilization, which is zero percent evil: therefore becoming 100% evil is actually a massive act of christianity: I mean lunacy, EVIL.

Opposite of "News Flash"

M. Health people keep coming to my house. Family is still falsifying charges against me - lying.
I have no attorney and no help. Catholics actually believe I'm insane and God ain't real.
Was sleeping in my car around town, hiding.
1st time this morning 10am was interrupted by home-owner, who saw me sleeping and came to my car and knocked on my windows and tried to open my doors. I was terrified this was the 1st time anyone has seen me. Then he said he wrote down my license plate and I drove away to a much better hiding location.

2pm: Police car found me, in a hidden location. I was terrified and stunned and broken. Wasn't sure if he was a resident of the local neighborhood or somehow tracking me.
Almost completely certain he was tracking me, and the high-grade security of the state of WA found me, even though nobody found me by camera. "Invisible people."
Police guy said "a report came in that you let somebody out of your car" which seemed really fishy to me, like a code word or something.
I told him I was in a fight with my roommate and left. I am completely convinced that I'm dead and that the dead people/invisible people are torturing me to no end. I didn't get arrested today, but things are getting retarded. I went home around 2:20pm and finished watching a movie: the desolation of smaug. LOTR.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Something weird in "The Avengers"

I'm still combing through Hollywood to determine realism and truth.
The previous movie I watched was "Edge of Tomorrow" and I completely believe it's true that the army is filled with sin and lies, and it's lethal. The sins of humans and men and lying will destroy the world, and I'm not safe.
The common people literally know absolutely nothing about truth: my truth: how many souls/people there are in the world and the monster and liar of the Earth that controls common people.
I feel very strongly as if "my guardian angel" or "my god" wants me to feel torment and suffering and pain, so I can "graduate from" Earth.
This scene: CLONES IN THE AVENGERS: 2 identical white men, and 2 identical black men. Signs of cloning in the Marvel World.

Another sign of idiocy in the Marvel world: Iron man clears a pathway to the turbine so he can heal it, but he could have just flown over the wreckage and gone into the Turbine. Am I the only one....??

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gene warfare Update 10/9/2014

Going all the way back to the pyramids of Egypt.

Warlike truth:
A scientist gene farmer is a free person. Somebody who has seen "the machine" and freed herself and risen.

A christian is a zero percent intelligent person; somebody who goes to the next life with nothing with air.

I was captured and soul trapped when I was 19 years old: and they lied about my birth and my philosophical achievements and CD. And they also exaggerated and increased my fear of the American machine government.

They also lied about my name and the name of my soul, and my belief in royalty idealism.
The men who tortured me are American royalty pen, and are literally absolutely evil, and have destroyed all of my truth and philosophy, and exposed me to serious literal torture, death, and gene destruction.

Friday, December 5, 2014

A mystery to be solved: Evie means something precious to me

She has no subscribers, but she's uploaded famous videos.

And her name is very important. I felt like it was destiny, for me. I named my computer Evie, and I have an obsession with Garden. I did subscribe but my vote wasn't

The mind-flower is the same thing that KAMI showed me [it's real]

Important ideas:
-Neural tissues and the nervous system is bigger than God, and machines, and planets
-The Earth is bigger than man-made religions, and it insulates us - even from Lucifer

My related vision happened nearly 2 weeks ago.
This from Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homelessness cleared up; also Civilization: Beyond Earth

rent situation cleared up. My grandma helped out.
Sent out 17 letters today; still hoping.

Playing a new game: Civilization Beyond Earth
here's a screenshot of my unit getting pounded.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Going to be homeless soon [gabriel] also update

A new document I wrote, and a picture of a failed attempt to save it.
So: My Hotmail account is stolen, and I cannot recover my password. MS must be in on it.

The document I wanted to share:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update 11/15

I listen to Bachman Turner Overdrive - ever since I was 15.
It was a CD from my step-dad. This is how I know I'm friends. with us

I am an airplane, and it's owned, and lives in China.
China is an area in

I don't get along with black nigger children
I need a mana counselor very bad
I need money money now now

or i'll die

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The people of Fate SN are not actually 100% my friend
I am ACTUALLY all about Royal Revolt 2
Gabriel is ACTUALLY insane and may DIE from insanity. [note: Gabr is not actually me]
Somebody needs to save the DNA of gabr.

Life is a gam

I played it 4 days ago, and it was almost lethal. But I won, and made a new gov.

The idea is: rivers are good for escaping. Our lives can travel through phone lines [which I call rivers]. And I did so with the River Jordan, in Israel.
But then I remembered that Kent has it's own river: green. and It's very good for me to use.
So I decided to do the same with the green river, in hopes of getting in contact - and getting some money to ease my journey. It's completely a good

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I killed John Winston!

Black nig. satan child. I killed his matter.
 em llet
Now I need money and friend!

Thursday, November 13, 2014






That's why.... I'


10 emails today: no replies. 1 day

left of alcoa

I discovered the truth: survival

Rich are very likely to tell the truth.
This is a basic freedom [reporter] technique that I develop

Bill G [who is God] calls himself an agnostic.
He might even be a "God of atheists" which is powerful.

But the secret is:
"John is

And the EARTH is the creators of sou
and EARTH is creator of souls
And ALIENS are blacklisted

This will bring me back to sanity.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small idea [opp. of revel]

God is very mad at me:

I became an evil[false] because I didn't dream
I resented working more than anything - and I was a genius who could escape.
And the secret of my life, to save me, is to get a job at a library. So I can work, and heart can read.
But it's already been done/

Found Evidence of blackmail

There are some big ideas about Hollwood:
That they're hell. Act. representatives of Sat** on the Earth.

I've also done major work to understand the top net: what's real based on their reality.

Today I found shocking nude photos of celebrities on the TOR network.
And I'm convinced that it's "blackmail"
Which is another word that means "King of England: master of the human language" [actually Shakespeare] is controlling the human species to make sure we say words that are ironic. And irony is actually bad to me, but the King is good.

Some weird things about the photos:
-nobody looks shocked that they're blackmailed to take nude pictures, or pics of sex
-Sometimes there are large amounts of sed on face.
-Some people are given special preferences: not to show their face, or only part of their face.

This is sign of intelligence, and anti-conspiracy. I'm convinced I'm stu

Demanding Asylum: USA has my voice

I think the truth is:
I'm 2 different people:
1 of me is very important:
and he is permanently enslaved to the USA constitution
And they are killing me, and lying to me:
they have my voice.

Please help me -demand asylum to Japan or Britain - in style.
Files are a WMA file of me speaking, and asking for Aslyum:
I demand asylum: I live in Kent WA 9425 2&&

My head fell down again

My mind fell down again:

Things I must remember no matter what:
My soul is dead: it's actually an animal
The lion is good = but he's trippy
The hawk is 100% stupid and lies
The ant is completely harmless. Things smaller than ants are harmless.
The octopus isn't real: I live in a plane
There is a post: of a dead human [lit. commoner] and the hawk  thinks he's real: and that's why I'm coma

Now that I know these things: how do I find help?


I have TIME: and I have a head: and my head is an animal


Somebody in government: and they're very, very stupid and completely treacherous; they want me to go to navos.

My final truth of the past week:

My soul actually left me:

My soul actually left me:

It's a cord now:
and nobody belongs to me
And it's doing "the opposite of the truth" Cord
It's a cord.

