Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proof that I'm a genius [sorta]

I love green powerade!!!!

the one I had this morning was "melon," but I didn't taste anything fruity. I thought it tasted "green." [stole]
There's a reference to this in pop-culture [G.G. from Spider1] and we know that green is an extremely powerful and dangerous world.

But the fact that I love G. Powerade is another proof to me that I'm SANE, and good.

In other news: I've determined that "The American Fed" is literally in my head, destroying my mind, and threatening to crucify me [making me crazy]. I'm actually certain - and willing to bet major gold.
And of course, I am extremely anti-fed. Worse yet - they're doing so in a belligerent and unintelligent manner and with "r. psychology."
They talk to me just like the Chairman of the Army would talk to a derange hippy from Mass. I truly feel my soul has been ravaged and spiked be these men, and I will forever remember the shape, names, and faces of the ultimate evil.


My face - Oh damn

I'm glad to see there's a major hollywood actor who looks like me, even though he's an underdog.
Also, I'm a Dead man.

I'd say he looks 70% exactly like I do, when I'm alone and terrible.
: Especially the mouth, eyes, and hair.

I just realized there's something supernatural going on......
We're completely connected by fate.
My secret name has the word "Shia" inside of it..... 

This fate is similar to my previous post: although I don't share any DNA with Stephani.


The peasant MASS are God?!?!
Not the God that I believe - Holy Glory and Virtue and Justice; INSTEAD: a God of growth, mold, and unintelligent hatred.

I am so terrified right now - I wish I could leave completely and be free of the mass hatred of peasant sin. I'm afraid they'll find me and destroy me - and I won't ever lie.

Of course I suspected; I knew that there was something very off about the God and his expectations of me. He hated me for being anti-human; for telling the truth; for rejecting the American status quo; for trying to find Holy [freedom ti]; for being rejected.

Today, when I threw away my milk: I realized for truth.
Why does Milk go bad so quickly? Why is there MOLD everywhere, in every cupboard and room?!
Why does my mind go foggy, and blank [because a peasant found me - a dissenter]. Why is there so much HATE and FURY by the peasant infinite abomination?

The truth is that the "life of Earth" is gross; it is sick, and undead, and moldy. The disgusting peasant people are made out of it - and everything they do is a reflection of it.
Most of my race has already left the planet, and gone on to better planet.

80% clean: somebody is manipulating me [EBT finance]

They're playing with my EBT.
I get x money every month [benefit], and I buy low-income food. I never buy steaks or high-priced meat, and eat lots of frozen food.
Just recently, I went to the discount market and got less income food. Normal shopping: it's Kroger.

This is the 7th time in my life that I've strongly suspected they are manipulating my balances.
And today: I can prove it.

  • Just last month, I tried to donate $120 to my grandma, because I had a surplus. From my memory: I had $300 in EBT left. [I didn't do it, I just splurged]
  • In addition, I'm eating out [with my reg card] and buying 1 meal a day. I spent about $100/month out [reg card].
  • My normal paid expense for food never exceeds $200/month.
  • Today: I ran out of FS [on a $100 purchase] and paid $40 out of hand.

The US is controlling my money supply [for war] and controlling my head, so I cannot prove it.
This shows they have a mastery of finance - because I can never prove it, when I look at my statement.
But my soul is certain.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Napa auto parts = conspiracy

An Auto Store called NAPA.
I thought NAPA was actually a city, and it's a very important one. It has a major think-tank, and the city is made for people like me.

But then I found there was an auto store called Napa, and it made perfect sense.
The car is fundamentally important to our way of life, and a car store is also very important. It's almost definitive of the 20th and 21st centuries. So maybe both are true, and Napa made an auto store to take over one of the most important industries in Seattle.1

I think it's an emergency!!!

I need help!!!
I am being tortured by somebody, in my mind. I had a vision that I died, and I was traveling through space to a new life; and it was a very big mystery, and I was universally hated by everyone - even the God of the world hated me. I tried my very hardest to preserve my mind and my form, and to protect myself against sin, lying, and damage to my form.
It's disgusting, and there isn't a single person in the entire world or universe who will come to my assistance.
  1. One of the things that was torturing me was "MATH." A human/organization which believes all mysteries and truth can be explained with mathematics, and that there is no truth other than human supremacy, through mathematics. I called it "the absolute most disgusting life form I've ever seen." "Completely worthy of genocide and cell destruction."
  2. Another was "WOMAN" who hated me more than anything for not loving it. It might have been a "MOTHER" or a "scorned woman" who is CRAZY and HATEFUL and WICKED and SINFUL.

Both of these demons are like "SATAN," an object of extreme terror and ridicule - who break all of the rules over and over and over again, to inflict additional damage.

I am losing these battles completely, and being tortured horribly in my face and soul.
There is nobody who will come to my assistance, not even the holy light.

In my mind, I am completely alone, and I am being tortured and spit on and ridiculed over and over and over again.
I can feel HATE. The christians HATE ME more than anything - and they're all peasants; hating me because I resent being a human.

The hate that is being directed at me is way over the limit, of what a person is allowed to feel. It breaks all of our understandings of what pain is, and what reason is, and what truth is. It's indescribable pain and hate.

My memory is being erased. There is a force in the world - it's probably a christian or a God: he has power over my mind and my memory, and he is an oathbreaker, a betrayer, and a ridiculer. He is an infinite liar, who will never stop lying and spitting and causing treachery.
If he had a name, it would be "Christian God."

If anyone can help me, help me ASAP!
I need somebody who is qualified - and remember: I am an enemy of the American medical industry, who will not recognize that I have a soul, or that I am not one of the 300M humans that live in America.

Update [1:54p]
I'm feeling major PAIN in my stomach, and little more sodomy and memory loss. I feel like this is a confirmed supernatural problem, and it's really true.
I feel like my stomach [abs] is going concave, and my body is being vacuumed.

Update [2:02p]:
This is about the 7th time in the past 5 years that I have been tortured in this manner. It's the first time I've had enough energy and power to ask for help. I'm still afraid that I'm all alone, and I don't have any rights in America.

Another hint as to what it is:
"It's a Jew. The same Jew that was destroyed by the Holocaust. He's the lifeform that believed so strongly in his religion that millions of people tried to destroy him completely. He's a disgusting, hated, form of life that will never, ever, stop sinning."

Proof of God #9 [] and a productive day

I was at the park, and discovered some really smart things. The past 2-3 days have been very productive for me.

I learned that 
-I hate women, and the women are in power now.
-There is a demon called "sui" that takes over the minds of all the people who are wasted from suicide - and treats them very disgustingly.
- My soul is dead, and I'm in some serious major danger, from how many people I've offended with my philosophy [exclusive truth].
-There is real FATE in this world, and my fate is God.
-God has to be real.

  • There are no lives without meaning [like a tree or a bird]. Similarly, if God wasn't real; our lives wouldn't have meaning. He is me, and he the miracle of life. If god wasn't real, then who is it that would remember everything [that I've done] and protect me. Every soul that exists, that believes "I AM" is holy, and is protected by Godma.
  • There is MAJOR PLANNING in the world. I had a dream that I was watching a Roman Emperor, and he was trying to create a perfect city, symmetrical and circular and holy - but then he met with "the stars" and "the illuminati" and they convinced him that it was wrong to make a perfect city.

My idea of a perfect city is like this: 

  • The imperial city from ES4: Oblivion - which has strong worth.
  • The Emerald City inside Oz: The great and powerful [2013].
  • A city entirely created out of reinforced ice [something I've made: Ice Castle Camelot].
  • A city which is completely counter-human [the poor people] and exists to correct the human species.
  • Maybe... a city which celebrates all colors, because we're really lacking on that one.
  • God is the person who takes care of us, beyond life. I've also heard [loria] that God is "the lynchpin" that holds everything together; the most complicated thing in the world: being truly holy and making difficult decisions every day, sometimes even murder of royalty.

