Friday, May 23, 2014

Why I'm human

The proof that I am a human... that I have a soul, and that I am more important and lifelike than other people...
is because I am obsessed with colors.

In some religions, life and colors are the same thing. Green life, blue life, yellow life... they all represent different things, different components of our genie religion. The absence of color is lifelessness.

I was never exposed to life when I was growing up. It was the most censored, wealthiest, premium thing anyone had ever heard of. I wasn't even exposed to a true religion until I was 24. I will never forget, not for 1000 years, that the secret was sitting in a building 9 miles away, and not a single person ever cared to give me a religion when I was young and growing my mind. [In truth, I think they had very strong plans for me and my life... my soul was worth at least 1 million dollars, and it could have made a young Republican a bump in his career]

In my upbringing, I always preferred dark and dangerous colors.
Demon green, violent blue, vivid pink, evil black, viscous white..
Sometimes, I even felt a little amused by communist Chinese red.

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