Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Apparently "The Simpsons" is very important

I've realized that this TV show has a tremendous amount of stereotypes in it. In addition, it's completely created by the mind of somebody who studied the human condition, and did something good.

All of the characters are "smart," and do different things with their life.
Homer is literally an idiot, but we see him working in a Nuclear power plant, and doing it correctly. That position is extremely important - it says he has skills and abilities that allow him to function well, even so far as running an extremely dangerous role.

Weird things I've heard about the Simpsons:
1) Homer is literally a smart person who cannot ever do anything important, because of "God" or the people who mandate their religion on other people.
2) Bart Simpson is not really a bad person, he's actually just completely misread by the people who watch them. This is because he was born different than other men, and he wants to be different.
3) Lisa is very smart, and has a lot of love in her from idealistic and "genius" people; it's almost like she was confronted by the politics of the Earth and survived, while Bart did not.
4) Marge Simpson is actually the strongest person in the house - she is the one who controls the family.
5) Mr Burns is actually a completely evil man who doesn't have any evil at all in him, he's just a different sort of man than the Simpsons.

In the world of the Simpsons, God is completely real. He manipulates people for comedy, and so the Simpson's family can go to all different locations and do smart things.

I think it's important to look at all the people who have guested onto The Simpsons, and what that means for all of them. My most important reference is Weird Al Yankovich, who is very famous by thousands of people, but is not part of the main pop culture. He is literally "IN" the American dream of success, so therefore he was on the Simpsons.

This show is pretty much a complete representation of America, although I personally do not find it enjoyable anymore, nor do we appreciate how sad and horrible the humor of America is.
I think this show has some very smart humor in it, and it was created by somebody very strange - like the God ** ****.

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