Thursday, July 3, 2014

I have telekinesis [minor]

So I was in the shower, and I saw a spider hiding in the corner. I've always been very afraid of spiders - who I detest as a life of true evil and death.

I focused on the spider for about 20 seconds before my vision started changing, and my sound levels started rapidly escalating. I encouraged it to happen, and I entered a "very aware" state and started seeing "BRIGHT WHITE LINES." They looked just like lightning, or maybe something very sacred.

I started hearing lots of noise and I could imagine the spider moving a little bit in every direction.
At first, it was like seeing a space simulation; the realization that all things are moving a little bit, due to Time[physical] and Space. Then I started seeing it move in a more powerful fashion.

Then finally, the spider woke up and moved a little bit, then completely.

-I moved the spider with my mind
-I woke the spider up with sound waves and it moved on its own.
-The spider entered my power[read:soul] and was programmed differently by my power.

One of these is correct.

This is very important to me, although a little sad - because my power is right next to me, around my head - but it can't help me overcome my challenges. It's so intangible. It certainly isn't the purpose of my life to move spiders... it's to discover wealth and heal myself.

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