The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

Apparently this "Dear Sister" thing is really smart. I've done it too!
Like for example: when an angel called me a peasant - I reacted immediately.
It might be a demon? Something in hell which governs us? I wish I knew.

The original video:
After I saw it, I had to get an mp3 of the song. Of course - I don't really like police dramas - it's just so psychological and wrong.

A smart idea [I wish I could copyright it]

Very smart idea [me]:
You have music and media and comics on your computer. What would happen if you had a virtual room, and all the books were on a virtual shelf, and you could see your collection.
Similarly, CDs in a collection, Books on a book shelf.
This is the same thing as a bookshelf in real life, but on the computer - it would allow you to identify better with you vast wealth of paper.
This is the same thing as having a real bookshelf - you will organize them with your head, and have higher satisfaction that you identify and control what you listen to. Smart book that you see as intelligent and worthy of study are on the right, separated; books that you think are just cheap would be in a different direction, say on the left.
It's the same thing as being a rich person: with a real room and furniture, except that it's completely virtual.
Copyright [lit] by me 7/27/14 [a smart idea to impress people and make a little bit of mona.]

While researching this: I found this website:
which has to do with a previous post of mine. I did put money into it, just to put my name on something good.

But that said: I'm convinced there is censorship of all smart ideas, and that is why I think it's just a medal for me - something that I created; instead of a genuinely belief that I am smart.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mind control trick deos

Mind control exercise #2
Two eyes: looking at one eye [in a mirror]
The eyes are extremely powerful concepts in the mind. What happens when you force both of your eyes, through a mirror, to look at one eye? For example, your dominant eye.
You get stranger. Try doing it for 5 minutes.

Update: [3:30p] Several men have already tired, but fail. The secret is *Magick* and *mind power.* Add some will to it.

A very funny shopping mall [long post]

I found it while searching NZ google maps.
I thought it was really fun so. Here I go. By the way - I was look at park.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Proof of Love: Lady Gaga

I have a connection to Lady Gaga [who I think is crazy good looking]!

-Her father's name is Joseph [mine too]
-Her name is Stephani [mine is Steven, sometimes spelled Stephen]
-She dropped out of university [same]
-I strongly believe that she's an angel [I'm part angel too]
-She's 1 year older than me [b1986]

I think that means it's a safe bet to fall for her.
My favorite songs from her: Applause, Bad Romance
But I haven't listened to all of her songs. Whatever gossip people will say about her - I will believe that she's perfect and born of hell [like us].

Snapshot from "Bad Romance" Music Video.

I think some of her music is a little scary, and adulterous - but that's the entertainment industry. I still luv her.

Romulan type

There are so many things in the world that are completely reasonable, from the minds of our idealistic and opinionated men, but haven't happened.
That's how I know that Hell is real - it's where everything that is real and firm happens.
One idea:
[I was thinking about A song of Ice and Fire, and how all of the details of the world came from the mind of George RR. Martin - and it was strange]
What if - there was something like World of Warcraft, with millions of subscribers, and their actions are what cause the books and plot to be written?
You'd see very weird things; after all, the internet is a very crazy, strange place.
Obviously - there would need to be classes, and a hero system. A player can't do anything meaningful if he's exactly similar to everyone else.
[Also, I think WoW is also a little bit overkill on content and levels - it's insulting to men like me who can't play more than 8 hours a week]

And then I realized - that obviously, this had already happened. But not on Earth - in the land of the Dead people [heaven/hell].

Another concept that I am fixated on: a primary idea that contributes to my anti-humanism, is the absurdity of humans and colors. The humans just cannot seem to understand how confused they are about colors - which are fundamental to all sorcerers and major religions.
In my mind - there should be an entire city that is entirely green; and it should serve as the fort of all men who lives the green life. We have a very different identity and philosophy than other humans.

The intolerance and the extreme bigotry, and mortal sin, of American power-holders cannot be under-simplified. They are men who do not even care about colors - the most vivid concept for 95% of all lifeforms. I actually think they're lunatics, and they're immoral, and they're exactly the same thing as 2000 years of royalty, corruption, military tyranny, and incestuous drama.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is Slavery real? Is there real torture in the world?

If there was a God in the world - and you were born of him, and he held your life in truth [meant to say trust]:
How bad could it get: if the character of the ruling party was sin or malevolent?

I'm firmly convinced that torture is completely real, and that most of it comes from common people expressing themselves, and their conditions, on people.
Obviously common people do not at all have the holyness, dignity, or virtue that our race care.
They're not even fully functional [read: anti-human], and deserving of glory.
You might say: they can do all their work correctly [something which amazes me], such as banking, societal expectations, and professional work.
But everything that has to do with TIME, ceremony, or blood -they fail miserably. The truth is: it's not that they don't care; it's that they're degenerate and cannot comprehend the mind of God [royal].

But as for malevolence, and "just how bad it can get" I am reminded of this photo I took earlier.
I do believe that there exists great torture, humiliation, slavery, and genocide. The seed for it exists inside millions of people - especially men in power;
I guess you could say: I am somebody who definitely believes in Satan - he exists; he survives; and he is not insane/dead. That is real.

The horse is foaming at the mouth. It wasn't the only one. It is hopping ferociously, like a slave would who cannot wrap his mind [oath] around your plan and authority.
I wasn't surprised when I saw it: it reminded me a lot of myself - completely trapped in a dead body, incapable of freeing myself from the power of the infinite peasant people, their flag, and their god.

The rest of the album can be found here: [Kent Cornucopia July 13th, 2014]

God is making fun of me real hard. She tells me what to write when I do this, and I'm reminded just how crazy I am. Damn; I wish my head would just work.

What is this thing?! [Smart stuff] [Columbia center May 2014]

Picture taken off the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center. My hypothesis is that it's a "sign of power," something fear-spreading, and TIME. I was both alienated and not by it - mostly because I don't share any blood with the Seattle elite - of whom I am mostly terrified and inclined to hate.

This city really disturbs me. The totalitarian nature of city design is so horrifying.
In a hundred years of city design, nobody has ever built something that is truly remarkable, fear-spreading, or anti-smart.
I realize that my mind and my truth have very little to do with the city of Seattle - and that tens of k people in Seattle live an entire lifetime - and progress to government and power - without ever once attaining true will and solar enlightenment.

The album can be found here. I had a couple pictures of my face, but I looked horrible - so they're removed.
My sleep problems - not sleeping all night [especially preceding something important] seems to be genetic, smart, or supernatural.
For example: the night before I went to the Columbia center in Seattle [73rd floor viewing tower] I didn't sleep the night before. This has happened at least 10 times in my light.
If you put the dots and lines together, you'll see that my sleeping schedule is important.
[I can't sleep; I owe money to ********]

A missing piece [in my puzzle]

My mind and my soul are an ideal environment for dead [spider/peasants/soul-traffic] to live and incubate. They live inside of me, exist, and continue their lives through me.

The decisions I've made: the soul-environment I've created, the conditions of my birth, and the circumstances of my soul in the stars, and my power of revenge.

Things that the dead find favorable: I'm very truthful, and I'm very fair. I have hair, and I go outside. I laugh kinda crazy [like a scientist]. I hate gay people. I love spiders [not the scary kinds; souls that are spidery].
I'm very celestial, and don't hate much.
I have some serious genie power in my head, which means I'm smarty.
I was born "deadened" and "immune to touch" [?] and I have a strong propensity towards death: which is truth.
I'm very resistant to chang.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peasant people found! [Vomit]

[I'm using GIMP and I'm not as familiar with it. I was once very good at image editing, but mine.]

