Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Proof of God #5


How is it possible that there can be a continuous stream of water, called the Mississippi river, that travels such a vast distance?

Why doesn't the water sink into the Earth, and make underground basins?
Why doesn't the water meet plains, that spread all the water out into many different directions and levels?
Why is there so much fucking water in the rivers, anyway? Continuously pumping water for hundreds or thousands of miles and never running out of water?

It's almost like.. the Earth was sculpted so that all the water became streams, and nourished the land, and provided water for recreation, agriculture, wildlife, water travel, and other things. Not to mention, rivers are very beautiful and a central part of many religions.

I feel like a lesser human mind would see the river, and believe that they are real, and cannot possibly comprehend how a world without rivers would exist.
I am thankful that I broadened my intelligence, and attempted to destroy the human inside of me, who already believes he knows the truth.

To put it a little differently... if every river is important, and they're part of our religion...
then why aren't there faces, statues, symbols on them, describing how they came to exist, and what their purpose is?

If I were in power, I would make River Gods.

It's kind of strange... the name of my alias Tiberius**** comes from the Roman Emperor Tiberius, who derived his name from the river in Italy, Tiber.

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