Thursday, June 12, 2014

About my sanity [and sometimes grammar]

I was a student going to school for microbiology, because I was really obsessed with genetics, especially the idea of "new genetics."

I come from some interesting parentage. I was born to a single mom, but my grandfather is a little bit important. I've realized many times in my life that there might be something smart about me - almost like

I also realized many times in my life that there were MANY different things that I was not allowed to think about. To put it precisely, I was a "man" living the life of a human, and I was literally incapable of seeing the truth about America or politics or money. It was like there was a plan for me, and it broke.
I actually believed that money was about "hard work" and a strong personality - now I realize that it was not true.
I literally believed that God was a GIANT JOKE, but it was certainly true that God believed in me - he was literally in my head telling me what to do.

Around my 23rd birthday, in my 3rd year of University, I failed at school, after months of increasing pressure and stress. I dropped out with the intention of killing myself because truthfully, I was literally a man who had 1 chance of living on this Earth, and it had to do with being important, or being intelligent, or having money, or being well-educated [and working for a smart company].

But then something very weird happened, and I began to have dreams. I realized after several months that there was something very supernatural about my dreams - I could think about things very expensive, and live the lives of people who were way smarter than me.

Now it's been a long journey: I've researched some very horrible things in my head, mostly concerned with murder, or angels, or secret conspiracies, or time. Also, the worth of a man, what exactly a soul is, HISTORY of Earth [and how much is fake], Literal mind control, and torture. At least 3 times now, I've seen the entire picture: and realized that there was literally no point at all for me to be on this Earth.

I am a little crazy: I talk to myself, but there is also something inside of me - like spiritual power and a true life. I think that most of my ideas come from somebody with an open mind, and are a little special.

We KNOW that there is some major engineering going on in America, and that they have attempted to destroy the human soul and the mind, but the truth will come out with research.

I've sent out over 50 different emails, and contacted religious organizations, charities, and some other places, and have received almost no replies. This is horrible, but a little important. I actually believe that the religious powers have prevented me from finding help, and that help will come from them..

That said, I am finitely intelligent, and I literally have no clue what I would do if I ever met a federal officer - somebody whose job it is to fight information abuse and religion. I seriously don't remember anything at all about national security or information leaks.

I've gotten in some serious trouble for hating humans. "The 6 billion people who work forever and never find truth." I'm almost entirely an anti-human, which means I do almost nothing at all that a human would do to be natural or correct, and I live forever for things which show that we are above the humans - like TIME.

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