Thursday, June 12, 2014

Men with strange and powerful eyes [I've seen recently]

I don't know if this heralds in the end of the world, or something else.

PAUL RYAN, Congressman of the US House of Representatives [USA Corporation]
-There sure is something weird about Paul Ryan. It's probably a 100% made up name: Paul from the Bible, and Ryan from the weird genius in Bioshock. Or maybe the Ryan comes from something else.
Maybe they will say: "The end of the world happened, and you didn't even see it coming, when we made a 100% fake name and put him in the Congress, and he was in charge near the end of the world.

LEGOLAS, Fictional elf and hottie [The Hobbit]
Not much to say, except that his eyes and face look very different now than he was in the LOTR trilogy, and his character is a lot more aggressive and evil.

007 JAMES BOND, Fictional British super-spy [007 Franchise]
I've heard some strange things about the character of 007 - that he is EXTREMELY Smart, and is almost zero percent human or moral - and that he fits right in at the MI6 spy agency. The things he understands about the world - the great powers and conspiracies that control it, has made him to be a very strange person.

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