Sunday, May 25, 2014

The tyranny of Collegehumor vs Weird Al

So I was watching this video, and I saw that Weird Al Yankovich was listed, and it made me excited.

But when I saw him sing, he sung only about food songs, and he looked horrible, and he was mocked.
I was so disappointed.
Truthfully speaking, I think Weird Al is pretty good, and I can't understand why they made him sing those words.

It must have been a strict regiment, and very controlling too. Every artist listed had to sing exactly, according to the demands of the script. The Collegehumor director must have had very low belief in Weird Al, or he would have chosen a better sound bite.

My favorite Weird Al songs are:
White and Nerdy
The Saga begins
Amish Paradise

In his recent music videos, I'm always amazed at how great a char actor he is... and how cool he looks.
I wish him well.

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