Sunday, July 20, 2014

I fail at Titanfall [XBONE], Ryse:Son of Rome, and Assassin's Creed 3: Black Flag [+ misc]

I went to a video game parlor in Ocean Shore's with my cousin [an abnoxious little boy] and we paid for 2 hours of game time on the XBOne.

I was angry at the staff of the store, because they weren't sure if I could network and play together with my cousin - and I thought that was the point.

I played Titanfall, and I was very angry at first. I am completely used to Halo-style controls, and the controls of TF were different. There were 3-4 different controller combinations and none worked for me. It was a wreck, and I didn't play at all. The idea is: Left stick controls movement, right stick controls camera. It didn't work. I saw my cousin playing, and I was amused at what he was seeing: it looked so cheesy, and similar to cheap porn for the video game industry.
I saw a robot-NPC and he looked like the biggest joke I've ever seen. I almost spit at how much I hated the software.

Next was Ryse: Son of Rome. I thought it was a very dangerous idea: except for the fact that it butchers history and mind-washes people to believe falsehoods about the Roman Empire. I played fine, but died at 50% of the 1st level, and didn't replay.

Next was Assassin's Creed 3. I played AC1 on Xbox 360, and I liked it a little bit, but I didn't finish it.
The concept was very strange: the assassin is apparently stupid. He fights like a girl and looks dumbfounded - and then he dies fighting a pirate. I was very curious about the story of the assassin, and why he couldn't behave smartly or time-smartly. I played until the pirate guy kills him and takes his gun, and then stopped playing [mostly because of nausea]. Maybe AC3 and nausea are important, and it says something.

Lastly: I am very disappointed in the VG industry; I'm also convinced that there is a market of video games just for rich and smart people, but that it's invisible to me. I'm still looking.
I got back home to Kent:
When I left for an errand, there were 2 police cars about 300 feet from my house, waiting.
When I came back, 20 mins later: the two cars were sitting right by my house [I'm renting a room].
I didn't do anything: because I had lots of bad ideas about what it could be. I parked my car at a local parking spot and waited [I'm terrified of police].
About 15 mins later, they both left.

Obv. I don't have any crimes to pay for, but I am still very afraid of them - because I've rejected their government and their way of life. But they left, and nobody left a note. What's going to happen?

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