Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another proof that there is something special about me

I can feel wind!

When I am inside of my house, and am laying down, I can feel wind on my feet, and sometimes on my face or my hands. It's a sort of holy wind, that comes from being touched by supernatural force.
I know that it is proof of "rich people" or "true wealth."
The journey to get here has been almost entirely torture. Almost everything I've ever believed, about me being a person, or me having a soul, or me having a life, have been destroyed. I have been tortured and humiliated by a "peasant armada" that will not read me my rights, will not guarantee my safety, will not promise me I will not be tortured, will not listen to me, will not acknowledge that I am human-

I have even sworn upon my holy nova; and then I discovered the truth: I don't have a holy nova, or I don't have any power at all, to defend myself with, or to live upon.
Truthfully, it would be better to just die forever, absolutely, infinitely, than to live in this world of infinite evil.
The religion of the world has almost completely broken my brain, and I cannot accept it ever again.
"You're a peasant- you lost your soul and now you're literally a peasant, just like everybody else on the world"
"but: there are 6.5 billion peasants in this world; if I were a peasant, I would have already destroyed myself."
"Your soul belongs to me forever."

-I stab the person in the arm-
-the peasant pretends to feel pain, and lets out a fake squeal, then reveals that I don't even have a knife, and I don't even have an arm, and that it's impossible for me to hit the person who is tormenting me.-

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