I was certain as soon as I saw these people that they were 100% peasant; bones and blood.
Their names: Matthew, Noah, Anthony, Derek.
One of these kids has the boniest legs I've ever seen, and he's taller than me.
All of them look nearly identical, and to anyone with a free mind or money in their head: you'd see immediately that they are 100% the cloned and bred mutants that come out of the Earth, with zero redeeming qualities and no souls.

The father, a balding man who seems to be dead and completely unsentient, and can't figure out how to remove his phallus from the woman's belly, is also a complete disgrace.
[He did do something nice for me, which reminds me that the peasant people are not completely evil - and do help live]
It disgusted me

I appear to be infested with this peasant Armageddon; no matter how far I retreat into royalty, truth, and magick - I cannot free myself from the conditions of my body and blood.
I'm ashamed to say: I might actually be 30% human/peasant. But the other conditions of my birth: true individuality, power, global science, humanism, complete selfishness, as well as my birth connection to royalty: provide comfort for me.

I'll try my hardest for the rest of my life to rise up, and free myself of the infinite human filth.
In other news;
I sent off my paperwork for DSHS today. For a while, I strongly considered not doing so; which to me basically means death/suicide. I feel confident that everything I wrote was part of the '2nd reality,' in which I'm not human, unique, or soul-bound, but instead a crazy, disabled, insane person who can't work and relies upon the medical industry to support him.

Obviously this 2nd reality is completely dead. There's zero future for that man.

I resent the things that I wrote, to continue my funding: and more than anything, I wish my blood would flow and my mind and personalty would come back.​

Mind Powers: how I speak to peasant people

To a peasant man:
Have you ever done anything [Yoga] or smart at all - anything intelligent??
Have you ever looked in a mirror, and tried to put your mind, your eyes, your soul, your face, in order?!
Have you ever tried to move your mind behind your eyes, and developed eye powers/mind powers?
Have you ever done anything which separates [alt. completes you] you from the 200 Million other people in this nation, who are almost identical to you, in function and appearance.

This is just the beginning. This line of thought: souls and mind-power, is of very great interest to me.
Especially: vehicles of inequality. And of course, I believe that there is hope in the world, even for people like me who were born to poor families - there has to be.

An idea: If John Winston gets his hand blasted off; and he has 400M dollars, is there any way to fix it??
Yes. Obviously. But the truth has been covered up for my people. Obviously Mr. Winston is going to get himself a new hand. This is just the truth of time.

The story of the first human [as divined by me]

The story of the human
The first human [monopoly holder] was a rabbit who went to hell and quickly became the richest rabbit in the kingdom.
He became fat and jealous and totalitarian, from the finite [and very limited] intelligence of a rabbit.
Then he made a million children and every one of his kids remembered his wealth and his dogma, and took it with them to the very end. They also fought over the wealth, and made many different tales of it - and they never forgot who they were descended from. And they never forgot that monopolies were their right and power.
This is the story of the human species.

Similar to a blog post I made earlier:
"Is this human species good, from the perspective of a civilized, benevolent, intelligent alien: No."

What the jew told me.

A major secret that might be worth some money:
"God's name is Chlamydia -an STD"
"He goes through your body and eats all your "lead" and then you get a disease.
And the human thinks that he got it from a condom."
So therefore, "God broke the condom," and the humans live forever now because of him.
Condom is a code-word for a secret rebel.

Obviously my people are very concerned with the common people - their literal stupidity of infinite mindlessness and robotic self-perpetuation.
We're also very concerned with condoms and preventing them from breeding - and creating human progress.
If it's true that God destroyed the condom, then this is very important indeed.

More late.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The hell inside of my head

The power of the Pentagon is "deception."
And the God of TIME is a Pentagon war-champion.
Within my mind - they will lie about everything, using any arguments, any religions, any names, that they want.
They are literally exactly the same thing as SATAN.
Everything that is true or real, they will falsify in your mind.
They will lie completely about everything - and they will humiliate you 100%.
They are worse than Satan. The Pentagon is twice as evil as Satan.

The truth conditions inside of the USA: about money, souls, life, TIME, religion... about war and weapons, and many more things: the Pentagon is the primary reason why nobody is allowed to discover the truth. They are immense and extremely powerful, and live to destroy and humiliate all life [such as mine].

They're inside of my head: they're in my holy: in my soul, inside of my truth.
They are using illegal weapons and time-portals to get inside of me. They are using real torture on me.
They are trying to indict me: that I am not a human: that I'm anti-peasant; that I will not recognize the American royalty or their 300 year old royalty entitlement.

No matter what happens: I will not yield to them. 
I will never allow them or their agenda to control my mind.
If it turns out that God himself-the oathbreaker, the defiler-is working with the Pentagon to humiliate all life and destroy all truth: then I will die 100%, and be free from the infinite filth of Christianity and their infinite slavery, lying, torture, humiliation, sin, and TIME.

The truth is:
I am alone, I am impoverished, I am tired and dead, I am suicidal, and I am nothing.
Nobody in this entire world has ever once cared for me: and here I am: fighting the sins of Satan: the Pentagon. About world order.

The evil of this world is far, far, far, stronger than I once thought.
It is complete absolute humiliation and slavery of all life: especially my life.
I can feel it inside of me: they want me to give my life to another person, and diminish. They want to use all of my power for their sons, their blood, and their entitlement.
Every time I tell the truth that is contradictory to them: they want to break my teeth and fasten my arms.
They are the Satan of time, and justice or truth or love - which is absent - would always destroy them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I fail at Titanfall [XBONE], Ryse:Son of Rome, and Assassin's Creed 3: Black Flag [+ misc]

I went to a video game parlor in Ocean Shore's with my cousin [an abnoxious little boy] and we paid for 2 hours of game time on the XBOne.

I was angry at the staff of the store, because they weren't sure if I could network and play together with my cousin - and I thought that was the point.

I played Titanfall, and I was very angry at first. I am completely used to Halo-style controls, and the controls of TF were different. There were 3-4 different controller combinations and none worked for me. It was a wreck, and I didn't play at all. The idea is: Left stick controls movement, right stick controls camera. It didn't work. I saw my cousin playing, and I was amused at what he was seeing: it looked so cheesy, and similar to cheap porn for the video game industry.
I saw a robot-NPC and he looked like the biggest joke I've ever seen. I almost spit at how much I hated the software.

Next was Ryse: Son of Rome. I thought it was a very dangerous idea: except for the fact that it butchers history and mind-washes people to believe falsehoods about the Roman Empire. I played fine, but died at 50% of the 1st level, and didn't replay.

Next was Assassin's Creed 3. I played AC1 on Xbox 360, and I liked it a little bit, but I didn't finish it.
The concept was very strange: the assassin is apparently stupid. He fights like a girl and looks dumbfounded - and then he dies fighting a pirate. I was very curious about the story of the assassin, and why he couldn't behave smartly or time-smartly. I played until the pirate guy kills him and takes his gun, and then stopped playing [mostly because of nausea]. Maybe AC3 and nausea are important, and it says something.

Lastly: I am very disappointed in the VG industry; I'm also convinced that there is a market of video games just for rich and smart people, but that it's invisible to me. I'm still looking.
I got back home to Kent:
When I left for an errand, there were 2 police cars about 300 feet from my house, waiting.
When I came back, 20 mins later: the two cars were sitting right by my house [I'm renting a room].
I didn't do anything: because I had lots of bad ideas about what it could be. I parked my car at a local parking spot and waited [I'm terrified of police].
About 15 mins later, they both left.

