Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mars Attacks [1996] - it frightens me

I think there's something supernatural about "Mars Attacks." It's almost like it's something we've seen before. I get a completely different feeling when watching this movie than when I see other aliens/space movies; it's like they're hitting really close to home, on a literal secret.
I personally feel terror when we see the alien race. It's like the aliens are truly real, and we see something that puts things into perspective.

"They're in every way dead."
"It's literal torture of God." God is actually afraid of these aliens.

I'm not sure if the flag is good or bad - it might be that Hollywood was literally flaming, and framing people who they hate for being too smart. There are many real flags which look similar, usually by people of huge intelligence.
The triangle is a very sharp symbol of intelligence.

The head of "Natalie Lake" is also very scary, because it 1) shows torture and 2) reminds us that these things are actually possible, with alien technology.

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