Monday, April 28, 2014

The truth about video game piracy

GOD is the man who is pirating all video games and putting them on torrent trackers.

The history of secrecy, of corporations, of computer programming in general - I declare that it is impossible to reverse-engineer modern computer games, and to create fully-working softwares that are functionally identical to the copies that exist in stores - minus the DRM.

I contend three things:
-There is coercion to publicize all source code to a whitelisted corporation... or God steals the entire source code using his powers.
-Software companies make a lot more money than you know... because they are paid by private parties to produce perfect software, according to the definition by unknown laws. [This is not always good]
-Piracy is not actually an issue of rights of computer users combined with the unenforceable nature of the internet... but rather a social force created by the minds of great men and organizations, who use it as a counterforce to time.

Additionally, computers are actually something of a joke- because not all computers shipped come loaded with encyclopedias, homework helpers, or human assistants...
The full mind and humility of the human species is not in any way represented on the computers, but is instead replaced by some corporate and international agreement on what a computer should be...
something which falls dramatically short of what is needed to correct the evil forces we live with every day.


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