Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another reason why I hate God


If you have a charity with 900 million dollars in it, and you want to give it away, who are you going to give it to?

The people I've been speaking to in religion would say, it belongs to everyone.
But the true answer is, it belongs to 9000 people who were born poor and have the power to prosper.

Everybody knows this is true. They just say it differently, and use different ideas.

Just this one argument is enough to destroy a major world religion... !

The creator is incompetent

What does a dog or a walrus do when it gets a fishing line stuck in its face?! How does it remove it without hands?!

What does this say about evolution... because it makes it seem like humans are the only life on the planet which is functional, and the other animals are just here to kid around.

The weird thing about animals and humans are, humans are literally 1000 times smarter than dogs are, due to our civilization. It's so weird talking to evolutionists.
Not only that, but the lives of dogs are almost wholly torture. No man would ever want to live that life: not having the ability to travel, cook food, hunt with weapons, read, have medicine... and many many more.

If a person's soul were to get stuck in a dog, it would be a very, very unprofitable adventure.

The secret of life hidden in videogames

I found an addon about 2 years back, in Skyrim:
"Books of secret knowledge"

I didn't at all understand the truth about what it was, until about now, when I remembered.
It's really horrible, and absolutely dreadful how bad the human mind is. Here I am living in poverty and humiliation, fighting the same way as a human, and I cannot even find the truth not the smallest bit when I need it.

The books say that there will be people coming from the stars, and that they will be important in awakening humans.
This is a little contradictory to me, because I actually thought it was my purpose to become a Senator, not a guide.

The books lead to this website:

It's possible that GOD might be the most evil life we have ever encountered... the essence of absolute evil.

I spent many years of my life thinking about Crime.

Most of the challenges I faced were the humans beneath me... their human minds reject authority, and power, and might. They try to understand every decision and decide if it is right or not. They reject men of intelligence, for men of power. They cannot decide to sacrifice themselves.
This is very weird, because the truth is, the human is literally nothing, zero important.

The crimes of the past, the tortures of life and the sins: having more than one human in your organization, having new names, changing your face, lying about your whereabouts, fabricating evidence, framing other people...
Or additionally, magick powers of people with names versus people without names: mind control, blackmail, sin, leadership...

Friday, May 30, 2014

MMO's I've played

I started playing World of Warcraft about the age of 18, and I started off as a Gnome mage on the Illidan server. I made it to level 60 right about the time of Molten Core, and joined the guilds Enix, EPIC, "When Pinko met Stinko" and Desolation. I got lots of gear: at my best, I was almost entirely Tier 2, 2.5, and tier 3. I was never very popular in the guild - I was a strong member, but never preferred over favored. Right before the BC expansion, I leveled a Tauren Shaman to 60. I stopped playing for a few years due to aging [getting tired of video games] and I came back a few years later, around Cataclysm.
I then leveled a new character, a Blood Elf priest to level 85, and quit after a few months.

Afterwards, I played Tera, and made a Castanic priest. I got to about level 54 before I got stuck, and the quests ran out. I was stuck for 2 months before I decided to quit.

Later, I played Final Fantasy 14, A Realm Reborn. I started a Elezen Thaumaturge, who later became a lvl 34 Black Mage. I was on the Diabolos server. I quit this game because I was getting ready to play Elder Scrolls Online, and because I was very angry about the lack of bank spaces, and the poor auction system.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Humans can see forward into the future [but I already knew this]

I realized that men are not always gifted with intelligence, or pride, or power...
but they can do cool acrobatic moves [some of them].

How does a man manage to do this jump, turn, flip, roll, rise? It's insanely difficult; it must be something inside of our heads which is always available, just waiting for us to do something insane.

I posit that his mind can actually see the future, and he knew very well what his body was capable of doing, and he successfully broke time for 6 seconds so he could do an amazing trick and not hurt himself.
In addition, every part of his body was available and worked together so he could turn himself correctly and maneuver into position.