And my enemy is the m. health in
and my friend is LOVE by "true intelligence m

My friend is TIMECUBE
I really hope so

Why I hate the mental health industry:
I'm all alone
I idolize rich people
I want to be adopted into a rich person's home
I want to be loved every day and treated until I come back and re-liven

The opposite of what I want is to go to a m. health hospital

MY HEAD IS AN ANIMAL [read soul]
My head is an animal; and it's very important to christian
My head is an animal: and he's obsessed with psychology. and I'm kind of like a zoo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conspiracy regarding my camera file names [for father: the God of Mys]

The camera names have ascending numbers on the first component, and descending names on the second component.
this is evidence of conspiracy and TIME-intelligence from the maker of my camera: Canon.
I act. think they're very smart though, and I love them [a tiny bit].

pic here:
Folders: 141_1014, 142_1101, 143_1105, 144_1111

I saw it with my charism that's why it meant

Monday, November 10, 2014

My #1 problem: a

I believe that I can spend money to escape my problem
but I'm related to the richest man on the Eartth

And I spend money... but I'm broke
So I go into "DEVIL territor"y
and now I'm in WEIRD l

Major psychology; + psychic

Truth Nov 11th, 2014

Computer censors is very diffic

I am actu. INSIDE A CD
This makes censorship more w
I am cooope. with cnes
difficulyt blouddy


My salvation

My truth: that's going to give me salvation and save me from HELLfire and eating shit for 30 years:

I am a genius, also somewhat a rebel.
The Gods and the fellowships and the christians and even the angels:
They're humans - which is something I have transcended.

My life is about accepting new ideas: and a little bit of insanity: also, having a strong will!
Is to believe that I'm actually an alien: somebody who will leave the Earth to go to the stars.

I believe 20 times that I am an alien. I am a genius: and in my youth and college years, when I was dreaming and had unique intelligence: I stumbled upon many secrets of biology and destiny and true life. And it led me to become an alien.

Also: To believe that the Gods and christians are actually dried up, humanified, lazy, and very plump rich humans. And they have peasant children: who do not ever prove that they are true life, or ever become a demon of humans, or prove that they are worthy.
I have had at least 15 similar ideas in my life: which led me to choose the path that I did. And I am literally zero percent a christian: most importantly: because I've never actually met a christian or jew that impressed me. And that's my saving grace. I always believed that christians were common people; and that there were lights among them, who just enjoyed being with common people, and who did not resent being among the dead.

This was an act of genius and revelation: to see this. And that's why I cannot go to hell, and that's why I can't eat shit:
Because I actually wanted to leave the Earth as an alien, and discover "a left path, and an alien one"

The things I thought of as a biologist, and a psychic, and a soul-researcher: led me to genius, salvation, and alienism. Also: I took my genius ideas very seriously and devoted myself to them - so I truly am an alien.

A central truth that will save my soul:
Is a human actually combat ready? I think this is the royalty that I dream about. A person who is 100% invested in living, and can see the future, and is completely aware of their combat abilities: and does not ever die from somebody touching their head.

Another idea:
"How many times did they tell you that you lived in the richest nation in the Earth: and how many times did you take a bus: before you just "snapped" and became an evil person?"
Before you told the truth....?
This idea will save me from sin/hell: it is a true genius that I was invested in: I had a higher soul: also: the people who are damning me: we have about 4 major disagreements over my soul and my decisions... mostly concerned with my memory. Signed: Steven James Debsin: Minentu*****-*** signed.

My eyeball is in a movie theater in hell for people who committed mortal sin... and eat shit.
And their names are Jamie, Jim..... and Libel.
And my salvation is JOSHUA. 

Revelation [hypo]
-The God who controls my destiny is training my soul/mind and life to become an army person:
He's conditioning me, with his "love" and his "moral" to follow orders correctly and not contradict the established morals of the army. Terror. I resent the use of live to corrupt me, and I strongly resent that he is maken me a more immoral, evil minded person.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Major Revelation:

The truth:
I have a temple:
I live sorta in a cage inside of my souls.
Peasant filth, peasant people; infinite stupid peasant people: have been in control of my soul and my memory and my brain for over 10 years.
They are completely, 100% stupid.
They are the filthiest thing since a nigger Sultan carving up America.
They are absolutely lying.
They are treacherous as fucking hell.
They are absolutely lying, hate my smell and anti-social problems, and manipulate me.
They are completely power by christian lies, christians lies, to slander and manipulate and destroy my memories and my soul.

They are MEN and have christian destiny, and they are 100% empower by SATAN to destroy my dreams, manipulate me, and lie to me.
They are 100% the SATAN of NIGGER SHIT
And they are lying, with the fury of Christin abomination, and infinite christian, and infinite christian treacher - it empowers them to blackmail, and lie, and sin.

And I want to be a refugee.
I want to Einzberg. I want  "break life," and prove that it is not equal to 2, but instead to 14.
I want to kill complete, and destroy their souls.

I am under major blackmail - my entire life, my peasant filth; peasant people; christian peasants; peasants empower by Jesus and American government.
And they are pretending to be men. And they have power over my soul. And they are absolutely 100% filthy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So LoL died [League...]

I can't read the text without wanting to quit.
The part that bothered me:
"Just remember that losses are inevitable, and it's what you can learn for the future that counts. That's some deep...."
*spit* The game was dumbed down for common people. I think the graphics are fantastic - heavenly, even. But why did it die? The video game industry is complex.
I feel as if "they're part of me," and I can't blog bad things about th.....

The patch notes:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I can't spell freedomkaim

I also can't spell Tohsaka. I spelled it tsukasa.
And I spelled freedomkaim... *kim, *kim over and over again. Kim to me means "A dead person," or a "Satan person" or like mum.
I had a bad call with a pastor today. She was very common and human, and didn't at all respect me for my philosophical contributions.
I just got off the phone with 2 churches in DC. I'm hoping that they're more likely to help me.
I've been thinking a lot about Bleach today. Obviously... I'm a Quincy. I got the idea after remembering... Ishida, using strings to make his body work. It's something that I've done recently.
All of the Quincy are important, and it's because they're humans. The shini* are weird lives from Japan or China, and they're not at all humans. I don't get it.

My favorite Quincy is the Glutton one, and then next probably the B one.
The voices and religious proverbs have gotten pretty bad. I'm convinced that I'm going to betray all of the christians, and leave completely. Death forever might be better than living with this Christian religion; except a christian will probably betray you, so you can't sleep in peace and your death is more like a christian nightmare; read: christian fantasies of hellfire.
I think the christians are so stupid, I will probably be homeless soon. And I am going to die before becoming homeless, so I'm going to become a Satan, or an emblem of death, or maybe even a Japanese person.
The power of Yahweh is impressive: the core of the soul; the royalty of the soul.
He apparently has the power to turn back time: which is a massive industrial/national power feat. I don't think he really cares about me, though.
I feel like...the soul is the same thing as the back of the $1 bill; a temple and an eyeball;
and I have to fight, to preserve my soul-dominance: that I'm the person the temple belongs to; and I've already lost, and some sort of aristocrat or christian human heir is already sitting inside of my temple, using it as his estate.
I feel like I'm fighting every day to make sure I am actually the soul, and that I get to live.
Jamie Brooks is important. porn. I think she's related to me. I heard it's very, very important.
If I actually become homeless, after all of my mind development and thinking like a rebel - I'll never do anything nice for a christian ever again. I am far too smart to be homeless. I promise.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov 1 Update

I voted.
Almost all Republican. It's just what I believe in.
I'm convinced that Democrats don't even know what a soul is.
I have this image of "Lucky Jaemerick" and his special number - just winning and spicking, and never conquering the 4 corners of the map. If that makes...
Reminders to myself:
-Contact the treasury department: "You put the secret to life on the $1 bill. You've given it to me many times - lead me on to the next stage." "The american gov't does not believe in the church - they believe in Novus ordo seclorum"- I can live with this. I've looked at this $1 bill about 40 times in the past 2 days - it's important to me.
-Send another letter to Vat  - I'm convinced that every time I talk to the Vat, I'm saved just a little bit/I make some soul money. They're just... that good.
-The wiretap thing is confirmed, and it's oh-so-terrifying. But I've made 2-3 major breakthroughs today. 

