Saturday, May 31, 2014

The secret of life hidden in videogames

I found an addon about 2 years back, in Skyrim:
"Books of secret knowledge"

I didn't at all understand the truth about what it was, until about now, when I remembered.
It's really horrible, and absolutely dreadful how bad the human mind is. Here I am living in poverty and humiliation, fighting the same way as a human, and I cannot even find the truth not the smallest bit when I need it.

The books say that there will be people coming from the stars, and that they will be important in awakening humans.
This is a little contradictory to me, because I actually thought it was my purpose to become a Senator, not a guide.

The books lead to this website:

I'm a little disturbed by the way this information is distributed. I've been so curious about life for so long. Most of my time spent, I've thought about the lives of great men, like Kings or religious leaders or generals.
It seems like life is pretty much the most lied about thing in the entire world. It's almost like, the real truth of life is completely censored, and there's a new half-truth that comes out every few years to bring new people in.
I already know the truth about sin, for the most part. I've listened to Christians for a long time, talk about people being born with sin, living lives of decadence and torment, sometimes for years without help. I've heard that many people cannot be cured of their sin, and worse yet, many people will never be accepted by the world, ever.
Even worse, there are people in the world, sometimes soul-like and sometimes not, who have the intentions of controlling you, and adding you to their organization or collective.

My new opinion is that literally EVERYTHING in the universe is about life.
Rather, LIFE came first, and everything after that was just created by life.

There may be more books hidden inside videogames.
I've felt that the secret is literally censored, but there is a rule that it's allowed to be shown a little bit, sometimes covered up, in media.

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