Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

I love it!!!!

This video made me so happy. I think I need to watch more of this channel [thelonelyisland].

A ring [time]

I found something that's real!
One of the purposes of life is "to rhyme things together, to free yourself."
Ordinary humans are completely obsessed with "clean" and to speak clearly.
More ordinary people, with minds and for whom the system protects, can speak cleanly [liberally].
More soul and mind-power allows for much higher concentration and comprehension of words, and a person with a purpose for liberation will bend the meanings and slur the lines a little closer until multiple interpretations are allowed. We find this gives us power to deny things, and to gain access to "new conversation options."
The common people, for whom we are forever against [and who truly cannot ever remember history, or civility, for which we've fought so hard to achieve] simply can never do so, and we feed them.

I had this thought today, even after a few hours of terror and inferiority, that this sounds literally correct. It completely correlates to my understanding of the "real world," of people with brains and souls that work advancedly, and who have meaning. It gave me hope that there is actually something good coming out of my soul, amid this darkness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mars Attacks [1996] - it frightens me

I think there's something supernatural about "Mars Attacks." It's almost like it's something we've seen before. I get a completely different feeling when watching this movie than when I see other aliens/space movies; it's like they're hitting really close to home, on a literal secret.
I personally feel terror when we see the alien race. It's like the aliens are truly real, and we see something that puts things into perspective.

"They're in every way dead."
"It's literal torture of God." God is actually afraid of these aliens.

I'm not sure if the flag is good or bad - it might be that Hollywood was literally flaming, and framing people who they hate for being too smart. There are many real flags which look similar, usually by people of huge intelligence.
The triangle is a very sharp symbol of intelligence.

The head of "Natalie Lake" is also very scary, because it 1) shows torture and 2) reminds us that these things are actually possible, with alien technology.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yeah I'm smart - I discovered this myself in 2005

This is proof that I actually AM a "chosen," or a person with a soul.
I discovered this secret on Windows XP and never forgot, that there are still vulnerabilities [or useful tricks for legitimate password-holders] in Windows software.
The one I discovered was about Users and their permissions in network security - but this is pretty close.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Shared intelligence

So I was watching this GIF, and it made me think of something interesting.
All 3 men play for a different item, and none of them make it.
BUT-  if all 3 men combined their intelligences, and fought for 1 item, they might make it.
This is something smart I will look into.

LOL At Star Wars

That dog is amazing.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lol at the Avengers

31:51 in The Avengers [2012]
It looks like the jets on the airplane are just like FANS...
Obviously it's impossible for that to work. Fans do not in any way have enough power to propel an aircraft.
I guess they just wanted to make cool aircraft so badly, they left reality and physics completely behind.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I love this music video! [Kanye West - Power]

Kanye does an amazing job of showing White power, from Greece [I think]. It's almost like he's tapping into the energy of the American elite.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

There's something very smart about the mouth

I know that as I spend an eternity of time in my head, observing this world, I sure have spent a tremendous amount of time with my "soul" inside of my mouth.
The water in your mouth is different than it is in your blood.
Obviously the head and brain are extremely important, but most of the sensory information that comes to me, and is the center of my brain, is inside of my mouth. I simply cannot care about the things going on inside of my brain for very long. That said, the tongue must be extremely important as well.

I think the truth is, the soul is obsessed with the mouth. It's how we're connected to the land of souls and death, because they are obsessed with mouth water, aka spit.

Proverbs 21:23
"He who guards his mouth and his tongue, Guards his soul from troubles."

I'm not certain how much I care about the bible-lium, but it might be truth.

Another proof that there is something special about me

I can feel wind!

When I am inside of my house, and am laying down, I can feel wind on my feet, and sometimes on my face or my hands. It's a sort of holy wind, that comes from being touched by supernatural force.
I know that it is proof of "rich people" or "true wealth."
The journey to get here has been almost entirely torture. Almost everything I've ever believed, about me being a person, or me having a soul, or me having a life, have been destroyed. I have been tortured and humiliated by a "peasant armada" that will not read me my rights, will not guarantee my safety, will not promise me I will not be tortured, will not listen to me, will not acknowledge that I am human-

I have even sworn upon my holy nova; and then I discovered the truth: I don't have a holy nova, or I don't have any power at all, to defend myself with, or to live upon.
Truthfully, it would be better to just die forever, absolutely, infinitely, than to live in this world of infinite evil.
The religion of the world has almost completely broken my brain, and I cannot accept it ever again.
"You're a peasant- you lost your soul and now you're literally a peasant, just like everybody else on the world"
"but: there are 6.5 billion peasants in this world; if I were a peasant, I would have already destroyed myself."
"Your soul belongs to me forever."

