Tuesday, July 29, 2014

80% clean: somebody is manipulating me [EBT finance]

They're playing with my EBT.
I get x money every month [benefit], and I buy low-income food. I never buy steaks or high-priced meat, and eat lots of frozen food.
Just recently, I went to the discount market and got less income food. Normal shopping: it's Kroger.

This is the 7th time in my life that I've strongly suspected they are manipulating my balances.
And today: I can prove it.

  • Just last month, I tried to donate $120 to my grandma, because I had a surplus. From my memory: I had $300 in EBT left. [I didn't do it, I just splurged]
  • In addition, I'm eating out [with my reg card] and buying 1 meal a day. I spent about $100/month out [reg card].
  • My normal paid expense for food never exceeds $200/month.
  • Today: I ran out of FS [on a $100 purchase] and paid $40 out of hand.

The US is controlling my money supply [for war] and controlling my head, so I cannot prove it.
This shows they have a mastery of finance - because I can never prove it, when I look at my statement.
But my soul is certain.

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