Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Proof of God #8

The culmination of technology growth and major events leading up to the year 2000: this is an astounding massive feat of power, organization, and systemic growth which all prove that God is real.

Why weren't consumer electronics introduced in 1600? Was the technological growth slowed down so they wouldn't make it?

I posit that it is virtually impossible for Scientific minds to explain why computers, cell phones, the internet, and time growth have all come to fruition around the year 2000.
Some people might say "The illuminated" or another conspiracy group has done so, but I think that's impossible. The lifespans of men, and the power of the people we've seen would dictate that to be extremely unlikely.

One of things I've counted on in my mind is the greed of men, who will pretty much do anything to make money, to live strong, to become bigger in mind than other men. That said, the power of men appears to be small, compared to the power of the masses, who congregate around ironic banners like the America flag, the sex-riddled president, and the lying Congress.

Personally, I've always believed that I do not in any way have the power inside of me to accomplish anything important: I was born a few bags short of time and money. But I do know the truth: there is massive lying going on about the origin of men. The infinite men themselves, do not in any way seem to know they are not real, have not defeated sin or lying, or will live forever lives of nothingness, and promptly forgotten about by the world. That said, I've always known that the power of my heart and name exist inside of the Heaven of the Earth, and that is the only way for me to advance out of my predicament num.

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