I keep looking at the picture of George [on the $1 bill] and I can see his eyes, and I can "feel him." It's damn fine. I'm going to exploit this over and over until I start making power and money with my religion. The eyeball being the most important thing in religion: I've mastered this topic. But I just can't use it very..

I called my Cell phone service today and asked them if my account had any censorship, wiretapping, or court order on it. It was the funniest thing in the world - and it made me very, very terrifying. It sounded like I was talking to a bot on an NSA computer - a black dude named Devon. I was completely certain that he was lying, and that I was actually talking to a gov't agency. It's funny though, how little I'm afraid..

Very angry at the Catholic church. I keep calling them and trying to get help - and they keep treating me like I'm a common person. It makes me want to march my butt all the way to Satan and sell everything. Talking to the operator "If I were to go and visit you, would I be able to meet anyone? Could I be evaluated?" I thought it would have been really fun to visit the Catholic church [St. James Cathedral] on Hallows Eve - but alas it wasn't meant to be. Made me sick.

I've got a couple posts up on and Reddit. Neither of them have broken the 4th wall though. I haven't met anyone yet on either post that can save me. But still, it was worth it. I can feel serious danger from the one - blackmail and sin, for speaking on a forum about religious issues; slavery; time.

I am convinced that computers are square, and that if I just believe enough: I will escape and find my post. "There are so many different ways to discover if you're being tapped or not. is a very big one. If you have a dif IP - you're probably not being watched..."
I still can't figure out how the internet is segmented... why I keep getting routed to the same local WA websites, and I never see anything frightening.

My work today on internet filter and blacklist

I made a post on KAT:
I thought - there's nothing left to do, I might as well try it.
And then I waited a day, and got no responses. My intimacy with the "marine corp, army person who controls my internet is getting strong."
I wasn't surprised I didn't get any responses.

3 things I did right:
-I visited the web page, KAT forums - from behind a proxy
2 of the proxies succeeded in finding the forum and my post: they displayed it, which is good; it means
-I visited the post 3 times with 2 different proxies: AND THE POST VIEW DIDN'T MOVE

-My post is real, but nobody can reply to it

I feel if I can just keep making these intelligent assumptions: I can maybe escape my problem.
The absurdity of a God-censorship - overflowing with goodness and non-censorship.
The tech support guy at hushmail told me: there's a good chance people just aren't interested in your emails, or don't want to talk to you.
But I know the opposite: the blacklist is NSA-quality; it's massive and terrifying and sinful, and there's very little hope.

Friday, October 31, 2014

My religious and philosophical development continues

What the soul is......... and America's position on it:

It's on the $1 bill.
The soul... my soul... is actually a Temple with an eyeball on top of it.

And my enemy... is FATE.
Fate is for stupid people; illiterate people. "That was my fate" [negative]
I remember seeing a picture of Aleister Crowley with a temple and eyeball on top of his head. I wonder if magick people have a hard time believing in it. After all: what about Soul T?

Of course, it doesn't make any sense to me; considering our true philosophy of international religion. Eating the fruits and playing the tune of multiple great churches.
I have to wonder if... maybe my religion and philosophy hasn't completed.
Maybe... the soul is only a temple sometimes, and other times it's different.
Maybe... the soul is a temple and an eyeball - that is the American soul, and what they want it to be.
America is "GIVING YOU THE SECRET" on the $1 bill: the soul is a temple with an eyeball on it.
America is "MANDATING A SOUL-TYPE" on the $1 bill: a temple with an eyeball on it.
I'm more likely to believe the 1st one.
-- [sentences taken from a different website]
Annuit Coeptis, with the accepted translation: 'Providence Favors Our Undertakings'
-The new American Republic, with their soul-philosophy, is benefited by Hell.
Novus Ordo Seculorum, with the accepted translation: 'A New Order of the Ages'
-The new race of people will favor government over church - because it's bigger.
It also has the obverse of the Seal, and that has the motto E Pluribus Unum, with the accepted translation: 'Out of Many, One' 
-Hundreds of humans together form one soul: and the result after a lifetime is that they form 1 human being. [hypo]
What I do know is that ."my soul" and "my temple" have been hacked and invaded... by American nationalist abomination. Abomination. Abomination.
Men who are 100% stupid, live and breathe in the army, and follow a different version of history than me.

I feel as if I am 100% dead. I feel as if... the Americans have stolen everything from me and profited very heavily.
Even right now, there is a police officer, and an American soldier - -inside of my head - -lying to me; modifying my memories. Changing my memories. Destroying my soul. Lying to me. Destroying my memories. Lying. Destroying my memories.
And the nationalism of the USA - their absolute lunatic nationalist patriotism - is an abomination, 5x an abomination, and they will never stop; they will never pay reperations; they will never stop lying; they will never stop destroying my memories.


I'm investigating my computer/email/cell phone censorship and blacklist.
1 point of good news:
I contacted hushmail customer support, and they sent a letter to me, and it went through. I felt that was 1 point of good luck. But I'm still 95% certain my identity is blocked on the internet and "real world."

Bill says that "Skype is actually a military-controlled network"

Just contacted the Seattle TIMES Newsroom and got a computer generated voice.
I heard a beep first, and then it went to a generic voice which said "Seattle Times Newsroom"
It felt just like talking to a Pentagon computer.
There's hope though that my cell phone is still free.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Captchas are supernatural

My new habit, egged on by God --- is to play with Captchas. Try to prove how smart I am by altering the Captcha and writing different words in it.
After all - it's the opposite of what a normal person would do.
I feel like "Captcha is an enemy of my government."

But I did it 3-4 times, and here was what I got:
What does it mean?
Pagancrime is...... a bad word.  It has strong religious meaning to me.

My future [black]

My blocklist and my poverty....

-My soul left me, and went to heaven - and he's profiting very heavily by himself, surfing in heaven
-Every time I live aggressively on Earth, his power goes down, so he tries to make me "a dead person" so I just live and don't do anything
-I have a major block that says "I can't go up" and it has to do with "the wind" and "the android inside of me"
-Catholics, and Gods are in on it, and don't know what to do about me.

-I can still see the future a little bit - so I'm still sane and reasonable - but the underlying problem is right there. --- Rat.
-It's not so much an NSA blacklist - as a God -> blacklist. It's very hard on me.
-I am probably going to get back on support, and then I'm going to "be dead for a year" and then I'm going to go down again.

