Thursday, May 29, 2014

Humans can see forward into the future [but I already knew this]

I realized that men are not always gifted with intelligence, or pride, or power...
but they can do cool acrobatic moves [some of them].

How does a man manage to do this jump, turn, flip, roll, rise? It's insanely difficult; it must be something inside of our heads which is always available, just waiting for us to do something insane.

I posit that his mind can actually see the future, and he knew very well what his body was capable of doing, and he successfully broke time for 6 seconds so he could do an amazing trick and not hurt himself.
In addition, every part of his body was available and worked together so he could turn himself correctly and maneuver into position.

I actually thought that he was moving himself around in space, after he left the ground. This might actually be possible.
Somebody with a more stiff body, or being overweight, would literally be impossible to do something, regardless of their ability to see forward into time.

In addition, we know the human can see the future in many other ways, and even more so if the skill is trained. There are also major limitations, but I won't get into that.

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