Thursday, May 22, 2014

Proof of God #6

Why don't we have tigers as housepets?

Dogs are dopey and smiley, eat food and play around.
Cats are sharp and smooth, but are smaller and less intelligent.

I was thinking about why the cats are so small, and we've never bred cats to be larger, more intelligent, and more beneficial.
Why is our world so preoccupied with cats and dogs? Why hasn't something changed in the past millenium, regarding the progress our world has made, and our preferences for housepets?

Similarly, why is our breeding program so horribly poor? I've seen so many animals who are not in any way interesting, or intelligent, or lifelike. Why don't we feed them nursery food so that they can gain intelligence and live stronger lives?

I've always loved large cat species. Tigers, lions, jaguars, lynxes...
Why hasn't this Earth managed to domesticate a species of lion or tiger, and made much more impressive house pets and companions?

I think the truth is that we are all part of a giant plan, and the creator does not wish us to break the reality that he/she has created...

But the truth is, that's exactly what I'm going to do with my life. Live a strong life, as if I had the blood of Kings.. as if I am using more parts of my brain than all other men.. as if I have discovered the secret of life, and I am going to exploit it completely.

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