Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fort 1 zerou

I was getting frustrated at the house, and my roomie brought a mate over, so I left [around 8pm] to go to JackqBox.

I spent some time talking, and did nothing more. I hear a new time though - I'm so really dead that my death is coming soon. I've pretty much made peace with it, since I've found the answer.

Then I went to grocery store, to refill on sport drinks, and it smelled really yummy - like se-spit, and that's when I read the name: I'm dead. I'm so dead nobody really cares about me.
This was around 10:30, and the store reeked. Not like cleaning chemicals, not like anything normal - like God-rama, which is code for "semen." They were juicing up the store so the common people could feed.
It obviously has no effect on me, but it did make me spit.

I gave up, after 1 ring. I'm smart - I go ahead.

I remember a time when I was pretty much open, and willfully ignorant. I played cartoons in my head and I thought they were real, so I went in on it - real open.
One game that seemed real to me was "Japanese RPG" code word thriller, Runescape.
Which is code for time.

I just thought that it was our purpose on this Earth to discover "the code," and to leave. And it was of immediate and powerful concern, to maintain my mind power: the power to break the human conditioning in me, and tap into the power of my soul and my mind. It took quite a while, until I completely stop

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