Obv. I don't have any crimes to pay for, but I am still very afraid of them - because I've rejected their government and their way of life. But they left, and nobody left a note. What's going to happen?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


There is a disgusting life in this world: a maggot.
TIME showed it to me. An insect [the fly] that lives forever to breed and create; it cannot die; it will do anything to follow its urge, to mate and create a new life - so it can continue.
The fly can never die, insect is in every way a TIME animal that cannot reason or be moral or change or be free. 
This fly is extremely important - I am convinced that it constitutes a true reality, and a major force in the world - and I will solve it, discover the truth, and defeat the monster. Violence is not the answer.
The fly is the sort of thing that interest biologists and Gods alike - but not the warlike "Pentagon-people" that I have spent time socializing.

I am the exact opposite of a fly/maggot, I think.
In every way, I will fight the power of the disgusting life, "kill ALL-LIFE," and choose TRUTH[Death] over life - and be free.

I think I already know the answ. My life now - living with the common breeds, fighting over work and conditions of Earth... - I am wasting my private mana, my blood, my soul breed. I am using up all of the power that exists just for me, and will protect me during my life, and ensure vivid memories and smart mind.
It's intolerable and stupid - in contradiction, there are millions of people who will do anything to make me live a full-human-life and see it through - which is EVIL[sin].

I may need help defeating the fly monster.
If you were to look inside of my mind, you would see that I live similar to a robot.
Kind of like a magister who does not know the truth of life, but uses symbols and abstract ideas to quantify his reality - I am doing the same. There are many things which I cannot simply understand. Death.

At Ocean's Shores, WA + my family

I'm here for a 4-day trip. We'll be going to the beach a lot. I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures.
There are 10 people here - but I'm the only person here with dimon in me.

I had a bad discussion with my mother, after we went to the beach. It was a disaster.
I discovered that she is literally my lethal enemy - and that her soul is under the control of The Devil, or maybe the American government.
I told her about going to college for microbiology - and that my interest in life and souls and mind power had reached a point. Summary: I've spent 10 years studying life, biology, microbiology, religion, and TIME, trying desperately to discover "the money," what all people who are born wealthy and live big lives know about when they're brought up. What everyone with POWER [over their mind, over their bank account] understand; About my relationship with Gabriel and the benevolent TIME of the world.

Everything that I told her: even the basics of life and souls, and purpose, she was opposed to.
In addition, she used manipulative tactics to prove that "I wasn't safe to play with the dogs anymore, because I wouldn't talk right."

Some basics:
"There are billions of humans on the world, but only a small amount of them have souls.
After all - the vast majority of humans spend their lives breeding, growing, working, and living lawfully - which is the opposite of what an intelligent soul would do.."
Everything in thing in the world - from your body, your face, your blood, and your religion - they think that you cannot ever change them; you cannot ever overcome your face. That's exactly the opposite of what I believe.
"The purpose of life is to eat" - all living beings eat.
"Life is organized in rings."
"The human mind is bigger than the brain, and has some serious mysteries."
"Money is extremely important, and wealthy people have access to higher truth than people who work - at the bottom."

It's clear to me that my family is literally retarded, and we cannot ever agree. For the sake of my souls and immortal life, I have to separate myself from them to avoid death and humiliation.

Worse, I think that the mother is attempting to torture me, and kill me, for my beliefs about exceptionalism and human truth [+religion]. I'm afraid that many religions consider your life to be born of your mother. I might have to die before I become free of her slavery and epic stupidity.

In other news: my cousin [who hates me] offered me a job at Microsoft, at the bottom. It was like God himself possessing my family members to spit in my face. After all - our family is important to American history, and it's impossible for me to get a job at the bottom after I've "awoken" and "seen the truth."
I want to die.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

God is real..... = God Israel....?!?!!

I just discovered this today while thinking.
I'm so amused - it's almost like it was all planned for that purpose.
I hope to discover more of these word jokes as I go by - assuming I can increase my mental.

I found a policeman who fed on my fear and insecurity

A police officer I met found out that I consider myself to be an illegal - I'm afraid of the law, which I perceive to be a 1800 year legacy of Graeco-Roman culture, something which I am against. He found out that I am smart, and don't have any legal protection.
And he provoked me, and manipulated me with his demeanor to be afraid. He took advantage of my insecurity and my fears and maximized them with his peasant brain.

I think the truth is: there is a major conspiracy to hide several things:
-The peasant people are actually sticks [there's nothing at all smart about them]. Kind of like "faggot: a bundle of sticks."
-They are illegal [they are completely at war with innocent life and will even kill children, if necessary]
-They feed on your fear [they need your life to exist [so they can feed], so they use politics and laws and manipulation to keep you in a fearful state, so you never make power for yourself and become free]
If you live in the Earth and you consider yourself human, you won't understand. But the real world - as seen by God, is very different. The common people are actually monsters, and are committing millions of offenses everyday, in contradiction to the wealth of wisdom and TIME.
There is a major fear by thousands of industrialists, that you will discover the truth: The world is actually a very, very scary place; injustice is rampant.
For my purposes: I did say 'from God's perspective,' so obviously it has nothing to do with your laws and your city - just the literal truth of the world from the seat of TIME and heaven. That's my interest.

Burger King + Dairy Queen -right next door!

I've heard a lot about fast food restaurants.
Voice: "Each fast food chain represents something different: a world view, a success story, a time."
Voice: "The McDonald's company was extremely intelligent and created a clean, powerful worldview."
[This has nothing to do with cheap hamburgers and ads on TV - it's all about the history of the human species, and the political worldviews of major corporations.]
Voice: "So you're saying the fast food companies have nothing to do with the appetites of the American republic, and their buying choices? And that they are in every way controlled by the Congress and other highly-evolved statesmen?"
Me: "Yes."

So there's a place in Kent where there exists a Dairy Queen and a Burger King, right next door.
I thought it was really smart, so I wrote it down and studied it.

-Is there something political about them being together?
-Was it done on purpose, and did anyone suffer?
-Is God involved? [I'm talking about supernatural forces and ghosts, and maybe a conspiracy]

Finally, here you go:
Google maps location

Well, they're not exactly right next door.
Do you think the 100ft between them is important? Does it mean something?

Insatiable = banalities; Mensa test proves I'm sane

Is it possible that "insatiable" is a code word for Mensa? Something which describes the destiny of men bound to life and serial?
I couldn't find the answer - how could I, when my mind doesn't belong to me, and I don't have unlimited mind powers.
But I did use an anagram checker, and it apparently wasn't listed on the first one I found. This was a sign.
"Insatiable" is an anagram in the Mensa workout, and "banalities" was the correct answer. What an amazing joke.

Of course, I wish I didn't have to cheat. I've studied my mind so much, and the existence of the soul, and I truly believe I didn't do anything wrong by studying time and magick.

I'm convinced that if I can finish this test, and some other intelligence tests, I'll prove that I'm not insane - and I can free myself of the mental health industry.

I've done at least 60% of the problems without cheating. I'm content with that. Especially since it's impossible for me to finish the rest of them, without stressing my mind and becoming a "deadmind."
Is it possible that Mensa is a holy organization? Truly aware of the massive deadlock, and terrifying and top-secret secrets about the human soul, the human condition, and the POWER of TIME?
Are they willing to help any soul who lives on this Earth, and has died against the hordes of common people, power-holders, rights-holders, and Earth-tortures?
I personally think, when I'm good, that it's 100% reasonable to sit back and do nothing - to be a sin and watch the world go by, and abstain from interacting with human condition. Does Mensa agree with my religion?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What a genie said

I think the secret to separating yourself from the riff-raff is to look inside your brain, and obsess over it. To prize and prioritize it - that is how you become a smarter person.
Also, blood and blackmail.