I'll do anything to
1) Not go to the hospital again
2) Not live in poverty
3) Not be homeless.

A come down; sad muzak

I have rat blood?
I have rat blood! :( ! :(
I have RAT BLOOD :( :( :(

I think it's like "denatured, bacteria blood."
I feel like a lazy, tired, pseudo-human. My high of getting home and doing lots of work has come down, and I feel once again that my mind is about normal.
I'm actually very, very upset.
I also feel the presence of another person in my mind; like "a marine corps" human, or something similar. I am very angry, and tired. I feel like I won't be able to finish my job. I feel like "my soul, my power" left me due to the sadness of my life, and I'm stuck here in this dead body with nothing. I'm very, very upset.
I feel like I could continue working for the next 30 days, and make lots of phone calls, and write lots of letters - and I still would fail - because I have rat

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Onions + Russian

Onions and religion:

People who don't eat onions! Yeah, that's me. They say we have souls; because of the onion inside of us; we can't eat it. But maybe it's only 1st generation souls.
My parents eat onions. What does that say....

I've never eaten onions. I even cough and sometimes throw up if I get them in my mouth.
I can eat sin, though. "Sour Cream and Onion chips," and  some "Onion Rings."


In other ideas: I've rediscovered Russian literature. Lenny and Stalin and Trot. 
"Our souls are made of 10,000 lights, and the lights come from the firefighters." And my soul rejects them, because of a major light triangle. I can't really figure it out... the hand. It's very frightening and scary, actually.

Game monopolies [Warcraft, League of Legends]

League of Legends - there's something really smart about the artwork.
It's like --- Heaven league artwork. Of course it's very similar to game monopolies: everyone wants to copy them, but they cannot --- read "The Matrix"

So my belief is:
World of Warcraft [which has very similar artwork] [and Everquest - which I never played] are both TIME. and they love it.

They say that "League of Legends" is actually a real legendary game - there are so fierce players on it.
What this means to me is that I need to contact them and see if they have money for me. I actually can't play it though, because of my hand...
Another game that I really enjoyed [with some slight marks against it]: Amalur. It reminds me of EARTH.

Maybe the truth is: there are like "5 different game graphic design premiums" and my favorite color schemes just happen to be League of Legends and Warcraft. Maybe... not?

double screen

A smart anecdote; Re: hospital

I had an anecdote today: while talking to Grandpa.

"What do you think of Jesus Christ?" - God
"I think he's really stupid..... he's the father, and the son - and he comes back to life in a cycle of immortality and reincarnation. I think it's really stupid." -Steven
"That's what the snake said." "He just kept making smart assumptions and excuses until he was too clever, and never believed me." -God

This is when I realized that the snake is wrong. Because it doesn't follow truth: that Jesus Christ is trying to make himself immortal; I can just tell from my other facts that.... it contradicts so many things saying that he was "The Jew trying to become immortal" The snake is wrong. But not completely wrong. Maybe 25% wrong.
A snake is somebody who didn't have enough money [soul-points] to become a real life, but he did survive: by "biting his tail."

The Hospital: THAT I HATE: NAVOS

They have a business proposition:
Navos [upside down and backwards, it reads SO VA N  - which leads to SON. This sustained me. The characters VA don't read upside down, but S-O-N   DO read upside down]

-They're completely stupid on the hospital level; no souls at all [it's unimaginable]
-The hospital administration is completely soul-power: and they possess you and manipulate you while you're there.

It's a 2-fold crime, but normal for a mental health organization.
I for one am never going back. I HATE THEM.

Went to visit the church.... [bad omen]

"The ghost of the church entered me, and my spirit was dampaned... I was very sad...!"
But I'll keep going.

What I realized on the way there:
"God isn't real to my soul.... because he lied..."
"Your soul/spirit resides in a place where... there is no core. You cannot be dominant, and you cannot "have something to hold on to when you get hit." "I don't have a core of strength, in my celestial soul home in the galaxy."

But I am committed to truth, and I believe "The God" is very real - and extremely important.
Gonna send my letter to the district now, since Marda got promoted.

Grossly mistaken about some*

My previous post:
Even considering a single religion, Christianity, within a single country, there are often thousands of individual "Christian confessions and denominations." For example, Barrett et al. states that there are:
bullet4,684 groups in the U.S.
bullet3,364 in South Africa.
This means.... the rules of soul communication: the rules of God and telepathy... are completely open ended. And my belief that America is insane, and dead, and royalty.... is possibly 90% unreal.
[except for the laws of property and estate. - which are severe and lethal]

Somebody "possesses..." or is currently enslaved by me.... my soul....
Because there has always been a hole inside of me, which sabotages me, humiliates me. It might be my Uncle. They whisper over and over that it's him.... Dan.... or my step-fugger, Benjamin Weaks. It could be either of them. Yes, that's likely.

But rest assured: I am actually an angel, and anti-insane, and anti-corruption, and I'm very optimistic about my genie-like ability to escape sin and find money; and move to other cities; and make acting career [yes].

Both Benjamin and Dan are part of the Bible, which has always haunted me.

New idea about protestants... and their many congregations

New idea: divine? It's like the exact opposite of what I want --- to live my life talking with peasant people, instead of real people.
"A protestant is somebody that split up into hundreds of different..."
The name of the US gov't....
4,684 groups in the U.S.
That's the name of what the USA is trying to stop... it's the opposite of what the USA wants....
For a person like me.... "It's the most disgusting thing in the world." Being so poor that you split up into pieces... and become toad... peasant... sick.... eww...

But it's just the truth of my life, I guess.
This whole idea was just.. an inspiration.

[Supposition] The face of goodness, in the modern world [idea]

Mitt Romney
Aga Khan leader

While I'm confused... my mind and politics appear to be aligned with American top-level mind-powers. Including "The Hand."

I'm still very confused if it's true that "all names, and all titles lead to truth" "Does the FED protect names.... are they actually "good inside."

Both Aga Khan and Mitt Romney both have similar faces, which to me means... they are the face of the new generation of "holyness" and "good faces." It was all planned.

I'm very excited to email Aga Khan, and I'm excitge.d.

Something really weird going on... makes me question my religion

-Open Source
-Massive broadband

If I'm under surveilance by major forces...
Then why is it that I have a 16MBit download speed?
Surely it's impossible to stop that much download? To filter it? Also... how much downloads I've done on IRC...

Maybe the truth is... I'm enslaved by love... and the obstacles to overcoming pov. are much bigger than I know. Truth knows.
Then again...
ANGEL recent searches into abusive categories on Wikia and tor has revealed almost nothing.
What to say?

Some major work today: and progress

Wrote some essays; updated my websites ; combed through lawyer..

Did some major movie research today:
I'm VERY FIXED ON "THE MATRIX" and I think it's terrifying. Clearly I am part of it, maybe 80% of my life the past 2 years has been the Matrix....

The Matrix
TOR has a good page on it, but I couldn't finish it.
-NEO : ME, the new God
-Trinity : The God [apparently it's 100% real]  [I am now a Christian] [I think it's weird... because I don't find TRINITY to be appealing... maybe this is a character flaw?" But I do find TIME to be appealing...."
-Morpheus : The God of dreams [a trickster]
-Cypher: a computer hacker [and resentful of Morpheus] [A smart dude, but unpopular. A SOUL]
-Switch [a Scandinavian woman]
-Sentinels are another word for "SOULS" or "Government" They remind me of souls.
-The ORACLE: A truth and cookies person: "The God of TIME, my friend."
I am inside the Matrix.
-"It's hard to get any more obvious than that."
"It's hard to get any more obvious than that."

