Monday, July 14, 2014

Galactic Civilization - and major forces of civility

So I came up with 2 ideas today: proof that I'm still smarter than the rest.

"The expenditure minimization task force" - galactic UN.
An idea I came up with: A world government which exists for the sole purpose of minimizing expenditures. They have access to all of your information, all of your flights and fleet data, all of your planetary operations, and everything similar - all so that we can minimize the expenses of life and make things work.

God: "Oh - that's already been done before."
Me: "Like 10 times, I bet."
Me: "It's actually a galactic force: a supermassive power that wants all people to be efficient and social."

Then I brought the idea to space travel and planetary expeditions.
Party A [Blue] has to pick up Party C [Red/Yellow] and they hate each other. But they have to do it, and new social interactions take place: an abridgment to human social functions.

Another idea I had: Robot escalation of time.

You can separate the universe into 2 different people:
-people who believe that an auto-expanding robot empire can industrialize thousands of planets and create infinite industry, all with the power of robotic self-replication. [possible now]
-people who believe it is literally impossible to create self-replicating robots [or on any massive scale].

This will help to identify us the concept of God - who would never let such a thing happen [more than once (?)].

I think Windows XP stands for "Christ" Chi Rho
Because it's just too stupid - being released in 2001.
I also think the year 2000 [millennium point] is really important, more than they are making it out to be.

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