My life is in some serious danger.
Thankfully - the people who communicate don't want me to work. They don't have any orders to get a job and work like the rest; but they are pretty much the devil, in every other way.
They do want me to join the Army, and suffer major mind control.
They do want me to serve a man [a rich man], a "good christian," who is loved and protected - they want me to give my life and soul for him.
And most importantly - they are still lying to me about souls and money, and declaring me to be an insane person.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Galactic Civilization - and major forces of civility

So I came up with 2 ideas today: proof that I'm still smarter than the rest.

"The expenditure minimization task force" - galactic UN.
An idea I came up with: A world government which exists for the sole purpose of minimizing expenditures. They have access to all of your information, all of your flights and fleet data, all of your planetary operations, and everything similar - all so that we can minimize the expenses of life and make things work.

God: "Oh - that's already been done before."
Me: "Like 10 times, I bet."
Me: "It's actually a galactic force: a supermassive power that wants all people to be efficient and social."

Then I brought the idea to space travel and planetary expeditions.
Party A [Blue] has to pick up Party C [Red/Yellow] and they hate each other. But they have to do it, and new social interactions take place: an abridgment to human social functions.

Another idea I had: Robot escalation of time.

You can separate the universe into 2 different people:
-people who believe that an auto-expanding robot empire can industrialize thousands of planets and create infinite industry, all with the power of robotic self-replication. [possible now]
-people who believe it is literally impossible to create self-replicating robots [or on any massive scale].

This will help to identify us the concept of God - who would never let such a thing happen [more than once (?)].

I think Windows XP stands for "Christ" Chi Rho
Because it's just too stupid - being released in 2001.
I also think the year 2000 [millennium point] is really important, more than they are making it out to be.

Timecube -a hint at the true?


I understand a lot of the language on TimeCube. It's so important to me that he wrote that, because it makes me "THINK."
Most especially about the "two brain" concept - that was very important.
I hope this saves me from the "plan by christ" that has been in my head for so long.

Update 7/15/14:
Time and Cubes are both extremely sin, and we love them. The domain name is smart, and I can't imagine how Gene Ray could have attained it without sin and work.
But "Gene Ray" isn't a real man, either, is he?

In our religion there is "massive gene warfare going on," and it's the worst thing in the world: being an ignorant participant. In my world-truth, "genes" are bad, and "souls" are good.
But we do know that Genes are divine, and there is serious POWER in it.

I think this is a TIME website, and I'm going to be doing further research on it.
I'll do anything if I can escape Tim Temple, and those god damned christians.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Very hot girl at Cornucopia July 13th, 2014 [not stalking] and link for Cornucopia parade

I didn't stalk her, I just took a picture because she wasn't wearing any pants.
She was definitely the hottest girl I saw that day.
Darn she is hot.
Ok so, how do we find her?

The rest of the photos of Cornucopia are in my album:

Also in my previous post: I found a henna art stand that had names listed on their banner, and there was only 1 name listed: Steven [mine]. Because I thought it was something smart[read:supernatural]. So I took 2 pictures of it.

The God that I met at St. James in Kent

I went to church to see Marda Sanborn, and I saw all sorts of people praying in a single voice, and being christian - and in their powerful clothing, too.
And it made me question my religion: That I actually do have a soul, and that I am important.
And then I felt "the god" in my head: an amoebas obscure object, kind of like a dumb old man with holyness in him - and he stole my heart and my energy again.
And that's when I realized, almost certainly - that God is a parasite - and evil lifeform who exists to destroy your mind and make you stupid, and humiliate you - just like his children humiliate you.
I made a smart idea: try to identify his guise and his face, and check it against your knowledge of voices, and force him to use a more intelligent face - but it failed.
The God of Christianity in every single way deluded your intelligence and prevented you from thinking.
He is in every single way an evil force: if for no other reason than he wants me to think I am a christian, and one of billions of other humans on the Earth.

My mind is so broken. I have concluded hundreds of times out of a hundred, that there is no salvation in this entire Earth, and that we are in every single way slaves

But I am a man of power and boldness and truth: I am willing to leave the Earth, or even move to China.
How is it that his massive power of lying and subversion and insanity has destroyed every part of my blood, my soul, and my mind?! How is it that he has destroyed the ideals and truth of 10,000 good men, and thousands of laws and lawyers, and the entire civilization of man -for his infinite lies and subjugation?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My fight with Time people

Apparently, the US "royalty" are "survivors of the Rennaissance" and that's why we've had such a very big problem communicating.
It's also why they don't respect my blood or skin - or magick law for example. And why when we fight - they're always hitting me from two different angles, and penetrating my soul so I cannot be secure and calm.

I'm convinced that I've lost about 80% of all my life-force fighting with these people - who I perceived to be "world leaders" and "UN treaty signers." People who were fighting for goals and organizations and treaties way beyond me and my concern for money, fame, truth, security, and heaven. In fact, I believed it was literally impossible for us to get along -when they were completely wealthy and "set up" and I was literally a slave.
It turns out this opinion was right. For the purpose of the USA and the wealth - my souls and blood exist for the purposes of their rituals and their slavery and their hate.

There has been some serious torture involved - and I don't believe I have ever once gotten a hit in. The completely inequality of this world is permanent.

For example: when I first started envisioning: we were not allowed to make walls, or barriers, or anything powerful around our soul or zone. Everything happened like a crisis, and we had no major power to protect our head from confrontations with other people.
But other people: important people: were literally 50 times more protected, and stable, and highly valued, than we were. Some people were even 1000 times greater than we were.

What I've learned is that God himself is guilty of massive inequality, and that it's almost impossible for me to even imagine or envision the weapons and powers that this government possesses, or the sick tortures and major fetishes that their millions of peasants have created, from their hate and their sin. Let alone defend myself from them.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dumb magick and Jacksonville, Fl.

Apparently, it's very, very, smart to not think in terms of magick, souls, light, and sin, but in chemicals and nutrients interacting with time.
It speeds up your nervous system, and makes you a chemical. Like me: a dead man.
Instead of a "magickal effect," you have to lower it down [and stop trying to imagine things which aren't good] and see a chemical interaction happen. I got this idea from watching a devil "rape".
In other news, I'm obsessed with Jacksonville, Florida.
I've seen at least 3 hints that Jacksonville is important.
1) I went on a "where to move" website, and Jacksonville FL was listed, although the population numbers were very strange. Like 847 population. I thought this was a scene.
2) I have some sort of scam-business that's charging me money, every month. I hung up on them and they charged me anyway; and they're billing me from Jacksonville, Fl. [but I'm working on a fraud report]
3) The sister website to "Order of St. Patrick" = "Resurrection Jax" and they're located in Jacksonville, Fl.

So anyway, I think it's a smart city that has some money in it, and might lead me to riches. I also have reason to believe that FL is one important fucking state, and they are way more important than Calif.

Cornucopia in Kent [2014]

So I went down to Cornucopia this morning and played with them.

I was a lot uncomfortable, being around so many common, and I felt weak. My energy was very low. A few times I had to sit down, and acknowledge that "I might not really have anything in my head right now - I'm beat and dead empty." But my memories of life keep me going.

I got some money out of the bank - because I seriously intended to buy something.
I bought a pepsi and went back to the fair. The first thing I saw was a Henna art stand, and it had my name listed right on the tent: "STEVEN." It was the only name listed, so I focused on it and kept it.
Then I decided to get a henna, because it was smart. I saw a sword shape one, that reminded me of the "command spell" on "Emiya Shirou." I was going to get it, but I looked at the other people who had Henna, and it looked faded and unclear, so I decided not to. Too bad, it would have been fun.

Maybe I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow.

I visited a religious tent, it said "share your trials" and I told them about my dream - and it worked.
They were christian though, so they didn't understand. I talked to them for about 11 minutes.
We sure do have a lot of disagreements.