-I stab the person in the arm-
-the peasant pretends to feel pain, and lets out a fake squeal, then reveals that I don't even have a knife, and I don't even have an arm, and that it's impossible for me to hit the person who is tormenting me.-

My Favorite Video game characters #1: Cal-141 [Halo legends]

She reminds of Jaime, one of the people that I've met in my journey. The tale of the Spartans is very strange: they become Spartans because of the horrible conditions of life on Earth, and the power of their hearts. I'm not really certain of the full meaning of Halo, but I do like this character.

The story of Cal-141 is very short; it's too bad, because there's something really smart about this girl.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A new idea about browsers + update

One of the things that's bothered me about games in your internet browser is that you can only use 1 button on your mouse.
The fact that this has not been remedied yet in the year 2014 means that 1) they really don't care about you and 2) they might give it to you later, in the future.

They could accomplish this by making a different browser state, or a new window, where your mouse is locked in, and maybe the keyboard too. This way, we could have far higher functionality in new games.

UPDATE: 7/14/14
APPARENTLY, ZOHO and some other intelligent websites: DO have a right click feature.
BUT.... facebook games, and Command and Conquer websites... do not. Wow!

In other news, I just wrote a letter to the Pope.
I'm still going through some major torture. I cannot seem to get anything solid, about what my rights are, and what the God of the world is, and if life is actually good or not. I also cannot determine if I am in danger or not, from the powers that be, for believing that I'm important.
I think it's safe to determine 2 things: If God will not reveal himself and explain it, you can count on him being evil. The world truly is evil, and you have almost no chance of ever escaping.

Conspiracies and computer sorceries

It always amazes me, the difference between the truth and the lies, all rolling around inside the human mind.

There are thousands of experts in the world who will swear that your computer is free from spyware, surveillance, and time... but the truth is, NOBODY from the government or corporations would ever make a computer device without putting recording pieces on it, or spyware. The name of the game is -POWER- and power is already difficult enough fighting millions of people who think WW2 gave them the right to control the world, and live on the road; who also think the golden congressman you manufactured last month was a fraud and had hairy lips.

So what they do is they invent technologies, and media, and holes, that can be exploited by the human mind to provide cover for their activities.

What got me thinking about this was memory usage in Google Chrome.
"It takes 1900mb to store 10 different tabs?!?"
"But we had 10 tabs open in 2004 too, back in Internet explorer, and we only had 2 GB of RAM back then."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

About my sanity [and sometimes grammar]

I was a student going to school for microbiology, because I was really obsessed with genetics, especially the idea of "new genetics."

I come from some interesting parentage. I was born to a single mom, but my grandfather is a little bit important. I've realized many times in my life that there might be something smart about me - almost like

I also realized many times in my life that there were MANY different things that I was not allowed to think about. To put it precisely, I was a "man" living the life of a human, and I was literally incapable of seeing the truth about America or politics or money. It was like there was a plan for me, and it broke.
I actually believed that money was about "hard work" and a strong personality - now I realize that it was not true.
I literally believed that God was a GIANT JOKE, but it was certainly true that God believed in me - he was literally in my head telling me what to do.

Around my 23rd birthday, in my 3rd year of University, I failed at school, after months of increasing pressure and stress. I dropped out with the intention of killing myself because truthfully, I was literally a man who had 1 chance of living on this Earth, and it had to do with being important, or being intelligent, or having money, or being well-educated [and working for a smart company].

But then something very weird happened, and I began to have dreams. I realized after several months that there was something very supernatural about my dreams - I could think about things very expensive, and live the lives of people who were way smarter than me.

Lol at TuneUp 2014

Google Chrome is my primary browser, and I recently installed TuneUp to figure out why everything was so slow. Maybe TuneUp doesn't approve of Google and their browser, or maybe it's just really dumb.

Coincidentally, I've been having a lot of issues with my internet and Chrome browsing recently. I actually believe that I'm being hated, by people who are aware of my life and hate the choices that I've made. I also feel that the world is broken, and there is actually, literally spyware on my computer that cannot be detected by my 2 different anti-virus programs [Bitdefender and ClamWin].

Men with strange and powerful eyes [I've seen recently]

I don't know if this heralds in the end of the world, or something else.

PAUL RYAN, Congressman of the US House of Representatives [USA Corporation]
-There sure is something weird about Paul Ryan. It's probably a 100% made up name: Paul from the Bible, and Ryan from the weird genius in Bioshock. Or maybe the Ryan comes from something else.
Maybe they will say: "The end of the world happened, and you didn't even see it coming, when we made a 100% fake name and put him in the Congress, and he was in charge near the end of the world.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Music songs that I'm stuck on

I don't know why, but this song is completely stuck in my head. It's like the sounds are on a completely different level than other songs.
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

I've heard that this is a very controversial music video, but truthfully, I have no problem making fun of poor people, homosexuals, or stupid people.

