Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maleficent [2014] Review

What a strange movie for Disney to make. It certainly had a lot of mind twists in it. I saw it in Imax 3D at my local AMC theater.

I loved the colors. It's amazing that they created such a world out of their heads. It was strange to me that there was an entire Kingdom of fairies, but there were only a few that were intelligent and meaningful - that was a problem.

I disliked "Stefan" as a boy - he looked like a poor boy who was filled with human sins, and could not redeem himself. Maleficent being a demon-horned fairy, with obvious similarities to an Angel, was a little hard to believe as well.

I truly think this movie was actually a very powerful movie for people with a mind, and a very amusing movie for people without.
Was it created by feminists, or woman-advocates? Why was there a lesbian-love-connection between Aurora and Maleficent?
Why was "Stefan" a failure of a man, with insanity, boorishness, human sin, and deceit, while he is the only one to represent the human side? Why was the male-companion [the Raven] to Maleficent completely obedient and doglike? I'm seeing a connection of 2 weak men.

There was an obvious problem in the movie, hardly explained. There was a scene of "Stefan" ordering the metalworkers to create more iron, and then there was a 15 year gap until they explained where all the metal went. This was impossible.

I thought that Aurora was a little bit plain, and obviously had a little bit of "poor" DNA in her. Her smiley, dimply face had a hard time representing the total war between men and fairies. It was almost like she was "too good," and had zero power to go to war, or to comprehend the reality of either faction.
The prince, "Philip" was unpleasant, and did a shame to our race by using cheesy male-dominance and not having a clean face; he looked just like an ordinary human from a local high school.

More importantly, where did all of the magick come from?! Why did Maleficent become such a strong magick user after her wings were cut off? There was a scene of her growing a staff out of a twig, and this was hardly explained - it just reeks of indulgence.

One thing that I noticed in the movie was that the humans could not explain the natural truth of the Earth - they stumbled on issues like birth, equality, time, and sin. They could not explain why some men were good, and some men existed to be obedient.

I had a mana-dream while I was watching the movie.
It was very personal, though. Maleficent met me, and she did realize that I was a very dead man, and that I was scorned by the Earth, and could not fit into either side, men or fairies. I had the choice of growing her wings back with magick, and I did.

This movie sort of hurt my head. I think there was some malevolence towards the viewer by Disney, and that the movie itself was an attempt to mind-control users to not understand genders, or angel-fairy-demons, or the hearts of men.

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