Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Proof of God #2

Steven: Yo, I got a certain proof of God for you.
terribledruid: I bet you do
Steven: I just remembered.
Steven: In 2008, I received a college rejection letter.
Steven: It literally arrived on my birthday.
Steven: To the only college that I applied to.
Steven: It was then that I was certain that God was real.
Steven: Because it's impossible for that coincidence to occur naturally.
terribledruid: were you going back to college?
Steven: I was in a 2 year transferring to a 4 year.
terribledruid: I remember that
terribledruid: who denied you? didn't you get into uw?
Steven: It was the UW. I got an acceptance about 3 weeks later after I emailed the advisor.

I've always been very confused about God.
I'm an anti-human, and I count myself among the tens of thousands of humans who have souls, eat mana, and develop higher intelligence and sentience. I don't know why, but I don't think God likes me very much.

I have a strong relationship with death. My psychic journey into the world has gone very deep into the soul, and into the design of life. We know that death is inevitable, even people who go to the afterlife probably die sometime. The idea is, when to die?
The answer to that is simple: the best time to die is when you are in control of your life and your soul, and you can die on your own terms.
My relationship with God has been one of horrible and extreme humiliation. I have very many important and smart questions, and I don't think God can answer them.
Of course, I think I know the truth. There is no single answer. The history of our race is thousands of years old, and hatred of men and sin goes back far. Even though there is an enlightened truth, and a magickal truth, and an angel truth, none of these is the law of Heaven.
Hatred, and sin, and torture, have borne themselves into the truth of our species, and cannot be removed by good intentions or jinn math.

For people who are young and fresh and completely idealistic, who do not carry the sins of the world or of history in them, you will find that God is not your friend. The "truth" of Heaven is not your friend, either.

Steven: I believe in God because I believe in LIFE.
Steven: The power of life is staggering and terrifying.
Steven: What happens if you were to break the laws of the Earth?
Steven: What happens if you were to make humans who were 30 times smarter than other humans, or humans who are 10 times stronger? What happens if somebody is 20 times more alive than the average human.
Steven: EVERYTHING about this topic is God.
Steven: God is the reason why life on Earth is so horrible. Because his religion is about humanity.
Steven: I started believing in God because I went into the field of magick.
Steven: At first I was interested in genetic engineering, and then I started thinking about 3000 years of human religion. Millions of intelligent people have lived believing in God, and been fulfilled throughout history.
Steven: The truth is, most humans are pathetic.
Steven: They don't have minds.
Steven: The power of their mind is second to the power of their brain.
Steven: The brain is segmented. Your head is over here, behind a wall is your consciousness, under a wall is your vision.
Steven: Almost all people are slaves to this.
Steven: Once you develop mental powers, by using your soul, you can start experiencing religion.

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