I also talked to an attorney who had a tent at the fair- I asked him three questions.
1) Do you know how to fight the church - if they are insisting that I don't have a name. A. No.
2) Do you know if my computer is being blacklisted. A. No.
3) Do you think I have a name. A. Yes.

He was a young black char, and we got it. Shortly after I left - I felt like a loon.

I went to the firefighter truck, because I saw the ladder all the way extended. I wanted to climb it, and go to the end, but it was closed. I was very disappointed.

I also went to the lib, because I was trying to increase my radiance.

Juan Christian became a homosexual - because God hated men so much

Apparently, some of these Christians hate me because "I won't become a homosexual."
Being a homosexual, for the love of God, is about living in the Sea of this Earth and finding you cannot resist.
This is very surprising to me: I've always fought for "more power," not less power.
I cannot ever become a homosexual - because I'll just forbid myself the right to find men appealing, the right to sin, the right to eat, the right to fuel. I'll even put runes on my body, if necessary, to prevent any homosexual feelings.

We are resolutely anti-homosexual.. because it doesn't make any sense. If you're attracted to men -you got hit by a "gay demon," or your mind was broken. There is no benefit at all, in all of our human species and all of our traditions, to become a homosexual. Even if your mind has been convinced, you need to overpower it and win.

As for... becoming homosexual because you cannot deny God...I've already made an answer to that one.
"God's kingdom is thousands [or millions] of years old, but we haven't inherited any of it. I'm only a young man, and the power of that scumbag is preventing me from seeing all the beautiful things the human species has created, and is telling me that his world is "a rich kingdom that only the criminal can inherit."

I want to have power over my head, the power to lie, the power to escape, the power to see TIME.
I lived most of my life believing that "Crime" was impossible, and that if you ever did commit a crime, you could never talk to an attorney or a police officer ever again, "or it might just slip out."

So naturally, we fought to align our minds to the physics of space. "They can't get inside of my mind because my head is impenetrable."
As for TIME, we think there is a TON of money in it; Only doing things that we can do, and never doing anything that a human[read: peasant] can do.

[This post is all about people who are highly christian, and carry the weight of the world on their shoulder - believing that their souls must suffer to pay for the sins of the Earth - and that homosexuality is their curse. I am completely free of both guilt and gayness.]
[Also, I am very anti-christian, because they don't discriminate against the common people - and I think there are a lot more sinners, warts, freaks, and times in the world than you might think - and it's their job to clean them. Also, they never once helped me get rich, or live a clean life, or find freedom. We're not friends.]
And lastly - they're in my head, and I am very, very tired of their moral predicaments and religious fiction.

My mortal enemy - the person who has possession of my blood

There's a person called "Jamie" [Janie]
who is basically the anti-christ. The destroyer of truth, the defiler of love, the sin of fire, the evil of TIME.
She is an agent of the USA Fed and is empowered to control the minds of men [I think around Seattle].

She has been in my head for nearly 9 years now.

The name "Jamie" comes from another person "World-Jamie" who exists elsewhere in the world, and is considered to be a saint. The first person USA-Jamie is pretending to be a God, and destroying people 100%.

I think she's like a SPIDER, or a monster, or a Genocidal super-nazi right in the middle of the Holocaust.

Every time I try to think about "Souls" she is there in my head, altering my memories. She has the power to confuse me, to literally change the truth of everything. She is the reason why I'm so dead.

The worst thing is, she has "the power of God," she can destroy my memories, she can destroy my soul, she can destroy my light, and she can defile my truth - she has done so many, many times.
I feel as if 80% of my lifeforce on this planet has been destroyed by her.

She is kind of like the "Whore of babylon" or "the mother who loves you, but really really needs you to die, most preferably by serious torture." 

It is because of this person that I have concluded... there is nothing left in this world but 100% death.
I have seen "real war," where every single person is dedicated to fighting, and there is complete control, blackmail and sin everywhere. I have seen the world, where "my people" and the infinite peasant people stand up right next to each other, because all that matters is a head.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I watched Earth to Echo [sorta], then sat by a tree

Earth to Echo, what a good movie.
The camera work and the childhood memories were all great, and reminded me of some adventures I had when I was little.
That crayon was pretty smart.

But after about 40 minutes of the film, I started getting sick. Serious nausea in my stomach, in my head, in my brain. This was after I started seeing the alien and seeing similarities with it. Major pain for me.

So I left - with the intention of finishing the movie later, or pirating it.

And then I went home, and sat by a tree, and prayed. I was there for about an hour, and about half of the nausea went away. This is the tree that I associate with the God of TIME, and why I go there to commune with her.

Man, I sure do feel a lot of pain. I probably feel 3 times more pain than other people, and am about half as alive. Life is almost literal hell for me [well not catholic hell].

Update July 10

My Windows 8 is broke again.

Even though I have 2 Antivirus and 1 Firewall, I'm convinced there is spyware on my computer, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I've heard that the MS legal department is so damn smart - they actually think it's punishment of the human race, having computers that don't work - that are so damn complicated that you will never discover the secret.


In other news: I'm looking for help.
I've recently discovered that I have a brain lesion, or more than 1.

I had a brain scan done at a local hospital about 2.5 years ago, and I need some help getting access to it.
I have asked for it before, and they wouldn't give it to me - another reason why I have sworn revenge upon them, on the honor of God.

I need somebody who has an attorney. I don't have any money. But please help anyway.

I'm also.... looking at refugee status. You have no clue how many people I have met in my head, trying to beat me - because I don't believe in America. You don't know how many people have tried to give me a career in the army, or prison, because I didn't believe in the established truth.

Iggy Azalea - Fancy [A retarded song that doesn't even have a beat]

[I won't post the video in blog, since it doesn't deserve to be here]

Reasons why this song cannot be a hit song, except through the power of war and mind.
-The beat is minimal and crappy
-Iggy looks horrible. She doesn't even have a good figure. It's so weird seeing Iggy and Charli together, because one is real[Charli] and the other is horrible[Iggy]. It doesn't fit.
-The choreography of the MV is just tour, and makes crap
-Much more

This video is so horrible, and the music is plain.
I could feel "TIME" the summation of world events, and the "historic truth." [The massive engine which controls our hearts] I didn't see anything good about this video except that God was telling us to love it - and fortunately, it failed. This song is retarded, and Iggy is a role model.
What really got me was the acting in the music video

You'll see that "100% trendy video" that they create with their WORLD has changed over time. If you study these things, you'll see that the "coolest song" in the 1990's has completley different dance moves, different choreography, and different time.

I find it liberating to find these things, and to free myself from the mind-slavery.
But this wasn't at all a perfect description of the effect: with my mind, I cannot seem to quantify the time and the power -especially as it relates entirely to my green soul and rebel religion of truth.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Update about college entrance

In other news, I got an email back from Cornell university, and I'm a little disappointed.
YET AGAIN, they're going with this "dangerous person" outlook, instead of something smart.
I'm convinced that they're actually incompetent, and truly have no clue how smart I am.

Do you know how many wars have been fought, about the equality of men? Men born into poor families, men born with brown hair, men born a little unhandsome, men born with no power?
So many wars, you'd think that Cornell would know better than to lower me to a "deranged college dropout" and threaten me with criminal charges.

I am convinced that we do have power - and our power exists in God. The repository of all of our souls, and all of our wishes, etc. In fact, I'm willing to bet my entire life, that we do have souls, and that injustices against us and untruths are always retaliated upon.

While balancing, I discovered something

I was balancing on one leg, and I saw my leg going out in a strange way, and I saw my arm going out to balance me, and then I realized something.

