Saturday, May 31, 2014

The creator is incompetent

What does a dog or a walrus do when it gets a fishing line stuck in its face?! How does it remove it without hands?!

What does this say about evolution... because it makes it seem like humans are the only life on the planet which is functional, and the other animals are just here to kid around.

The weird thing about animals and humans are, humans are literally 1000 times smarter than dogs are, due to our civilization. It's so weird talking to evolutionists.
Not only that, but the lives of dogs are almost wholly torture. No man would ever want to live that life: not having the ability to travel, cook food, hunt with weapons, read, have medicine... and many many more.

If a person's soul were to get stuck in a dog, it would be a very, very unprofitable adventure.

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