Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Burger King + Dairy Queen -right next door!

I've heard a lot about fast food restaurants.
Voice: "Each fast food chain represents something different: a world view, a success story, a time."
Voice: "The McDonald's company was extremely intelligent and created a clean, powerful worldview."
[This has nothing to do with cheap hamburgers and ads on TV - it's all about the history of the human species, and the political worldviews of major corporations.]
Voice: "So you're saying the fast food companies have nothing to do with the appetites of the American republic, and their buying choices? And that they are in every way controlled by the Congress and other highly-evolved statesmen?"
Me: "Yes."

So there's a place in Kent where there exists a Dairy Queen and a Burger King, right next door.
I thought it was really smart, so I wrote it down and studied it.

-Is there something political about them being together?
-Was it done on purpose, and did anyone suffer?
-Is God involved? [I'm talking about supernatural forces and ghosts, and maybe a conspiracy]

Finally, here you go:
Google maps location

Well, they're not exactly right next door.
Do you think the 100ft between them is important? Does it mean something?

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