Monday, June 2, 2014

I discovered the truth again [I've long since wondered] And some other things

The internet truly is separated into MANY different zones, even within America.

Any man of intelligence or worth would be able to find this out immediately.
Not only are our computers censored, but our brains are censored as well, by the infinite abomination of wealth and power.

I've wondered about this at least 20 times, but I've never been able to "complete the thought".

I've almost conclusively proven that the Internet is in fact lying about something extremely important; that they are relying on you being incompetent; that the physical laws of space and time cannot be broken, but the human mind can be broken.


New Hope Christian Church.
This is an extremely common name for a church. It rhymes with love and charity and "hope," things which almost all churches share.
So why is there only one of them, and why is it located in Everett?

I think we know the truth: that we live in multiple worlds. I, of course, live in the world of peace and supposed wealth. I live for the things that are created by our cities and our people, and I can live an entire life in America. But there is a different nation as well: millions of men who have taken the soul of the American empire and army into their minds, and become soldiers. I'm talking about people who literally feel joy when America invades another nation, who derive power when things are secure, who live to make America a military power. They take the American flag and use it as their God, and fight forever to feel the power of adrenaline and might. We know that they are not moral people: they're just peasants, with finite mental ability and time, and they WILL call you a "fag" if you give them a speech about human progress - they might even murder you too.

The military people have no problem at all lying about the world. It's simply natural: if there is a security problem, or some sort of math that needs to be solved, they will do so. You can RELY upon the humans to do so, over and over and over and over again.

[My life is very different. My mind has become much stronger, when I've magickally altered myself so that I will never consider myself to be an American civilian ever again. It's about getting your head smaller, and using the world as a template, not as a community that you live inside of an contribute to.]

The truth is, the human mind cannot see them. We are literally incapable of understanding what is going on inside of their mind, by the mandate of God - but somebody who is an expert of the human mind, a computer, or a mind-control power can easily understand what is going on inside the mind of a soldier.
We know that they are LITERALLY an evil form of life. Somebody who does not at all care about millenia of human progress, of laws or charters or constitutions... they only care about the finite powers that control them, and the house and reality that they can control.

We cannot ever get along. My research: biology, immortality, DNA, and magick: we cannot ever get along with these men, who are literally an abomination. [Most importantly, because they cannot acknowledge that our lives are better than theirs, and that we cannot be killed, not even for a military objective.]

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