Thursday, July 24, 2014

A missing piece [in my puzzle]

My mind and my soul are an ideal environment for dead [spider/peasants/soul-traffic] to live and incubate. They live inside of me, exist, and continue their lives through me.

The decisions I've made: the soul-environment I've created, the conditions of my birth, and the circumstances of my soul in the stars, and my power of revenge.

Things that the dead find favorable: I'm very truthful, and I'm very fair. I have hair, and I go outside. I laugh kinda crazy [like a scientist]. I hate gay people. I love spiders [not the scary kinds; souls that are spidery].
I'm very celestial, and don't hate much.
I have some serious genie power in my head, which means I'm smarty.
I was born "deadened" and "immune to touch" [?] and I have a strong propensity towards death: which is truth.
I'm very resistant to chang.

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