Sunday, June 29, 2014

A ring [time]

I found something that's real!
One of the purposes of life is "to rhyme things together, to free yourself."
Ordinary humans are completely obsessed with "clean" and to speak clearly.
More ordinary people, with minds and for whom the system protects, can speak cleanly [liberally].
More soul and mind-power allows for much higher concentration and comprehension of words, and a person with a purpose for liberation will bend the meanings and slur the lines a little closer until multiple interpretations are allowed. We find this gives us power to deny things, and to gain access to "new conversation options."
The common people, for whom we are forever against [and who truly cannot ever remember history, or civility, for which we've fought so hard to achieve] simply can never do so, and we feed them.

I had this thought today, even after a few hours of terror and inferiority, that this sounds literally correct. It completely correlates to my understanding of the "real world," of people with brains and souls that work advancedly, and who have meaning. It gave me hope that there is actually something good coming out of my soul, amid this darkness.

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