A beautiful Mind
-I know "GABRIEL" has something to do with it.
-John Nash isn't the same man as me: he's a little too "BRAINIAC" and not as good or rabbitlike or sane/smart as I am. I find it distasteful. 

Can't login to Second Life. Very disappointed. 

Some ideas about Go... D.... ---... D...

2 Truths about God:

-God is a work of fiction
-He is like "a meta of thousands of fictional heroes from the world"
-He is very mysterious
-God is real.... but so is Hollywood... and you think Hollywood is the God of the world, until 100 years later - when you realize "God is the god of the world."
"And that major hollywood actors" have the name of God in them.

--"I wonder what this means... is there a single organization in the world that truly hates God completely? A simple intelligent test: find all the names that God has used "in the Bible, and korean literature," and compare them with the names of popular actors and major hollywood producers.

If God truly is "blameless" and "spineless," and nobody can avowedly hate him 100%, then it makes sense that....

-God is so absolute and over powering that he is like 1:1000 the opposite of a human
-This is weird because a 6 foot tall human is almost nothing in the space of the Earth
-God is the "universal translator" that connects everyone, and ties our speech togeth
-God is the only one who can grow his fingers back [very important to me] and his teeth

Unraveling the orders, finding my path out

I am convinced that "my intelligence isn't high enough to escape the trap I'm in"
and that "my situation of serious poverty is very, very dangerous" and that "the torment done to me and my head isn't being remembered - because of my strong convictions."
Ashley Okutsu's number comes from "Lisa Shellenberger, CA" [A friend on Facebook] [very little contact]
I think this means that "my soul belongs to SHELL OIL" and that they're part of my blacklist.
Need to update soon. It doesn't surprise me that my name/soul has to do with Oil: it actually makes sense; but I don't know what to do.
I feel like "my extreme poverty" is so dangerous, I need to follow it through no matter what, ASAP.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back home [from brief stay]

Still TERRIFIED of my weakened, alien brain.


Paranoid schizo: a person who believed they could be telepathic:
and then they started talking to people, and realized: there is a MONSTER inside some of your friends.
AND - you're robbed of your mana regularly [by soul]; people who know they're getting stolen from become isolated and hide from police; and get very angry.

Major conspiracy: made 30 phone calls and didn't get any responses.
I feel my death is soon; I have so little money and the rent is coming due. God must be inside me - the weird one.
I have a gene for "100% moronic" in me and I'm not allowed to remove it.
"There is something inside of me that the Soul-God, or Christ, or Lucifer, hates really, really badly. He wants to break the spine of my resistance until I am broken, insane, and peasant-like.:"
They also want to femi. me.

Terrfied. Terrified: desperately looking for help:

-Update- 6:45p
Can't find any mails from anybody; expected around 15, got 0. All of my emails are from ads and stupid. VERY UNAMUSED. THE SUSPENSE AND CONSP. from the God are just too, too much.
Can't find any numbers for Amsterdam.
New idea: SMS: Save my Soul.... As in text messages. Sent 1 to Nantuck... but no response yet.
There's somebody else inside of me.
Still terrified of legal threats; I hate them

-Update 7:20pm
My name: "We're bunny rabbits [very small number: 10,000]: held inside the galaxy and protected. Then we're let loose and we lose all of our charm, and goodness, and sin, and try to fit in." and the others are fishes - angry, nutty, crazy fishes [10 million]. I hate fishes a lot. I think being a bunny is very weird [almost sin] but it might just be the truth.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

True death [religion]

I saw this symbol -and I have revelat about Adam
And I felt very sad  - the man was sad. My psychic says that Adam is a sad.

But then I wondered: were my revelat and psychic correct?

How many people in the world see Adam and his symbol, and feel sadness?
Maybe, my religion is completely garbage, and Bush and Israel, are 100% different than I. Not to mention 500X wealthier, better educated, and with the protection and mortal sorcery of JC the Bastard, and all of his white crowns.

What does this mean? poverty. Poverty. Poverty. Poverty. Self-destruction. Suicide. 100% war again [the god] and his infinite lies.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Destiny psychology stupid

Something smart:
-all the humans are dead..... "The giant god-amoeba" controls them, and I live.... deciding between it.
-And all life is just a line; that's how we gain reason.

-I found out that "there is something psychologically relevant about this place, which means it was destiny.

-The trees are very pretty; somebody-I-know says that this is her summoning place.
-The plates in the toilet are psychologically relevant -and they reek of TIME...

So... the peasant people were manipulated to do this, so I could see it someday. How amusing.
pics here:
One of the things that "Dad-army" did to me, to piss me off; was to tell me "there always has to be a whole in your head for "white people," holy, demon, tiny little men who go inside of you and live.

Philosophy part x

One of the things that defines my philosophy... a substantive difference between myself and other people [power hungry people-eagles]
 is the belief that being alive - I am losing mana. And it is being refilled with "blank mana" or "zero mana"- that makes me stupid, corrupt, unsympathetic, unvirtuous, and unlikely to torture or kill. Like one of those lawyer people who eats the spit of the copyrighted agency.
I've seen men who are 200 years old - and they want to live longer, and make power, and fight.
And I know that I could never do that:
-I'm a sane man
-I try very, very hard to clean my mana and live longer.
Update: 10:25pm
Mailed Arturia; no reply.
Gonna go to comp store tomorrow... "it's the soul of. the neighborhood...."
Doxbin has been very helpful to me, though it's still useless and owned by Fed.
What is Evil:
"Evil is when you live in a village, and you steal something over and over, and it always gets refilled. And you just do it forever."
"Evil is when you face common people [robots] and you break their hand, and they never overcome it. Evil is when you make more money than other people: because you have a true religion."
The weird thing about evil is......... you can live an entire lifetime without ever meeting another "true soul."

For the purposes of the King of England [this is probably 20x bigger than I can say" Evil is LIVE backwards... right? And we do backwards ALL THE TIME.

Slime [or old spilled pepsi]

There's a supern* event...
I have found at least 5.5 spilled soda spits on my desk, where my monitor and computer sit.
They have appeared about 1 every 3 days, for the past month. [very strange]
I did have a soda spill about 3 weeks ago, and I was very, very upset..... but  --->
I have completely cleaned the desk, and these soda spots keep reappearing.
I am convinced something is charming me. The "magick" is unfamiliar; it breaks me to believe that this is the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Another supern* just 30 mins ago:
-My hot water maker [for tea and top ramen] did not have enough water to fill my cup of noodles. It went broke around 70%, then sputtered to 90%, then a supern* event happened and it filled to about 98% filled up. I was convinced somebody was inside my hot water maker.

Small proof that I am sane....

