Friday, June 13, 2014

Conspiracies and computer sorceries

It always amazes me, the difference between the truth and the lies, all rolling around inside the human mind.

There are thousands of experts in the world who will swear that your computer is free from spyware, surveillance, and time... but the truth is, NOBODY from the government or corporations would ever make a computer device without putting recording pieces on it, or spyware. The name of the game is -POWER- and power is already difficult enough fighting millions of people who think WW2 gave them the right to control the world, and live on the road; who also think the golden congressman you manufactured last month was a fraud and had hairy lips.

So what they do is they invent technologies, and media, and holes, that can be exploited by the human mind to provide cover for their activities.

What got me thinking about this was memory usage in Google Chrome.
"It takes 1900mb to store 10 different tabs?!?"
"But we had 10 tabs open in 2004 too, back in Internet explorer, and we only had 2 GB of RAM back then."

Now why would they want to spy on you?
-They want to know if you're human or not
-They want to know if you're interested in their activies or organizations
-They want to know if you support media piracy or not
-They want to know if you're racist.
-And many more

Now that we've found the truth, what do we do?

I, of course, believe that it's good, but more people should be excluded from it. We need a computer just for freedom users, and people like me. Something that has nothing at all to do with gray and "corporate blue" - something that looks like it came from The White House, or something of similar moral value.
Even better: a demon computer, that is completely inhuman, and even makes money for you with a mini-AI that wonders around the internet looking for opportunities.

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