Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kingdoms of Amalur; Reckoning

I think this video game has something to do with the end of Time, for us religious people.

The colors are very beautiful, and the models are very strange. The story is about mortals vs immortals, and of course the player becomes engaged to the immortals through blood.

It might be that this video game represents the land of plenty that we will live in, once we die.
I played the video game [I finished about 50%] and I had lots of strange feelings, and was emotionally attached to the decisions I made, when playing.

I played a Dokkalfar, which is a dark elf, and I used Sorcery powers to win, usually with a staff. [That's not me in the picture]
The quality of this game was very exceptional: it just felt right to play it, and it was easy on the head, most of the time.

If this is actually what the afterlife is like, I'll have to say I've been madly misinformed by most of the people in my life. I'm looking forward to it, I think.

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