Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I found an interesting website today: proof of something secret

A website that combines online book reading with inspirational music, hand-picked to make you feel happy and emotional. The music follows along as you read.

In order to make this website work, many things are necessary:

A computer database to interpret books and decide what music is necessary
Copyrights to the books
Major musical genius to make perfect music for every book

The truth of this website is that it's simply a very good idea, and it isn't truly allowed on the internet:
to put it simply, only rich people and privileged people can use this program/website, and they do so using their special computers and private internets. Maybe this website was once a concept, and it's been put on the public internet in a "limited form" while the true website has a complete version.

The current website has some very weird things on it: some 2 page books, very limited selection, and strange names.

The thing which really got me, and convinced me that there was something strange going on was this:

"Matthew Blankenship:" That's a strange name that means "Matthew" from the bible, and blankenship which means nothing. This sort of humor is very common with people "in the know" and it led me to believe that they were very considerately showing it to us.

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