Friday, May 30, 2014

MMO's I've played

I started playing World of Warcraft about the age of 18, and I started off as a Gnome mage on the Illidan server. I made it to level 60 right about the time of Molten Core, and joined the guilds Enix, EPIC, "When Pinko met Stinko" and Desolation. I got lots of gear: at my best, I was almost entirely Tier 2, 2.5, and tier 3. I was never very popular in the guild - I was a strong member, but never preferred over favored. Right before the BC expansion, I leveled a Tauren Shaman to 60. I stopped playing for a few years due to aging [getting tired of video games] and I came back a few years later, around Cataclysm.
I then leveled a new character, a Blood Elf priest to level 85, and quit after a few months.

Afterwards, I played Tera, and made a Castanic priest. I got to about level 54 before I got stuck, and the quests ran out. I was stuck for 2 months before I decided to quit.

Later, I played Final Fantasy 14, A Realm Reborn. I started a Elezen Thaumaturge, who later became a lvl 34 Black Mage. I was on the Diabolos server. I quit this game because I was getting ready to play Elder Scrolls Online, and because I was very angry about the lack of bank spaces, and the poor auction system.

I'm currently playing Elder Scrolls Online, but I'm getting a little sick of it. I played ES Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, so ESO is nothing new. I'm kind of angry about the bank system in ESO... I'm almost always full, and have a very difficult time making bag space.
I'm also very angry about the Crafting Skills, because I can't seem to get my clothing past level 5, even though I've spent a lot of gold on it. I personally believe it's broken.

I think MMO's are pretty amazing, but are really undeveloped. It's clear that the intelligence, maturity, and and mind ability of many of the players is lacking. I've thought that there could be "time activities" or "freedom ideas" in the game... to make it tie more in to the real world, or to modern religions and sciences, or to the end of the world. It would be amazing if MMOs had more secret areas, or money locations, or smart places that require higher intelligence to reach.
I'm a little disappointed. I feel as if the companies which make these games are lawfully forbidden from doing anything meaningful, except for feeding the masses.
I've wondered how many wealthy people, and people blessed with intelligence play these games. Secretly, I believe there are private internets, and very HIGH quality, mythology and religiously educated games with much sweeter content - it's just that they're premium and hidden. I really wish I could play them [but more so, I wish I was wealthy.]

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