Saturday, May 24, 2014

The religion of the eyeball [part 1]

The truth is TIME, IE Intelligence and massive power.
All the smartest things in the world have already been done...
Humans might actually be the opposite of a smart thing. All the most important things have already been done... and we are the inheritors of those things and we do not in any way have the intelligence necessary to master every object. The human is meant for something different.
"The human eye is the most important thing in the whole world [!!!]. It is literally a photo, or a 400p picture that moves 20fps [maybe 8], and literally works flawlessly for millions of years, for literally every life on the Earth.

I think it's possible that all life is pretty much using the same machine/technology to see, and that there are modifiers on the eyeball, for different races. I've heard that dogs see differently than we do.. this is because they are simply not allowed to see the same things as we do.

I picture a design of life, and I see massive machines creating life so that we can see, so that life can exist and be supported... I see massive ideas floating around in the human mind, creating infrastructure for intelligent thought.
I see major ideas and prejudices being incorporated into different emotions, and those emotions being far more destructive and powerful than the ideas that men live for.

I even had a dream once, that I created my own emotions, using the power of my mind, the same way that the Gods would do so.

It's obvious that the eyeball is a very important religious object. I've seen cults and organizations which have always adored the eyeball; it's even on the American dollar.
It might even be possible that the eyeball is an object of slavery;
Certain colors cannot be seen, because they're too brilliant.

One of the things that I've noticed, as I've become a more powerful mind, is that I can see shapes and lines over important objects, in the eye inside of my mind.

If I look at an object on the wall, such as a point that looks like an insect, I can imagine it moving. This proves that fear and ideas have the power to change my perception.
I experimented with this a little bit, and I realized there were actually yellowish lines surrounding the important objects in my vision, which was my "soul" trying to monopolize my vision.
I then focused on these lines, and gained magick.

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