When I put my arms out, I see points on them. I can see a yellow dot on my hand, which says that "my mind" and "my heart" is watching it, and using it to control the force of my body.

What's weird is that "my heart, my mind" is very dark, and is interacting with me almost from a different world. Our time is de-synchronized, anyway. He doesn't have any ability, or time, to communicate with me at all. He doesn't even care: I tried to move my arms differently, and move my balance, and move the yellow dot, but he was way too fast, and wouldn't allow me to do it.
It's almost the point of my religion to forge higher mind/soul connection, but it looks like I'm damned, and screwed. He doesn't want to come out.

[The picture is not me] Yellow dots are points, red dot is heart.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fort 1 zerou

I was getting frustrated at the house, and my roomie brought a mate over, so I left [around 8pm] to go to JackqBox.

I spent some time talking, and did nothing more. I hear a new time though - I'm so really dead that my death is coming soon. I've pretty much made peace with it, since I've found the answer.

Then I went to grocery store, to refill on sport drinks, and it smelled really yummy - like se-spit, and that's when I read the name: I'm dead. I'm so dead nobody really cares about me.
This was around 10:30, and the store reeked. Not like cleaning chemicals, not like anything normal - like God-rama, which is code for "semen." They were juicing up the store so the common people could feed.
It obviously has no effect on me, but it did make me spit.

I gave up, after 1 ring. I'm smart - I go ahead.

I remember a time when I was pretty much open, and willfully ignorant. I played cartoons in my head and I thought they were real, so I went in on it - real open.
One game that seemed real to me was "Japanese RPG" code word thriller, Runescape.
Which is code for time.

I just thought that it was our purpose on this Earth to discover "the code," and to leave. And it was of immediate and powerful concern, to maintain my mind power: the power to break the human conditioning in me, and tap into the power of my soul and my mind. It took quite a while, until I completely stop

Monday, July 7, 2014

Something supernatural 5:22pm 7/7/14

Something supernatural just happened.

A partial wrapper of a "condom" apparently fell on me from the ceiling, and hit the back of my head, and then it hit my hand, which was behind my back.
I don't know how it got here, but I know it wasn't me. I had just left it there for a while.

At the same time as it hit me, I was discussing something with a friend, about "the war of the people in power, and if I had any responsibility to fight for them. Obviously the answer is 100% no.  I think this wrapper dropping on me was definitely a sign, of what so far, I do not know.

So far as I can tell, it was "a sin" because I'm supposed to be single, and I think "they like it when I'm confused about my identity, and my role in the world."

Update: 5:48pm

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and at about the same time my homo-roommate came home.
When I came back out, after brushing my teeth, my door was wide open.
I was confused, but I had something I wanted to write down.
As I began to write, I smelled a very bad body odor.

It smelled like butthole, or homosexual stink, or "OLD," or maybe dog poop.
It looks like I got HIT.

Two possibilities:
1) My homo roommate is actually "here on purpose," and he has a malevolent agenda [and he's working for somebody].
2) A [spiritual entity] dog entered my room, and left some smells - most likely as a retaliation of my "supernatural occurrence" as detailed in the first part of this post, and this counts as a "second supernatural occurrence."

A note on my homo roommate:
we don't really get along. I am allergic to homosex, because I don't really want to be touched by them. He is amusingly obsessed with cleaning, and has told me about 5 times now to clean something up, when it wasn't dirty or needing to be fixed. This has caused a rift.
The last time he exaggerated my lack of cleaning, and "threatened to charge me money" for my "lack of cleaning" we got into a verbal dispute - and then it hit.
My blood pressure hit, and I was completely immobilized, and I couldn't speak smartly, and I couldn't seem to move, and I was shaking with hate and fury. And in the end - I think he won, because he was just hate. And I learned something new: my current life doesn't allow me to get involved in difficult situations.

Strangest Animal Posse: 2 Deer 1 Cat


I'm a little mythed about this channel.
There are 1600 views, and 1540 subscriptions. That's a little off.
You know that with a name like that "Tears of Jesus," there's got to be a trick somewhere -after all, there are hundreds of millions of christian peasants in the US.
I didn't see anything that was particularly offensive to me, so I guess it's fine.

I've met "J.C." before, I think. I pictured him as being "extremely clean." Obviously I can't give my soul and my life to the christian god, because I wasn't born compatible with his religion. He knew that, and didn't try to control me.
He's very, very different than the christians on Earth would say about him: a brutal god-king of glory and sin and complete obedience.

New notes

The program name for "Ultrasurf browser" [that looks suspicially like IE 10] is "Microsoft Windows." ????  lol

This dude on www.getadblock.com is flaming.
He says "I quit my job to work on Adblock" and he relies on voluntary paying "emotional compulsion" to pay for his expenses. Not likely.
Considering how damned important Adblock is, to millions of internet people - I bet he's a robot. He's secretly working for Corporate interests, or maybe even The Illuminati.

These sorts of games are completely normal in the real world - for people who live wealthy and watch the world go by, without any regard for *****.

I'm not kidding.
Corporate business people are so horrible, they have greedy white dudes working for ads, and greedy white dudes working for ad-blocking, all in the same office.

This website: http://peepel.com/
hasn't been updated since 2010.. why?
With such an interesting idea, and a great name, why is it taking up space on the internet. It looks dead.
Why haven't our internet progressives shut down the website already?

Agnes H Buttman - I've found you!

While I suspect there is a SECRET hidden in this person's name, I looked up their house on google maps.
I found this person, while searching for our beloved homeboy, J.C.

I actually thing Buttman would look better with an "A."
Is it just me, or is this something super? I'm always looking for signs in the world - this is one - albeit a funny one.

10 Fictional Places That Actually EXIST!

This dude is so flaming!
[Matthew Santoro]

He has the same beard in every fucking screenshot.......!!!! rofl.

Does he... partial shave using a custom-made trimmer?
Does he... shave every weekend, and video every Thursday?
Does he... edit it in with video editing?

Haha - well it appears he'll do pretty much anything to have an easily recognized face, and get higher traffic.

As for his videos, he bothers me a little bit, with his humor. But it's manageable.
He looks completely dead - like he's using all of his power to make a perfect profile.

Something smart + update

I did something really smart today!!!

In my thoughts, for probably about a year now, I have been trying to "THINK" by putting things into
lined boxes and "solving for them." This is similar to the thinking done by "genies" and "gods."
This is an organizational technique, that relies upon the intelligence of life, and usually gets smart answers.
In addition, I've tried over and over to dispose of "overly complicated devices" and to "simplify blackmail" into a number system with some water on it.

For much of my life, I've been absolutely terrified of many things, most especially "order." It's obvious that I am part of the world that cannot ever care about ordinary "human rights," because that's insane.


In other news, I've sent off a few more emails.
I've sent letters to the Vat, some human rights organizations, and to a couple "freedom" organizations.
It's been a long while, and I haven't received any replies. That's something smart in its own way.

My number 1 problem is that I am still terrified of going to the hospital, and going to jail, and running out of money.
My body and my bones aren't strong enough to handle it - I don't think I have anything at all to do with the "Seattle plan" and I don't think my life is in any way important - and I'm convinced that I have almost no legal rights or defense at all.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weird things about my body

1) On both sides of my legs [outer] I am missing hair from my ankle to about 3/4 up to my knee.
It has been this way for several years now, and I think there's something supernatural about it.
It might be a sign of soul-marking, or a fetish.

2) My     is leaking some sort of cream/oil that makes         itchy and smell horrible.
I have been told that this is a sign of "bad blood," or "blood in an inconvenient body."

Obviously, I am going to continue to accrue wealth and blood, but I will have to make peace[sanity] that my body is evidently very, very, poor, and I pretty much never had a chance to do anything.