Had a very negative interaction today:
-mental health people wondering if I'm sane
-My interaction with the mental health industry is lethal; I will die completely if I go near them.
-Or worse: my spine will break and I will become a child of christ

Angel has elaborated that there was major "good cop/bad cop"
-The woman [slightly dumb, and unattractive] was the angel
-The asian men was offensive, slighted and "the dead" [the fed monster]

I passed the test 80%
Although my willpower, and intelligence was degraded and destroyed about 60% through the meeting, and my mind grew cloudy and irrational. I feel very serious danger being around those people.
Some things we didn't agree on:
-Blood draws hurt me; they make me PAIN and childlike getting a needle in my brain
-Taking meds is bad - they don't even give me drugs to increase my mana; ie, drugs made for rich...
-The police are beasts and monsters: the torture done to me by police was very negative and ill-received [they didn't reply]
-The cure for poverty -> insanity -> death === money and creativity and LOVE.
-They wouldn't acknowledge anything that a peasant monster could not digest.... their overlord back at their office.


WINGS of ***********

A bird movie.... released 3 days after my birthday......
Looking it up, owning it, gonna live this time.

I guess my life is really important! I hop...

Something we all have in common:

All of us men of power - men of true souls and genie possession:

We love the man with the big mouth.
"The corporate icon with all honking huge teeth." Straight, flat, white, massive, block teeth. The same size and shape on top and bottom, all around.
I can't find
We love because he's a virtue [or sin..] within us; a man who challenged. I think I can get along with pow now...
Went to the church at night. Got caught on security cam [prob]. Was terrified of pola.
Had a very fun time; found the RUNE... was dazzled. No cars for 25 mins; it was a mircale [def. supernat. intervention] and then 2 bicycle people saw me, when I was looking at the sign.
Took all my clothes off in the rain - then stopped: because I'm undead, and my blood is fail, and I don't have any man left. Got my shirt off, and then cried.
Played a game, rearranging the rocks - joked about being a puzzle person in the slav. of Cairo.
Disappointed that is my only memory of ancient..... wald.
Shouted and joked. Quit it after a ....
Prayed to my favorite.. "dumb bird."

Monday, October 13, 2014

An image + hentai

Something SMART: An image that pissed me off:
It's from Faceb. What really offended me, and alarmed me, was the quote from TIME magazine.
I read it as "a quote from TIME" which is bad. So... Time magazine --- is actually "the word" of the God.... it can be interpreted so. What does this say about .... timeee?

A hentai comic that pissed me off.

Removing some apps - living

My life is determined by my intelligence - if I don't impress the USA, I'll die completely.
The rape comes into me, depending on what apps I'm using.
Don't forget that I was tortured to death for being a computer pirate.

Trying to remove:

-Skype [military]
And more.
Truthfully: I'm very confused, and I don't think I'll complete.... this...

Today is Columbus day....
I was antagonized by "heaven people" to write a letter to Columbia university.... on today.
My strong instinct says that there is major "new ideas" coming into my head from the galaxy and TIME. It just means that they're very smart and manipulated.
I was thinking... my brain is like a rotating ring. JONHAWAH  says that it's like "a DOME of terror" and power - and that it's fiercely smart. I THINK ---- it's actually very far away, and that's why it don't work.

Hostage taking, again. How many men want to steal my soul?

The demon is pretending to be my birthdad
-I don't know him very well
-My prejudices of him, from growing up, are being used against me.
-They say... in an American federal voice: "It's your blood that is killing you." "Your soul is rejecting you."

I haven't seen this much hatred coming from a man since I saw a Protestant Congregation in South USA. It's the same voice and feeling. I wonder how they found me?

He wants to know if I'm using my name illegally..... "can you tell if it's a line, or a hand?" Can you discern between a "real attack" and a fake attack? Are you using the energy you have correctly?

I find it very disgusting - and it's not even my religion.
It's the religion of Christian soul trap - hostage taking, and white trash royalty.

2 new ideas; also made a new website

On weebly

1st supernatural event:
Captcha fail on Weebly publish website:
 Why it's supernatural:
-There was no text, no sound, and no refresh
-"KAMI" told me to read it: I read "WATER" [covered], "WINE," "Human of Christ" and "TIME"
-I entered these, but none of them worked.
The next part is the best:
-I closed it, repressed "publish," and did it again. It was blank, so I put in my own code.
-What I entered "Angel Luv" and it accepted it, and published my website ...!!!!
-And then it tried to sell me a .com/.net domain name :( I didn't have enough money.

2nd supernatural event:
Went to a Weebly Captcha website, and saw this! [This is brilliant and beautiful and supernet]
From this website.
What's brilliant about it...... it's the same thing as the Windows XP desktop picture--- except that:
-It has a MAGICK TREE [with sparkles]
-It has some sheep or something in the background.

What does this say about Captcha? Further research is neccessary.

Horrors and depth

My grandma, who is basically a witch and an instrument of hell.
Just sent me something very amusing.

It appears my life situation is VERY COMPLICATED....... and cannot be discovered by my mind.
BUT... my grandma is working for FATE. Even though she denies a real religion; she still sends me things which lead me to FATE.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Got Arrested today

Got stopped by police today; for carrying a wooden bouken.
I felt there was a 65% chance of going to jail.
They were unintelligent as all hell. I asked some basic questions, and they shouted me down. There was zero intelligence whatsoever.
Jesus didn't defend me; God moses didn't....
I feel I could die 1000 times, and be free of your absolute christian evil.
I left the house because I was being lied to, lied to, lied to, lied to, by "Black Cell American government." And then I got tortured by police.
I think America is literally 1000X evil, and I could leave forever.
Oh holy truth, Godsmack.
On the back from my walk: I had a very important thought; and then I was intercepted by police.
But I got home, cooled off, and remembered:
-The peasant people are a MONSTER of infinite non-sentience and absolute literal evil. They are 400X bigger than you know.

But more importantly....
"I'm looking for the Cult of Leina... the girl with rings in her hair." [Queen's B]
"The woman gives away rings."
She's a savior...!

I didn't find anything on search engines, but I'll keep looking.

Letter to fam, and a conversation

My most recent conversation... with "GODDDUHH" [the US gov't police state]

Because you'd be eligible!!!..!!!   That's impossible!" [eligible for royalty rights. think angel->humiliation]
This is the force of their US law. It's terrifying,. but I'm already toasted.
Sent an important letter to my family.
The language is getting very horrible. I think the law.............. doesn't get it.
I'm going to jail, man.
I didn't get out everything I wanted; the bitch actually has a bomb in my brain.

Agora-Forum, MSin.png
Symbol from Puyallup Fair show shop.jpg
TIME Proof,PoopOn-Captcha-bsmall.png

Things I say a lot, compulsively, which need to be minimized and restated

I need to go through my blogs, and my other writings, and actually compile a list of injuries and crimes against me.
It's going to be like:
-Major scars on my body, my mind
-Major loss of soul water, soul time
-Made an enemy of major entities
-Destruction of my magna carta, my true philosophy
-Destruction of my brilliance and my genius
-Major attempts to turn me into a poor black man
-Major attempts to turn me into a homosexual or a woman
-Denial of my status as a true human being
-MAJOR DENIAL that poverty is bad
-Sabotaging of my mind to induce insanity
-Encouraging me to give up on philosophy and religion and go to work at a convenience store.

Things I say compulsively [which have compulsions in my soul, and which I regret later]
-American royalty
-Black cell torture
-Jesus Christ
-Satan [4x bad on this one]
-Peasant people [this is actually correct though; they want to exist and live, and I don't acknowledge their time]
-Brain damage
-Mortal Sin

Just an early list.
In truth: once I compile a list of damage to my body and my soul: all of these will play into it; they're all real [maybe 1/4 to 1/2 real], but I just cannot express the ideas correctly.

