Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proof of God #4

Biology systems
human reliance on consistent environments
"God created the Earth"

I was thinking while sitting at the park today, that it's very, very strange that nearly all of the Earth is covered in grass. It's absolutely astounding, that there is only one major grass on the world, and that it has been relatively similar for millenia.

Why hasn't somebody bred a different type of grass species? Maybe something covered by leaves instead of green blades?

While I don't think this is a completely strong evidence, it's very mind-boggling that the human race has never changed their preference of their preferred ground cover, always preferring the same plant genus over and over again.
Of course I know about turf and artificial grass, but that's not a plant, it's a cover.

I was also thinking that this is the "Earth" component of God's religion. Humans are a lot like a product of the Earth... part of the ecosystem that it plays with over and over again.

The vast majority of humans have never escaped the Earth... They've never made a ring for Earth and her plan, and a contrasting environment, where a man can escape and live differently.

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