Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's possible that GOD might be the most evil life we have ever encountered... the essence of absolute evil.

I spent many years of my life thinking about Crime.

Most of the challenges I faced were the humans beneath me... their human minds reject authority, and power, and might. They try to understand every decision and decide if it is right or not. They reject men of intelligence, for men of power. They cannot decide to sacrifice themselves.
This is very weird, because the truth is, the human is literally nothing, zero important.

The crimes of the past, the tortures of life and the sins: having more than one human in your organization, having new names, changing your face, lying about your whereabouts, fabricating evidence, framing other people...
Or additionally, magick powers of people with names versus people without names: mind control, blackmail, sin, leadership...

To the mind of somebody bent upon destruction, the opportunities for torture of the human mind are limitless.

But I cannot think of these things. Ever since I was very young, I found myself incapable of intelligent crimes or schemes... I could not even lie.

My belief is that God himself is the absolute evil of this world, and no man can commit crime, or change their name, or make secret organizations of deceit and liberty without his blessing.
He has literally "copyrighted" evil.

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