Apparently "The Simpsons" is very important

I've realized that this TV show has a tremendous amount of stereotypes in it. In addition, it's completely created by the mind of somebody who studied the human condition, and did something good.

All of the characters are "smart," and do different things with their life.
Homer is literally an idiot, but we see him working in a Nuclear power plant, and doing it correctly. That position is extremely important - it says he has skills and abilities that allow him to function well, even so far as running an extremely dangerous role.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Proof of God #8

The culmination of technology growth and major events leading up to the year 2000: this is an astounding massive feat of power, organization, and systemic growth which all prove that God is real.

Why weren't consumer electronics introduced in 1600? Was the technological growth slowed down so they wouldn't make it?

I posit that it is virtually impossible for Scientific minds to explain why computers, cell phones, the internet, and time growth have all come to fruition around the year 2000.
Some people might say "The illuminated" or another conspiracy group has done so, but I think that's impossible. The lifespans of men, and the power of the people we've seen would dictate that to be extremely unlikely.

Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning

I think this video game has something to do with the end of Time, for us religious people.

The colors are very beautiful, and the models are very strange. The story is about mortals vs immortals, and of course the player becomes engaged to the immortals through blood.

It might be that this video game represents the land of plenty that we will live in, once we die.
I played the video game [I finished about 50%] and I had lots of strange feelings, and was emotionally attached to the decisions I made, when playing.

I played a Dokkalfar, which is a dark elf, and I used Sorcery powers to win, usually with a staff. [That's not me in the picture]
The quality of this game was very exceptional: it just felt right to play it, and it was easy on the head, most of the time.

Who is this person, and what is wrong with your face?

It looks like an Angel face, to me.

I've never seen this person, or anyone who looks like her, on the internet. It's almost like her face/and statistical group have been absent from the internet.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Naruto imitation: My Ninja

What a strange website.
It looks like an exact imitation of the Naruto manga and anime [and video games], except the characters are modified and some of them have clothes from other characters on.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Lego Movie [2014] And how it relates to God

I thought there was something strange going on when I first watched this movie - like TIME.
There were lots of very creative people, living big lives - this is normal in Heaven.

Near the end of the movie, we see both a human man and a boy controlling the city, and we are introduced to a lot of ideas about "God."

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some thoughts

Internet GIFs must be a very powerful medium.

I think a lot of these photos are staged - and many of them are done using similar camera lenses - and many of them are done at exactly the right time, sometimes even at expensive locations.
I think the truth is:
1) GIFs are regulated - there are major world powers who control them [I'm not joking].
2) Fire is coming
3) Some of the GIFs show things which are literally not possible - sometimes they're actually higher than what a human can actually accomplish.
4) Most of the gifs are handled very reasonably, so it's hard to tell it's not real.
Why don't you have HANDS?! They pick up objects with their MOUTH! They can't even go to a job and make money!!

I found an interesting website today: proof of something secret

A website that combines online book reading with inspirational music, hand-picked to make you feel happy and emotional. The music follows along as you read.

In order to make this website work, many things are necessary:

A computer database to interpret books and decide what music is necessary
Copyrights to the books
Major musical genius to make perfect music for every book

The truth of this website is that it's simply a very good idea, and it isn't truly allowed on the internet:
to put it simply, only rich people and privileged people can use this program/website, and they do so using their special computers and private internets. Maybe this website was once a concept, and it's been put on the public internet in a "limited form" while the true website has a complete version.

Proof of TIME yet again [maybe]

How does this young person know that the person who kisses him will be young and attractive?
The young man with the sign is displaying human behavior, but he would never allow an overweight and unattractive woman to kiss him-  he is being protected from this by fate and TIME.
Obviously the "SOUL" of humans does not allow a person who is ugly to kiss somebody on the street, right?
Admittedly, I know that I am not popular or attractive, and I would never kiss somebody on the street.

Maybe the point of life is for a "gene" to grow up - for a person to live a whole lifetime with "these genes and this face and this mind" and create something with it. Thankfully, I have nothing at all to do with any of that.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life is going downhill for me

I've been "disabled" for nearly 4 years now, and I've been living very dangerously, getting barely enough money to cover my expenses. I'm dreaming and thinking and timing, but mostly trying to find a way to survive - with my soul intact.
Ever since about a year ago, when I met an ***** in the park and I was brought in, and given orders, I've been living on my own in a room I rented.