Scientific progress and technology

Regarding scientific progress: "You have to stop using technology for war, so we can create more advanced technologies... like fusion packs, and micro-technology, and stronger lasers."
Of course, the major reason why we would NEVER need technology for war is simply the fact that we have massive troops at our command, as soon as we develop a true social code, and stop lying about what a human being is.
Technology has been used in war to make tanks, to make higher communication and to change the "codes" of war - there is MAJOR elitism among people who dedicate themselves to war, of which I have nothing to do with - also, there are deadly gases, higher powered materials [napalm], missiles, snipers, armor, and many more.
To a human who lives in this world, has a soul, and contributes to prosperity, the world is a very, very dangerous place. I have always believed this, even when I was a child, I believed the minds of evil man and military people have created every evil device possible, traps and snares and grenades and anthrax and death... and that the value of human life had tremendously gone down, for the violence and sex and masturbation of evil men, who live entirely so that they can please their God/devil.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Censorship/Mind Control on the internet

I was watching this GIF, and it made me think that what they're doing is impossible.
They are trying to convince us that the animation is done entirely by manual sets, that it's hard work and takes lots of time. There would have to be HUNDREDS of these sets to create a single animated movie, which is very unlikely.
My belief is that most animations are completed by major computer corporations, unknown supercomputers, and time.
Also, that the true power of the computer is probably so far been hidden from us.
I've also suspected that Hollywood movies - such as the Matrix - are literally "dumbed down" because they're not allowed to show 100% human-realistic computer simulations, which I of course believe is possible.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The 7 of Diamonds

At first I chose The 7 of Red, then the 7 of Hearts, then I settled on the 7 of Diamonds..
I actually thought it was a very smart choice, because 7 is a magickal number, and diamonds are my preferred shape...

But then I realized 1 or 2 things...

-We are all strongly conditioned to choose the 7 of diamonds, as the most popular card
-God mind controlled me to choose this number, and I literally had no indication of this at all.

After I realized this, I nearly had a moment of brain destruction, where I felt the torture of my brain by God, and I tried to capitalize on it. But then I returned back to normal, which is the reality that we have no power at all, and that we are slaves to decaying bodies, rigid laws, and the infinite torment that a human with a different opinion is going to destroy my mind, or my soul with torture or ridicule.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

This girl is pretty strange.
Her face is very interesting, because it looks small-ly foreign and a little evil, or maybe smart from a different country.
I've definitely seen a face like hers on TV before, maybe on a trade channel.

While watching this video, I noticed something strange.

There is a picture of a wall, after being hit by a wrecking ball, but it doesn't look like natural damage; it looks like a carving into the wall, like it's a mark of a secret organization or a trade network.
What does it mean?

The tyranny of Collegehumor vs Weird Al

So I was watching this video, and I saw that Weird Al Yankovich was listed, and it made me excited.

But when I saw him sing, he sung only about food songs, and he looked horrible, and he was mocked.
I was so disappointed.
Truthfully speaking, I think Weird Al is pretty good, and I can't understand why they made him sing those words.

It must have been a strict regiment, and very controlling too. Every artist listed had to sing exactly, according to the demands of the script. The Collegehumor director must have had very low belief in Weird Al, or he would have chosen a better sound bite.

My favorite Weird Al songs are:
White and Nerdy
The Saga begins
Amish Paradise

In his recent music videos, I'm always amazed at how great a char actor he is... and how cool he looks.
I wish him well.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The religion of the eyeball [part 1]

The truth is TIME, IE Intelligence and massive power.
All the smartest things in the world have already been done...
Humans might actually be the opposite of a smart thing. All the most important things have already been done... and we are the inheritors of those things and we do not in any way have the intelligence necessary to master every object. The human is meant for something different.
"The human eye is the most important thing in the whole world [!!!]. It is literally a photo, or a 400p picture that moves 20fps [maybe 8], and literally works flawlessly for millions of years, for literally every life on the Earth.

