Thursday, July 17, 2014

At Ocean's Shores, WA + my family

I'm here for a 4-day trip. We'll be going to the beach a lot. I'm going to be taking a lot of pictures.
There are 10 people here - but I'm the only person here with dimon in me.

I had a bad discussion with my mother, after we went to the beach. It was a disaster.
I discovered that she is literally my lethal enemy - and that her soul is under the control of The Devil, or maybe the American government.
I told her about going to college for microbiology - and that my interest in life and souls and mind power had reached a point. Summary: I've spent 10 years studying life, biology, microbiology, religion, and TIME, trying desperately to discover "the money," what all people who are born wealthy and live big lives know about when they're brought up. What everyone with POWER [over their mind, over their bank account] understand; About my relationship with Gabriel and the benevolent TIME of the world.

Everything that I told her: even the basics of life and souls, and purpose, she was opposed to.
In addition, she used manipulative tactics to prove that "I wasn't safe to play with the dogs anymore, because I wouldn't talk right."

Some basics:
"There are billions of humans on the world, but only a small amount of them have souls.
After all - the vast majority of humans spend their lives breeding, growing, working, and living lawfully - which is the opposite of what an intelligent soul would do.."
Everything in thing in the world - from your body, your face, your blood, and your religion - they think that you cannot ever change them; you cannot ever overcome your face. That's exactly the opposite of what I believe.
"The purpose of life is to eat" - all living beings eat.
"Life is organized in rings."
"The human mind is bigger than the brain, and has some serious mysteries."
"Money is extremely important, and wealthy people have access to higher truth than people who work - at the bottom."

It's clear to me that my family is literally retarded, and we cannot ever agree. For the sake of my souls and immortal life, I have to separate myself from them to avoid death and humiliation.

Worse, I think that the mother is attempting to torture me, and kill me, for my beliefs about exceptionalism and human truth [+religion]. I'm afraid that many religions consider your life to be born of your mother. I might have to die before I become free of her slavery and epic stupidity.

In other news: my cousin [who hates me] offered me a job at Microsoft, at the bottom. It was like God himself possessing my family members to spit in my face. After all - our family is important to American history, and it's impossible for me to get a job at the bottom after I've "awoken" and "seen the truth."
I want to die.


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