Sunday, June 1, 2014

Something weird on Youtube

I've always been very interested in secrecy, and the laws of internet, and corporations, and such ifs.

I was reading the website of "Criss Angel," a magician and stage performer. It says that he made a water-walking video and it received 46 million views.... but the weird part is, he didn't upload it.
Somebody else uploaded it, with strange grammar and a different username.

Now, why would anyone do this?
Why didn't Criss Angel upload the video himself?! With 46 [48 now] million views, why would you give somebody else the credit - why wouldn't you upload your own video after 5-6 million views of the other one?

I think the truth is:
-Copyright laws are very funny [and obviously it is, considering how obviously criminal, mafietta-like, and over-reaching it is.]
-Criss Angel is not allowed to post on Youtube

Criss Angel

and Youtube

OK, maybe the truth is, he's just not his own manager, and he can't post his own clips...
but I thought I saw something weird and secretive, and had to post it.

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