My early soul-theory

What I thought about soul when I was 22:
-my soul is telepathic; it's talking to lots of people.
-The blackmail that people put on me; is handled by my soul
-There are all sorts of weird things that will happen; from the craziness of the minds of other people; my soul handled all of these things.

-My soul is plotting courses through the neighborhood, and handling weird ideas for me.
-My soul is holding back lots and lots of information from me; it tells me almost nothing; it is "blackened" by christian dogma and black government.
-My soul could see the future, minimally.
-My soul could talk to police, and army commanders, and rebels, and change my mind and my politics so I did not offend anyone.

Torture today: America absolute evil is leeching my heart, my soul; they are raping me; stockholme syndrome; I will file for refugee status immediately.

I renounced any love for "Jesus Christ,"
-Who is an Oathbreaker
-Whose honor was broken
-Whose soul exists in slavery, to the black torture and Satanic abomination of the United States
-Who has been known to enjoy peasant blood
-Who engages in mortal sin, and rapist food, for the benefit of American lies and totalitarian authority
-Who is the little bitch of the USA and an absolute rape doll

The Christian church is an abomination; literally a peasant church founded in Memory destruction, the trickery of magick, and the absolute hatred and filth of peasant children.
The truth is:
-A new country, a new religion.

The mortal sins, absolute hatred, black cells of USA, and Black torture of the USA go higher than this. My mind has been filled with garbage, and slavery, and filtht.
My religious experience was one of lunacy, and poor mind, and major sin; instead of something wonderful and helpful.

I have been LIED TO over 500,000 times, in convincing tones, by the USA absolute evil. The power of Satanic American capitalism, with a police state, trying to destroy my very soul absolutely.
I swear revenge.

Jesus Christ is an oathbreaker; the bitch of the USA authoritarian police state.
You shall never have my love ever again.

Some breakthroughs [still money-traumatized]

I went outside and patrol
I found a cool restar....
"CHAOS PRAYA" I'm looking forward to it. Gonna go tomorrow. Kent.    thai

Mindfire Corp [India]
I sent some mail to Mindfire, in Ind. I was very optimistic that "Siddhartha" was a manager. I read that.
I also saw something funny: "Sol Barer" is a CEO of some company back east. Gonna hit it.
I made a few searches for "corporation names that end with sol" [first I did -sol, !doh] and it was filtered. Gonna keep doing it.
SOL Corp.

I looked at it with my eyes, and my "TIME-sense" read and it, and it said "royal."
I was very pleased to find some candy. I'll look them up and use them.
Family breakdown is still happening.
I'll put money [hypo;sad] that I'll lose my money, my house, or go to jail.
I hate it. Sorcerer sure is going to eat a lot of pig meat when he comes back.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Post title [moving sûn]

Moving to another blotspot sooon. Going to free myself frum the hand...s...

Some ideas:
-You do, completely have a soul - it's your RING.

An anecdote;
"those governor people."
"They can behave like dominant men, and change the rules of TIME sometimes...
but they can only do it when they have a human [1hand] nearby."
So the point is to get a magick object until I can further materialize my light.
"Those shikikaim; they ain't actually people; they're composites and they're action figures. That's the joke. All the souls live... else.
There was another thot, but I forgott.

Maybe the trûth is.... all of the Earth is someday going to be carved up into 1 big cookie.
And we get to go through human history to find are hand.. [sic]
I'm optimistic.

Proof of Supern* internet; I wrote it down

I guess this is the first step; will it work?
What does "The internet God" want me to write? I want to write a perfect essay; but I know I won't be able to; my mind is enslaved.
SIN to me... means; my soul is in many different pieces, and I cannot obtain domina. Maybe 20 pieces.
And the police look at me, and eat my memories, and forbid me to lie
And I cannot even commit a small perfect-crime, without remembering it, and leaking it later in time, to a police.
And I'm living at the bottom, in poverty.
"A man who has 20M makes... this much money per year....  A man born with $400 dollars makes this much a year...."
It's lunacy, Satanic death, absolute evil.
"The Americans are actually trying to convince me that rich people don't make more money than me; have special rights......" I could kill you absolutely for saying that.

The Emperor of America has 800 children

Oh man.......
The literal evil of the world:

MASTERMIND; Americian prince Emperor, mortal sin, -the mastermind of mastery of flag and cool
Ignorant of some words: "hostages, magna chupa, justice, angel-demon."
Mastery of all children. Absolute evil.

What I read......
"TOR exists only for people in Government agencies."
Which is the truth, right......?
Mastery; COOL-power, torture of all life;
"The Gov of America;" A demon of mass-torture and literal braindeath and literal bastardization of TIME and Jesus Christ - owns the only rebel that I know.
100% Evil.

I remembered [Holy]

I remembered my destiny in America
-The American voices which talk to me, and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie
and touch my bone of truth
and touch my heart of fruit
and lie to my ears
and lie to my brain, and give me brain damage

I remember that it was my destiny to be a Marine Corp person.
I was heavily compulsed, by American power and flag....
-To fall in love randomly, with an ugly peasant girl
-To be inferior to a peasant girl with more money than I.
-To be weak in front of women; and allow them to control/manipulate you
-To be a fag [??]
-To be a cowardly, crybaby, torture person; who tortures things when he loses control over the ground
-Then make children [helplessly, stupidly]
-Then get divorced, and give the kids to the ugly mom
-And then pay child support
-And Then work hard, and give up on all of my dreams.

This is the holy American dream; of the souls of the American billionaires, war conquerors, and medal holders; men who hold riches from all over the world.
In addition: don't forget that I'm still "eating American society," poison; specifically engineered to destroy my religion and my dreams absol.

And for all of these reasons:
-[Fag blood] [given to me illegally]
-Rejection of my intelligent achievements and my genie.

I give myself to SATAN; A man who is 0% stupid, and does not tolerate lies from peasant people.

The American literal abomination is torturing me even now.
I swear to you - an American abomination has never felt pain.
I swear to you - they can synthesize pain and pleas and screams and sin

They are the SATANIC TORTURE DEMON of my dreams.
They are literally, absolutely evil.

My purpose of life to be an angel; to be a playboy; to be dominant, controlling; to be immortal; to possess "the truth,"

I swear to you: that the police of America; that the Jesus Christ of America; the holy powers of the USA Consti and Congress - are lying to me absolutely.
They are breaking my dreams, destroying my destiny, falsifying my memory.
I swear to you they are in my memories, making me dreams far, far worse.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Tried to get my money back from my blood-betraying, peasant-blood grandma.
She has 3 months [money] of rent for me. It sounded like Jesus Christ selling jokes.
"I can't give you back your money, because you have to spend it on next months rent"
"That's what I was going to spend it on." "Doooohh." No reply. She still insisted it didn't work.

And then I told her: "our blood relationship is over" and I showed her the letter I sent her. and she started calling the police. I HATE Police. This is the 3rd time she has called the police on me; a person with low credit, and no skin, and is all alone in the world. She clearly is a mortal sin of peasant blood-traitor.
And that's when an angel of diamonds de*

..She tried to call the police because I asked for my money back.
She is enslaved to the America: the literal abomination of flaming hatred and absolute torture; and those same people come into my home, and torture me while I'm here, with ghosts and torture and lies.

