Friday, June 13, 2014

A new idea about browsers + update

One of the things that's bothered me about games in your internet browser is that you can only use 1 button on your mouse.
The fact that this has not been remedied yet in the year 2014 means that 1) they really don't care about you and 2) they might give it to you later, in the future.

They could accomplish this by making a different browser state, or a new window, where your mouse is locked in, and maybe the keyboard too. This way, we could have far higher functionality in new games.

UPDATE: 7/14/14
APPARENTLY, ZOHO and some other intelligent websites: DO have a right click feature.
BUT.... facebook games, and Command and Conquer websites... do not. Wow!

In other news, I just wrote a letter to the Pope.
I'm still going through some major torture. I cannot seem to get anything solid, about what my rights are, and what the God of the world is, and if life is actually good or not. I also cannot determine if I am in danger or not, from the powers that be, for believing that I'm important.
I think it's safe to determine 2 things: If God will not reveal himself and explain it, you can count on him being evil. The world truly is evil, and you have almost no chance of ever escaping.

One of the things I'm very angry about is memory removal, and the falsification of my mind. If I've been tortured for several years, I want to remember it, and count it as the truth of my life and soul. I think the powers that be simply do not respect your name and your life, and would rather you live simply and free from hate than ever get justice.

One of the major issues in my mind recently is whether I'm going to be tortured for discovering the secret of religion. They say: "you could have lived an entire life as a human, living in ignorance and trying hard to be smart and strong." And I cannot ever agree with that; to the contrary, understanding what a Roman is, and what a Royalty is, and what the American elite are, and how they live their lives - I don't think I will ever forget. I won't forget that they don't even care about what the infinite common people say or believe, because they know that they have nothing important to say anyway.
The elite spend their lives with assistance, and management, and loads of money and power. They can live an entire lifetime exploring the high life, and that's EVERYTHING. The difference between our lives is probably about 1000.

If I could, I would do two things to my soul. I would put a suicide power inside - so I could kill myself in the eventuality that I ever came back as a human, or if I were ever to be captured for torture; and secondly, I would remember that I exist for the sake of hell and Time, and I literally have nothing in common with the common people of the world.

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