Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Lego Movie [2014] And how it relates to God

I thought there was something strange going on when I first watched this movie - like TIME.
There were lots of very creative people, living big lives - this is normal in Heaven.

Near the end of the movie, we see both a human man and a boy controlling the city, and we are introduced to a lot of ideas about "God."

1) The Dad is very evil - he kills all the heroes, he will not recognize that Emmet is special, and he absolutely will not recognize that the people inside the Lego world are real. In addition, he even has a larger supply of "kragle" or "krazy glue"

There are probably a lot of things that I've missed. A true hollywood expert would understand that there are a lot of movies which amusingly reference our divine comedy, and our situation as souls, and this is certainly not the only one.

"The God of Time" spoke to me when I was watching this movie, and I had a few brain waves because of it.

Some of the credits tie in with major news - royalty, time, god:
"Seanne Winslow"
"Phil Lord"
"Christopher Miller"

There are more but I don't know them.

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