Sunday, July 27, 2014

A smart idea [I wish I could copyright it]

Very smart idea [me]:
You have music and media and comics on your computer. What would happen if you had a virtual room, and all the books were on a virtual shelf, and you could see your collection.
Similarly, CDs in a collection, Books on a book shelf.
This is the same thing as a bookshelf in real life, but on the computer - it would allow you to identify better with you vast wealth of paper.
This is the same thing as having a real bookshelf - you will organize them with your head, and have higher satisfaction that you identify and control what you listen to. Smart book that you see as intelligent and worthy of study are on the right, separated; books that you think are just cheap would be in a different direction, say on the left.
It's the same thing as being a rich person: with a real room and furniture, except that it's completely virtual.
Copyright [lit] by me 7/27/14 [a smart idea to impress people and make a little bit of mona.]

While researching this: I found this website:
which has to do with a previous post of mine. I did put money into it, just to put my name on something good.

But that said: I'm convinced there is censorship of all smart ideas, and that is why I think it's just a medal for me - something that I created; instead of a genuinely belief that I am smart.

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