I think it's possible that all life is pretty much using the same machine/technology to see, and that there are modifiers on the eyeball, for different races. I've heard that dogs see differently than we do.. this is because they are simply not allowed to see the same things as we do.

I picture a design of life, and I see massive machines creating life so that we can see, so that life can exist and be supported... I see massive ideas floating around in the human mind, creating infrastructure for intelligent thought.
I see major ideas and prejudices being incorporated into different emotions, and those emotions being far more destructive and powerful than the ideas that men live for.

I even had a dream once, that I created my own emotions, using the power of my mind, the same way that the Gods would do so.

It's obvious that the eyeball is a very important religious object. I've seen cults and organizations which have always adored the eyeball; it's even on the American dollar.
It might even be possible that the eyeball is an object of slavery;
Certain colors cannot be seen, because they're too brilliant.

One of the things that I've noticed, as I've become a more powerful mind, is that I can see shapes and lines over important objects, in the eye inside of my mind.

If I look at an object on the wall, such as a point that looks like an insect, I can imagine it moving. This proves that fear and ideas have the power to change my perception.
I experimented with this a little bit, and I realized there were actually yellowish lines surrounding the important objects in my vision, which was my "soul" trying to monopolize my vision.
I then focused on these lines, and gained magick.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Why I'm human

The proof that I am a human... that I have a soul, and that I am more important and lifelike than other people...
is because I am obsessed with colors.

In some religions, life and colors are the same thing. Green life, blue life, yellow life... they all represent different things, different components of our genie religion. The absence of color is lifelessness.

I was never exposed to life when I was growing up. It was the most censored, wealthiest, premium thing anyone had ever heard of. I wasn't even exposed to a true religion until I was 24. I will never forget, not for 1000 years, that the secret was sitting in a building 9 miles away, and not a single person ever cared to give me a religion when I was young and growing my mind. [In truth, I think they had very strong plans for me and my life... my soul was worth at least 1 million dollars, and it could have made a young Republican a bump in his career]

In my upbringing, I always preferred dark and dangerous colors.
Demon green, violent blue, vivid pink, evil black, viscous white..
Sometimes, I even felt a little amused by communist Chinese red.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Proof of God #6

Why don't we have tigers as housepets?

Dogs are dopey and smiley, eat food and play around.
Cats are sharp and smooth, but are smaller and less intelligent.

I was thinking about why the cats are so small, and we've never bred cats to be larger, more intelligent, and more beneficial.
Why is our world so preoccupied with cats and dogs? Why hasn't something changed in the past millenium, regarding the progress our world has made, and our preferences for housepets?

Similarly, why is our breeding program so horribly poor? I've seen so many animals who are not in any way interesting, or intelligent, or lifelike. Why don't we feed them nursery food so that they can gain intelligence and live stronger lives?

I've always loved large cat species. Tigers, lions, jaguars, lynxes...
Why hasn't this Earth managed to domesticate a species of lion or tiger, and made much more impressive house pets and companions?

I think the truth is that we are all part of a giant plan, and the creator does not wish us to break the reality that he/she has created...

But the truth is, that's exactly what I'm going to do with my life. Live a strong life, as if I had the blood of Kings.. as if I am using more parts of my brain than all other men.. as if I have discovered the secret of life, and I am going to exploit it completely.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Proof of God #5


How is it possible that there can be a continuous stream of water, called the Mississippi river, that travels such a vast distance?

Why doesn't the water sink into the Earth, and make underground basins?
Why doesn't the water meet plains, that spread all the water out into many different directions and levels?
Why is there so much fucking water in the rivers, anyway? Continuously pumping water for hundreds or thousands of miles and never running out of water?

