Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I found a policeman who fed on my fear and insecurity

A police officer I met found out that I consider myself to be an illegal - I'm afraid of the law, which I perceive to be a 1800 year legacy of Graeco-Roman culture, something which I am against. He found out that I am smart, and don't have any legal protection.
And he provoked me, and manipulated me with his demeanor to be afraid. He took advantage of my insecurity and my fears and maximized them with his peasant brain.

I think the truth is: there is a major conspiracy to hide several things:
-The peasant people are actually sticks [there's nothing at all smart about them]. Kind of like "faggot: a bundle of sticks."
-They are illegal [they are completely at war with innocent life and will even kill children, if necessary]
-They feed on your fear [they need your life to exist [so they can feed], so they use politics and laws and manipulation to keep you in a fearful state, so you never make power for yourself and become free]
If you live in the Earth and you consider yourself human, you won't understand. But the real world - as seen by God, is very different. The common people are actually monsters, and are committing millions of offenses everyday, in contradiction to the wealth of wisdom and TIME.
There is a major fear by thousands of industrialists, that you will discover the truth: The world is actually a very, very scary place; injustice is rampant.
For my purposes: I did say 'from God's perspective,' so obviously it has nothing to do with your laws and your city - just the literal truth of the world from the seat of TIME and heaven. That's my interest.

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