Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A disappointing email [From The Order of Saint Patrick]

I've been looking for help for a long while..

There is a firewall around me and my person - it prevents me from finding people who know and live the truth.

My condition is very strange. I think it might even be illegal.
To believe that you have a soul.
To believe that your soul is supernatural, and it can see the future.
To believe that the difference between us and the infinite common people is a soul, and that soul is actually an object of literal intelligence. The instrument of our inequality.
To believe that souls are limited in number [200k??], and that there are massive power struggles and major organizations which deal exclusively with souls.


I was in contact with "The Order of St. Patrick."
I really appreciated the emails I received, because I "woke up" and had a vision. The resources they showed me seemed different somehow than the usual Christian rhetoric you find on the internet and in the churches.

But there are a few things that we seem to be stuck on.
-I cannot accept Jesus Christ, because there are literally billions of inbreds and degenerate humans who call him their savior.
-The TRUTH isn't high enough - my religion of TRUTH is actually very candid - I might someday be an Angel from how darned truthful I am.
-My truth lives in contrast to the human species. Billions of men and women who live for power, who live for joy and sin, who live for the absolute sin - that every single human is unique and independent, and all of their achievements are counted separately. = This is extremely untruthful.

-MONEY. None of these Christians are talking about money.
My birth is very strange - I am 10 times too smart to get a job. But I am CURSED by the Gods and the Earth to live without money, and to be alienated by people who have money.

My mind has been troubled by many things, most especially causality. I see corruption everywhere.

One of the only things I have to rely on is my instinct and my head, and these seem to be failing me. I am dreadfully confused, by all of the things that I am presented with.

I am almost completely certain, upon my honor and my truth and my soul and my blood - that this world is Evil. I am almost certain that the truth is not King, and that the "name of the game" for these Christians is exploitation. They want to take advantage of you when you are receptive - when you are poor, and confused, and idealistic, and your memory of past sin is escaping you.

I don't want anything to do with this - all I want to talk about is MONEY. I want to talk about WEALTH.
A life on this Earth that is CHERISHED and LOVED and given the right to live proudly. To be educated cleanly, to be protected by rights and laws, to be powerful in mind.
This is the reality that I have seen - for people who were born WELL, and who actually had a decent shot at living.

I almost entirely certain that the God of America, and the God of christianity is a real life "OATHBREAKER," and that the sanctity of my soul and my memories has been violated, many times.

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