Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scientific progress and technology

Regarding scientific progress: "You have to stop using technology for war, so we can create more advanced technologies... like fusion packs, and micro-technology, and stronger lasers."
Of course, the major reason why we would NEVER need technology for war is simply the fact that we have massive troops at our command, as soon as we develop a true social code, and stop lying about what a human being is.
Technology has been used in war to make tanks, to make higher communication and to change the "codes" of war - there is MAJOR elitism among people who dedicate themselves to war, of which I have nothing to do with - also, there are deadly gases, higher powered materials [napalm], missiles, snipers, armor, and many more.
To a human who lives in this world, has a soul, and contributes to prosperity, the world is a very, very dangerous place. I have always believed this, even when I was a child, I believed the minds of evil man and military people have created every evil device possible, traps and snares and grenades and anthrax and death... and that the value of human life had tremendously gone down, for the violence and sex and masturbation of evil men, who live entirely so that they can please their God/devil.

A compromise: technology for war can continue to advance until every person with a soul has their own suit of armor [EXACTLY like the Halo-Master Chief suit] and a tank, or some other similar weapon... and the rest of war will be decided using mass human armies, who are armed in whatever way pleases their horrible dead human minds - Swords, maces, pikes, rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades, psychologically powerful weapons with weird shapes, whips, ropes, and many many more.

I was thinking about this when I was looking at Jupiter and Mercury, and wondering how it was that a human could ever survive on these planets, with their extreme temperature differences. [It's almost like humanity is literally a part of the Earth, and almost all men have lived an entire life inside of it]
We would need vast amounts of money, and lots of preperation. It just appears that mankind was not in any way meant to explore planets other than Earth [And even Earth, we have still barely utilized the Oceans].

Regarding technology, I once believed that technological progress was a matter of building super-industrial centers, with higher quality metals, smaller pieces, more charged materials...
Billion-dollar industrial plants that allow us to twist the laws of physics in more interesting ways.
But then, I wonder: Maybe God has something to do with technology. Maybe... a nation does services for God, and he gives us higher technology.
Maybe technology is tied to the lives of MEN, the achievements they make as they live on the Earth, and what they do with the power of their soul entitlement.

With the invention of super-computers, quantum-computers, and fully-powered robots, it's obvious that the human mind's grasp of physics has been maximized. I believe that intelligence has literally been maximized.

Technology has been a major part of my life. I am so happy to be born in the age of computers and internet [although I'm very angry that I have a consumer computer (locked down) and barely have any real functionality on the internet (I've almost never seen anything truthful about religion or God or money on the internet)].

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