First I was living in a 250k newer house with some Philipino 20's men, and it was a small room, but the house was nice. I got kicked out nearly 2.5 months later for unknown reasons (I actually cannot determine it, but it might have been something supernatural). I was having heated arguments in my head, and shouting a little bit. This has been going on for some long time now.

I then moved to a different house in the same city area, and it has a bigger room, but has a much worse kitchen. I'm living with a 55y old man, and a new 25y man who just moved in about 2 months ago.
The new room-mate, he's a little strange. He works, and cooks, and cleans, but there's something wrong with him. He's very Human, and that's a bad thing. I actually thought he might be a homosexual, or a "peasant" assassin, but things are getting bad.

Maleficent [2014] Review

What a strange movie for Disney to make. It certainly had a lot of mind twists in it. I saw it in Imax 3D at my local AMC theater.

I loved the colors. It's amazing that they created such a world out of their heads. It was strange to me that there was an entire Kingdom of fairies, but there were only a few that were intelligent and meaningful - that was a problem.

I disliked "Stefan" as a boy - he looked like a poor boy who was filled with human sins, and could not redeem himself. Maleficent being a demon-horned fairy, with obvious similarities to an Angel, was a little hard to believe as well.

I truly think this movie was actually a very powerful movie for people with a mind, and a very amusing movie for people without.
Was it created by feminists, or woman-advocates? Why was there a lesbian-love-connection between Aurora and Maleficent?
Why was "Stefan" a failure of a man, with insanity, boorishness, human sin, and deceit, while he is the only one to represent the human side? Why was the male-companion [the Raven] to Maleficent completely obedient and doglike? I'm seeing a connection of 2 weak men.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I discovered the truth again [I've long since wondered] And some other things

The internet truly is separated into MANY different zones, even within America.

Any man of intelligence or worth would be able to find this out immediately.
Not only are our computers censored, but our brains are censored as well, by the infinite abomination of wealth and power.

I've wondered about this at least 20 times, but I've never been able to "complete the thought".

I've almost conclusively proven that the Internet is in fact lying about something extremely important; that they are relying on you being incompetent; that the physical laws of space and time cannot be broken, but the human mind can be broken.


New Hope Christian Church.
This is an extremely common name for a church. It rhymes with love and charity and "hope," things which almost all churches share.
So why is there only one of them, and why is it located in Everett?

I think we know the truth: that we live in multiple worlds. I, of course, live in the world of peace and supposed wealth. I live for the things that are created by our cities and our people, and I can live an entire life in America. But there is a different nation as well: millions of men who have taken the soul of the American empire and army into their minds, and become soldiers. I'm talking about people who literally feel joy when America invades another nation, who derive power when things are secure, who live to make America a military power. They take the American flag and use it as their God, and fight forever to feel the power of adrenaline and might. We know that they are not moral people: they're just peasants, with finite mental ability and time, and they WILL call you a "fag" if you give them a speech about human progress - they might even murder you too.

I really like this GIF

This gif reminds me of space travel, or an alien civilization, or maybe an alien religion.
It's amazing.

Proof of God #7

The strait of Gibraltar

The first land feature that I know that proves that God is real.

I personally believe this weird abnormality, maybe in addition to the other powerful abnormalities that exist in the Sea, is proof that God is real - and that he constructed the Earth very amusingly, probably different than a human would ever imagine, but according to some sensible method. Most importantly, it allows for naval trade, warfare, and travel into the Ocean, and to the outer parts of Spain and France etc.
The smallest line, where boats can travel through, and the continents almost touch. It's impossible for Science, the construction of Earth according to the natural powers of physics and other forces, to explain how this exists.

In a way, the Mediterranean is very beautiful, and the separations of powers in Europe is very iconic and substantial.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our purpose on the Earth [Idea]

The history of Earth is filled with major challenges, and the destruction of life, and the torture of men, and revenge...

Maybe the purpose of my life here on this Earth is to discover the Scientific Method, and to understand the cause and effects of molecular biology.
Of course, the scientific method that I used in college obviously isn't real. It was a cheap version authorized by the massive censorship engine of the USA and global parties.

The true scientific method was longer, and was designed to be used by people of intelligence, who can see more into words than an ordinary person.

Extrapolation later.

Something weird on Youtube

I've always been very interested in secrecy, and the laws of internet, and corporations, and such ifs.

I was reading the website of "Criss Angel," a magician and stage performer. It says that he made a water-walking video and it received 46 million views.... but the weird part is, he didn't upload it.
Somebody else uploaded it, with strange grammar and a different username.

Now, why would anyone do this?
Why didn't Criss Angel upload the video himself?! With 46 [48 now] million views, why would you give somebody else the credit - why wouldn't you upload your own video after 5-6 million views of the other one?