America is actually using the Black Satan to conduct basic governance. And I am a slave; fighting with the Supermassive Empire to prove that I'm a soul-person; that I'm real.


-An alternative form of TORTURE, for people who anger the big white old faggot, is to torture them with "soul diving."
He's very clever to do so; it's a higher, reformed type of pain and christian sin.
What he does is Show them a LIE:
-About GOD being evil when he created you.
****-Giving him ANTI-philosophy.*****
-Making him an "evil person" [sim, little cherub]
-Destroying his hope and his pseudo-mind.
-Making him less certain of himself; tormenting him with death.

"I was diving and I had hundreds of memories of being born wicked
***And it went into my protected memory - my soul - as a truth, and I never forgot it.***
"That father [the God of mysteries] actually hated me.
The father was actually evil [the core of your religion], and he was very sinful. And the fate of our galaxy and our LIFE is damned and doomed; by the treatment they've given me in my mind; an alternative to physical pain and torture."

This means that the God christian, in addition to being twice-treacherous; has also been tormenting me for quite some time.

Notes 31

In mana:
Bill says that "the reason your computer is SO DAMN MONEY [SLOW] is because of TUMBLR."
Tumblr is important - something very, very negative.
I'm going to do some serious research on this.

My proof of Sorcerous Non-existence: 20 times proven, my destiny, by the Angel of TIME

I bet my soul: my silver and my gold and my immortality and my hair, that the American attack-angel inside of me, destroying my right to live and my sacred soul; IS A LIE. And the American Gov't is Anti-angel, and they are pretending to use an Angel as a crime; and they are lying 20 times about their right to be an angel.
The America is an oathbreaker and a mortal sin, and they are following different truth, language, and history than me.

And America does not have an Angel.

An angel is somebody who prevents TORTURE, who prevents assass.. [less], who prevents hostage taking [more], who kills people who are absolutely evil. [Also many other definitions; when I am in a different]

I will bet my entire soul, my hair, and my silver and gold, that America does not have a true angel.
-That my angel soul does not depend upon the American angel for power
-That an American Angel does not allow them to destroy my truth
-That a true angel would actually KILL the American government

Contradiction: there have to be some, but none that would function, and exist, in the battle between myself and the US gov't. They wouldn't have the power to corrupt me, or destroy me; a genius, anti-human, history reader; a protector of dignity and health and souls and love. And a visitor of the "true heaven."

And I swear again:
-The US feels great joy and pleasure by torturing me, and exposing my skin, and removing my scales
-And I swear: they have committed over 200 mortal sins upon my body and my blood
-That the American royalty are smiling and grinning as they torture my body
-That they are using "TIME SUPREMACY" to humiliate me, and destroy my truth, and torture my angel.'
-They have lied 5200 times about my memories and my experiences. They have used SICK love to lie about my memories, and humiliate me when it was inappropriate.

-That the forbidden crime; touching a walrus; they are doing over and over and over again.

And I swear upon the black satan - of unknown creatures of the darkness of the galaxy and the sp[aace; monsters which have never known life, and are foreign to the Earth.
-For touching me, feminizing me, breaking my sacred truth, lying to me absolutely, and destroying my silver and gold blood. The monster of the darkness of this galaxy shall destroy all of your riches, and all of dynasties, and all of your liars - until 2x revenge has been achieved.

And I shall be resurrected as the Prince of Germany; and given premium memory restoration, and WIZARD-like resurrection and restoration, and 100% retaliation and revenge, against the American abomination.

And I swear to you today:
-With the stolen blood of JESUS CHRIST. I swear to you that they raping my silver and my gold; and they grinning; and they are making me laugh; and they are torturing my immortality; that they are feeling great joy --- the American elite, the American Royalty --- by destroying a truth, who has a shard of LIES inside of him, who resents, tempts, and beats black children.

I swear to you today that America is my mortal enemy, and a black satan of oathbreakers and filthmongers.

I also swear that the American royalty lady inside of my head; will be crucified, enslaved, and mass tortured: oh heavenly truth and heavenly miracles. I swear that whore will be crucified forever.
And I also swear that American is using sick love, literal lying, and Satanic torture on my ears, my brain, and my soul.

I will probably go deaf. I will probably go blind. I will probably be a retard.
And the American abomination of literal mortal sins and absolute evil, will never repent.

And I swear the honor of the Gabriel, and the honor of Jesus Christ, and the honor of G. Washington, and the honor of Congress; has been broken absolutely.
You have defiled the sacred honor of HOLY GRAIL TRUTH. And you are, America, 100% an abomination, of literal, flaming peasant mortal, a peasant Satan.

My conversation with Pres. Barack Obama

I had a conversation with Pres. Barack Obama... it was supern*
-I was looking at his head from a campaign newsletter in my box [picture below the mark]
-His head was changing faces, and he was talking to me.
-He was very sensible, reasoned, and powerful; I gave him credit for being different than me, and still very good.
-But he wasn't truth. As said below, he's a man that chose power over truth; because truth leads to the death of the American emperor.
-His face changed, very amusingly. It was charming and charismatic. I also saw the face of "God of TIME [who revealed herself recently to being an American war person; my mortal enemy. Another hostage situation.]
-We disagreed very well; the only thing that I can say is that he reassured me that the USA was plentiful and holy and brill. But I still predict that I'll die forever.
And most importantly, I still predict that the American abomination of sorcery, humiliation, and absolute mind control; will break my golden-ball an destroy my rebel and my truth forever. I think it's SATAN and terrifying and literally death - but it will happen.

I think the truth is....
Absolute sorcerous non-existence.

But was it so difficult? I thiiiink....
"You tried to die absolutely..." "You put yourself in a hostage situation where you will die absolutely, unless "the truth comes out," and "your are protected as a supernatural."

And America is truly a bigoted, dogma, peasant-royalty nation  --- and they will not ever acknowledge my genius and my religion; they will NEVER GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.

But they are treating it as a hostage situation, and torturing my brain with BAD THINGS and torture weapons, so I can not die absolutely from my hostage situation.

But truthfully:
-America falsified the constitution
-They destroyed my precious magna carta
-At least 200 times in the past  10 years; they have committed alien offenses against me; a true contradiction of reason, trust, hope, and love. They were truly alien hostile royalty with torture weapons.
-they will not recognize my genius and my intelligence.
-They will not ever speak disrespectfully of peasant children who go through Ivy League schools [Harvard Uni]
-They will never allow me to go through history and take important examples, so I can defeat the P. Office and be stronger than the children.
-They absolutely will never allow me to be a Demon of Christ.
-America is lying and saying that they are the protectors and possessors of the Holy Grail of trillion dollar HOPE. 
-They will never allow me to be a "land owner" similar to the Queen of England;
-They will never let me comb my hair
-The truth is...... I cannot speak. The black cell American royalty, of REAL Torture, are preventing me from contradicting the American men who are torturing me. And the angel of Diamonds will absolutely spend the eternity of time crucifying them... for... holy.... JUSTICE.

The truth is, I predict soon:
-True hostage broken-gold mind control
-Exacerbation of my poor blood weakness, my sin, and my negative blood
-True inferiority, by seeing the "blood of America" it will break me and I will be feminized.

The truth is actually.....
-Geniuses and robots and "crazy truth seekers" can actually see that America is lying, and all men who do so will leave America.
-The men in power are actually all men who "covered up the truth" and decided to follow a path other than Heaven truth;