Friday, July 11, 2014

Cornucopia in Kent [2014]

So I went down to Cornucopia this morning and played with them.

I was a lot uncomfortable, being around so many common, and I felt weak. My energy was very low. A few times I had to sit down, and acknowledge that "I might not really have anything in my head right now - I'm beat and dead empty." But my memories of life keep me going.

I got some money out of the bank - because I seriously intended to buy something.
I bought a pepsi and went back to the fair. The first thing I saw was a Henna art stand, and it had my name listed right on the tent: "STEVEN." It was the only name listed, so I focused on it and kept it.
Then I decided to get a henna, because it was smart. I saw a sword shape one, that reminded me of the "command spell" on "Emiya Shirou." I was going to get it, but I looked at the other people who had Henna, and it looked faded and unclear, so I decided not to. Too bad, it would have been fun.

Maybe I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow.

I visited a religious tent, it said "share your trials" and I told them about my dream - and it worked.
They were christian though, so they didn't understand. I talked to them for about 11 minutes.
We sure do have a lot of disagreements.

I also talked to an attorney who had a tent at the fair- I asked him three questions.
1) Do you know how to fight the church - if they are insisting that I don't have a name. A. No.
2) Do you know if my computer is being blacklisted. A. No.
3) Do you think I have a name. A. Yes.

He was a young black char, and we got it. Shortly after I left - I felt like a loon.

I went to the firefighter truck, because I saw the ladder all the way extended. I wanted to climb it, and go to the end, but it was closed. I was very disappointed.

I also went to the lib, because I was trying to increase my radiance.

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