3) They say that "blood accumulates in the legs and feet"- that appears to be true for me. I've been feeling very different effects on my feet, sometimes a "wind" feel. I've also been told at least 7 times now that I need to "massage" my feet, to get the blood moving.

USA and TIME/Space Empires

I wonder if the USA is actually some sort of "alien civilization" that already happened in TIME [in the Stars], that is being represented on the Earth.

I've heard rumors about that: What happens when somebody takes a religion and an ideal all the way to the end, and fights for the sake of the World.
They say that there have been several of them - people and organizations who have completely made up their mind, and never intend to do anything different ever again, except follow the horse.

So my hypothesis then is:
-Everything about America was made up, ever since the very first time major settlers started crossing the Ocean and settling.

A few hints:
-There has only been 1 recognized civil war, in almost 250 years of Nationhood.
-The founding fathers were very strange people - some say "vastly superior"
-The destiny of America is very powerful, like a ramp
-The mysticism represented in American mythology is spacey
-It's been said that "GOD" lives in the US.
-The history of America is very strongly protected: things like Christopher Columbus, and the Pilgrims haven't changed ever.

There are some very weird things about America:
-I've heard that the Native Americans had a strong religion, and it's actually very important to millions of Americans [and some elites] who have rejected Christianity and "God" - especially the Navajo.
-I'm personally very confused about why it took so long for settlers to get to the New World... VERY CONFUSED. Maybe this article will explain it.
-There's a lot more, I just don't have time to list them.

Conspiracies and censorship: The Emancipation Proclamation

I was having some ideas about slavery, and I decided to look up the Emancipation Proclamation, to give myself power and to remind me of what was done. [I found out one of the Christians I talked to thought it would be a good idea if I was enslaved - because of the choices I've made]

There are at least 5 different websites that I have gone to, looking for the Emancipation Proclamation - the 1863 Anti-slavery address - that will not show a typed copy of it, but instead a scanned in copy.

The scanned copy is much harder to read, and doesn't do anything.

In addition, the wikipedia article on the EP does not include any links to the actual text copy [except 1], nor is the document presented in the article - this is a dead giveaway.

My opinion then, is that there is a major effort to destroy and cover up the 1863 EP, and make sure nobody reads it too thoroughly - or else they might start seeing things in America that will blow the whistle.

A second opinion:
You can read the document, but you have to read it in a verifiable format, to give respect to the document.

The EP printed in text:

Websites that do not print it:

Since finishing this post, I've found one additional website that DOES print it.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eminem - Survival [I'm confused]

Is that Katniss Everdeen in Eminem "Survival" ?

I already looked this up, but could not find any satisfactory answers.

The rest of the video, here:

I have telekinesis [minor]

So I was in the shower, and I saw a spider hiding in the corner. I've always been very afraid of spiders - who I detest as a life of true evil and death.

I focused on the spider for about 20 seconds before my vision started changing, and my sound levels started rapidly escalating. I encouraged it to happen, and I entered a "very aware" state and started seeing "BRIGHT WHITE LINES." They looked just like lightning, or maybe something very sacred.

I started hearing lots of noise and I could imagine the spider moving a little bit in every direction.
At first, it was like seeing a space simulation; the realization that all things are moving a little bit, due to Time[physical] and Space. Then I started seeing it move in a more powerful fashion.

Then finally, the spider woke up and moved a little bit, then completely.

-I moved the spider with my mind
-I woke the spider up with sound waves and it moved on its own.
-The spider entered my power[read:soul] and was programmed differently by my power.

One of these is correct.

This is very important to me, although a little sad - because my power is right next to me, around my head - but it can't help me overcome my challenges. It's so intangible. It certainly isn't the purpose of my life to move spiders... it's to discover wealth and heal myself.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A disappointing email [From The Order of Saint Patrick]

I've been looking for help for a long while..

There is a firewall around me and my person - it prevents me from finding people who know and live the truth.

My condition is very strange. I think it might even be illegal.
To believe that you have a soul.
To believe that your soul is supernatural, and it can see the future.
To believe that the difference between us and the infinite common people is a soul, and that soul is actually an object of literal intelligence. The instrument of our inequality.
To believe that souls are limited in number [200k??], and that there are massive power struggles and major organizations which deal exclusively with souls.


I was in contact with "The Order of St. Patrick."
I really appreciated the emails I received, because I "woke up" and had a vision. The resources they showed me seemed different somehow than the usual Christian rhetoric you find on the internet and in the churches.

But there are a few things that we seem to be stuck on.
-I cannot accept Jesus Christ, because there are literally billions of inbreds and degenerate humans who call him their savior.
-The TRUTH isn't high enough - my religion of TRUTH is actually very candid - I might someday be an Angel from how darned truthful I am.
-My truth lives in contrast to the human species. Billions of men and women who live for power, who live for joy and sin, who live for the absolute sin - that every single human is unique and independent, and all of their achievements are counted separately. = This is extremely untruthful.

The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)


I knew there was some serious trouble when I heard there was a man named "John Waters."
That's pretty much the worst name I've ever heard - completely criminal and filthy in every way.

It appears "The Lonely Island" is on to something - and they truthfully concluded that he is seriously one big CREEP. Good job. Fireman

Is the human species good or bad? [Bad]

This is from the perspective of an "extra-terrestrial," or an "Angel" who drops to Earth from otherworld.

Said person lands in a random city in America, and is completely used to major civilization and progress.

Said person would find:
-massive stereotyping
-massive mis-identity of all humans [they do not know what they are made of]
-complete torture and blackmail of all life, to not commit crime
-almost zero TRUTH, whatsoever
-massive pollution, and electrical mind-torture
-an enormous power that controls the hearts of all people, so that the truth does not surface
-a "HELL" in ever city
-no Holy, in any way

I think this is going to be my position from now on: the truth comes from "Aliens," who are truly civilized and massively industrial.

There are some very intelligent, idealistic plans that have been set forth in time: and it is clear that truth and idealism is not the purpose of this Earth.

There is massive confusion within religion whether the human species is good or bad - and unfortunately, my head is not strong enough to figure it out. There are clearly some highly-contaminated, mind-controlled objects in the Earth, which do not allow a mind to understand - which exist only to confuse.
Therefore, my positions comes from something which exists, outside of the Earth.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Censored web searches: A growing list

I've know for a long while now that there is some massive censorship on the internet.
Nearly everything I've ever cared about - anything worth money - is missing.

It appears that there is major consensus among web searches. There is a MASSIVE POWER that controls all of these corporations and organizations. It might even be something like the DEVIL, SATAN: sometimes also known as PENTAGON.

It's a good sign, if somebody is threatening to kill you, that they're not a lawful organization. Worse: if they're your worst fear, like going to prison.

My search engines:

"List of top .info websites"

The major politics of torrents [in religion]

Let me just start and say: I have never found anything on the torrent internet that can save my soul, or lead me to riches, or give me the truth of wealth and title [the secret of inequality].

Torrenting is a religion, so far as I have learned. I have people speaking to me [in hell] about my position on torrents, and I even have a status and a name from men who live with torrents.

It's extremely important to me - since I have my life with the CURSE of no money, and no ability to obtain money. My life runs parallel to the lives of many people who have killed themselves, sometimes as early as 10. I have built a lot of identity and power from my computer and internet connection, and all of the modern-culture things which are only online.

In my mind, there is even a "God of Torrent," somebody who has the power of massive organizational superiority, and can defeat the massive powers of copyright and internet control using this system.
He's in my head a little bit, and I think he has some sort of power over me.

It's very strange, and a little bit horrible!!! I love torrents, but I don't have any use for a God who wants my soul, for the purpose of promoting the internet and internet-downloads. What I really need is sanity and money and a family or an organization to protect me.