It's almost like.. the Earth was sculpted so that all the water became streams, and nourished the land, and provided water for recreation, agriculture, wildlife, water travel, and other things. Not to mention, rivers are very beautiful and a central part of many religions.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Epic Rap Battles of History Part 2

I've seen nearly all of them, and I'm continually amazed by how much facial work is being done.

I secretly suspect there is some serious digital manipulation going on, perhaps done by a super-computer, to make NicePeter and EpicLloyd be able to fulfill so many different roles.

The acting is incredible, though. I think NicePeter is literally insane, being able to make so many different facial expressions; to be able to play so many crazy characters.
The roles themselves and the research done on the characters; this probably takes a serious economic power to be able to fulfill.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What's wrong with these spiders?!

I've seen at least 5 spiders in the past two weeks, and I hate them more than anything!
I've spent many years thinking about them: deadly weapons as insects, possibly the most terrifying insect I've ever seen. Jet black, with 8 legs and many eyes... they're completely evil and scary.
How many other insects or animals have 8 legs?! There's just something completely deathly and wrong about them. I almost believe they were born to scare people.

In a dream I had, I actually tried to make a cavern completely filled with spiders, and breed them to have big bellies, then I put prisoners and bad people into the cavern.
Sometimes we would even coke them up a little bit, so they would have a much more interesting time!
Or worse, give them hallucinogens, and try to make them spider-friendly.

I've recently declared that spiders can actually go through windows, and might possibly have invisibility.
I believe that my room and doors and windows are sealed shut, but I've had 3 spiders in my room... how is this possible?!

In a civilized world, we would destroy all spiders, and attempt to destroy all disgusting insects. That's the sort of world that I want to live in.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proof of God #4

Biology systems
human reliance on consistent environments
"God created the Earth"

I was thinking while sitting at the park today, that it's very, very strange that nearly all of the Earth is covered in grass. It's absolutely astounding, that there is only one major grass on the world, and that it has been relatively similar for millenia.

Why hasn't somebody bred a different type of grass species? Maybe something covered by leaves instead of green blades?

While I don't think this is a completely strong evidence, it's very mind-boggling that the human race has never changed their preference of their preferred ground cover, always preferring the same plant genus over and over again.
Of course I know about turf and artificial grass, but that's not a plant, it's a cover.

I was also thinking that this is the "Earth" component of God's religion. Humans are a lot like a product of the Earth... part of the ecosystem that it plays with over and over again.

The vast majority of humans have never escaped the Earth... They've never made a ring for Earth and her plan, and a contrasting environment, where a man can escape and live differently.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB)

I found this amazing Youtube channel when I was searching for Gandalf and Dumbledore, nearly a year ago.
I have strong reasons to suspect God/Time has something to do with it.
I'm always astounded by how many different characters NicePeter and EpicLloyd can play..
I suspect there is some serious computer work being done, to make perfect computer simulated faces.

The jokes are just horribly on-topic, and never fail to amaze.

My favorite rap battles:
Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris [Extreme Irony]
Hitler vs Vader [won] 2  and 3
Justin Bieber vs Beethoven [won]
Billy Mays [won by partner] vs Ben Franklin
Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley [won]
Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury [won]
Batman vs Sherlock Holmes
Moses vs Santa Clause
Gandhi vs Martin Luther King
Rasputin vs Stalin
Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc [won]

I think there's something very strange, and possibly supernatural about NicePeter and EpicLloyd. They're just too amazing; the facial expressions alone are absurdly difficult.

Anchorman 2

Will Smith in Anchorman 2
at 2:46

It was so strange seeing him; it looks like they put 2-3 people together and made one face out of him.
The only thing that looks like Will is the eyes. It sounds like him, about 60%.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Proof of God #3

God was in my refrigerator.

For about the 6th time in a row, I've emptied a bottle of soda or Sunny D and the last part of the bottle neatly filled my glass up, to the very top.

I think I know what is going on here:
God is literally inside of my refrigerator, neatly altering the contents of my bottles so that it will fill up my glass completely.

Case solved, for the 4th time.